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Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery Professional 8


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Best Mac Data Recovery Software to recover lost or deleted data also in High Sierra

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Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery Professional 8

  1. 1. Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery Professional 8
  2. 2. Mac Data Recovery 8 Stellar Phoenix Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery is an easy to use software that safety recovers lost files, folders, documents, photos, music & other important data, after all instances of data loss including accidental deletion and formatting from Mac devices such as iMac, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac Mini, and Mac Pro. Key Features Brand new user interface Recover files, folders, documents, emails, photos & videos even after formatting and deletion Create image of entire volume for data recovery Supports macOS High Sierra 10.13, 10.12, 10.11, 10.10, 10.9, 10.8, 10.7 & 10.6 Recover from formatted volumes Recover encrypted files Recover from time machine backup Improved scanning engine for better data recovery results ‘Deep scan’ introduced for delivering superb data recovery results
  3. 3. New in Version 8 High speed efficient data recovery powered by brand new data recovery engine. Simultaneously scans multiple file systems with a Raw Scan for best possible data recovery results. Brand NEW - Best in class user interface which simplifies data recovery process. Customize scan and select data that you wish to recover. Choose between documents, emails, photos, audio & videos. Brand new ‘Deep Scan’ mode introduced for thoroughly scanning & recovering all recoverable data. Now more powerful & efficient. Automatically switches to ‘Deep Scan’ in case the volume is severely corrupt. Compatible with macOS High Sierra and all previous versions of Mac OS. Support for recovery of large files for superior data recovery results.
  4. 4. Product Functionalities Select What To Recover With the new version of Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery software you can recover specific type of data. This optimizes the performance of the software and saves your time. You can select “Recover Everything” to recover all data. You also have an option to customize your scan by selecting documents, emails, or multimedia files.
  5. 5. Product Functionalities Select Location to Search for Data Once you’ve specified the data you wish to recover, select the location where you want the software to search for lost data on your storage device. Once done, click Scan to begin recovery. Here you can also customize the type of scan this software performs. By default a surface scan is performed unless “Deep Scan” is turned on. It is the most comprehensive scan and gets back all recoverable data.
  6. 6. Product Functionalities Preview During Scan The software will scan the selected location and recover desired data. While the software is looking for your lost data, you can turn on preview to glance through the data this software will recover. By default, preview is off to optimize the speed of data recovery.
  7. 7. Product Functionalities Scan Successful Once the scanning process is over, the volume of data that the software has been able to recover will be displayed in a dialogue. You can close it and preview all recoverable data and save desired files.
  8. 8. Product Functionalities Scan Results Once the selected location has been scanned completely, all data that is found is shown in a three pane structure. You can select between different views to filter and sort results. “Classic List” - will sort the result as per the type of files found, “File List” - will sort results as per their location. “Deleted List” - will show only deleted data that has been recovered.
  9. 9. Product Functionalities Lost Volume Recovery If your entire partition is missing, the software allows you to look for it through its “Cant’ Find Volume” option available in the location selection screen. It scans the hard drive for missing volumes which have been lost due to corruption or have been accidentally deleted. Once the volume has been found, all data can be recovered from it easily.
  10. 10. Product Functionalities Lost Volume Recovery After selecting the “Cant Find Volume” option, simply select the hard drive in which the volume was created and click “Search”. All volumes found will be listed under the volumes section. Select the desired volume to begin scanning for data recovery.
  11. 11. Product Functionalities Lost Volume Recovery Once the search is complete all volumes found will be listed under the volumes section. Select the desired volume to begin scanning for data recovery.
  12. 12. Product Functionalities Create Image Select the drive or volume to create an image. Here you have an option to select a specific range of the hard drive for imaging under ‘Advanced Settings’ and create a new image for data recovery.
  13. 13. Product Functionalities Preferences Here, you can configure the default settings of the software and also have an option to add new file type for data recovery.
  14. 14. Product Functionalities Add New File Type You can add new file types to recover them through Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery. You can simply click on the “Settings” button.
  15. 15. Version Comparison Feature V8 V7 Benefit Brand new data recovery engine √ X Get efficient and improved data recovery results faster. The new version delivers up to twice the number of files and is up to 35% faster. Simultaneously scan multiple file systems √ X Saves time during data recovery as multiple file systems are scanned together. This also improves data recovery results. Brand new user interface √ X The best in class user interface to simplify data recovery. Recover all data in just two simple steps of selecting what to recover and selecting location from where to recover data. Customize your scan √ X You can choose between documents, emails, photos, audio & video files for data recovery and save time by recovering only desired file types. New “Deep Scan” mode √ X Activate the “Deep Scan” mode for running an in-depth, thorough scan on your Mac and recover all recoverable data. Automation introduced √ X The software switches automatically to “Deep Scan” mode in case the volume is severely corrupted. Support for recovery of large files √ X This enables the software to deliver stronger data recovery results.
  16. 16. Version Comparison Feature V8 V7 Benefit Compatible with macOS High Sierra √ X Works with the latest Mac OS and is compatible with all previous versions of Mac OS. Recover from Drives greater than 5TB √ X Recover data from drives with high storage capacity. Data Recovery √ √ Recover all data like photos, music, videos, documents, emails, artworks etc. from all Mac devices like MacBook, MacBook Air, Mac Mini etc. Support for encrypted file systems √ √ You can recover data from even encrypted file systems on Mac. Support for Time Machine backup & Apple Time Capsule √ √ Recover data from Time Machine backup drive and Apple Time Capsule On the fly media detection √ √ Automatically detects storage devices like USBs, CF Cards, external Hard Drives when connected to your Mac. Recover unlimited file types √ √ While the software comes with built in support for numerous file types, you can add your own file type in the preferences for data recovery and expand the built in library. This makes the possibilities of data recovery limitless. Optical media recovery √ √ Recover data from CDs & DVDs easily.
  17. 17. Version Comparison Feature V8 V7 Benefit Search lost volumes √ √ Search and recover entire volumes if deleted and all data inside. Improved support for file types such as HD-MOV √ √ Support for various file types has been improved including HD-MOV files used in devices such Go Pro for superb data recovery results. Enhanced preview options √ √ Sort recovered data in a classic list based on location or on file types. Filter and view only deleted items that are recoverable. Preview recoverable data through various preview modes like cover flow view, thumbnail view, details view & list view. Search for a particular file √ √ You can search for a particular file after the scanning is complete to recover only desired data & save time.
  18. 18. Product: Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery Pro Version: 8 Pricing: $99 License Type: Soho Download Link: Languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian Product: Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery Platinum Version: 8 Pricing: $299 License Type: Commercial Use Download Link: Languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian Product Availability
  19. 19. Product Awards “Yosemite file erased by mistake? Don't worry, all is not lost! If you have deleted one or more files from the Recycle Bin from your Mac, be aware that a redoubtable utility will allow you to easily recover lost or inaccessible data on your computer.” “It works & you will be rest assured by how quickly the software digs down to find what you are missing.” “Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery is a powerful tool for recovering lost data.” “Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery gets a huge thumbs up from” The Mac Data Recovery is very straight- forward and easy to use, the results are quite impressive.
  20. 20. Customer Testimonials My boss told me to recover deleted pdf files or ready to face the firing squad in 2 days time. I banked upon Stellar, and it didn’t break my trust. I recovered 200 deleted pdf data files in running condition. Yes, the software had its price, but I accepted it was my mistake after all. The software saved my job and it's more important for me in the long term. - I purchased the product and ran the tool and it recovered data. It returned all of my photos, videos, music, documents... and the best part is all of recovered files are working properly. Good product and service! I never thought the recovery of deleted photos from my MacBook is possible. I have some photos taken during last vacation. I was not able to backup those files. Thanks to your Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery, it recovered my lost photos. - Selina- Marsh - Clad D
  21. 21. About Stellar Stellar Advantage: Stellar Data Recovery has established itself as a global leader in providing data recovery, data migration and data erasure solutions over the past two decades. We offer simple ‘Do-It-Yourself’ software and provide professional in-lab data recovery & data sanitization services. Our in-house team of 80+ R&D experts develop indigenous solutions for data recovery, data migration and data erasure. Today Stellar Data Recovery is the most trusted brand amongst businesses and consumers worldwide. World Leader Data Recovery, Data Migration & Data Erasure Solutions ISO 9001:27001 Certified State of Art Technology Labs (Class 100 Clean Room More Than 8000 Global Partners Presence Across USA, Europe & Asia 2 Million + Customers Globally