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Twitter Presentation


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Kelly Noble with Campbell Homes shares some tips about Twitter basics

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Twitter Presentation

  1. 1. Twitter The little networking site that could Tip s a n d Tr ic k s by K el ly Noble
  2. 2. Social Media Stats 60% of Americans use social media 93% of them believe that companies should have an online presence 85% think that companies should regularly interact with customers.
  3. 3. Average age of a Social Media User: Myspace - 27 years old Linkedin - 39 years old Facebook - 33 years old Twitter - 31 years old
  4. 4. Twitter Stats Twitter’s website draws 54 million visitors per month (ComScore) 1.3 billion tweet messages are sent via mobile device (Nelson Ratings) As of 10/22 5 billion tweets have been sent
  5. 5. So What is Twitter? Twitter is a !ee social networking and micro-blo#ing service that enables its users to send and read messages known as tweets. Tweets are text-based posts of up to 140 characters displayed on the author's profile page and delivered to the author's subscribers who are known as fo%owers - From Wikipedia In layman's terms: A text message (also known as a SMS) sent out to your followers that is no more then 140 characters long. Microblog A shorter and usually more immediate version of a blog.
  6. 6. Getting Started Its very easy to get started on Twitter. 1. Go to 2. Create a username and password 3. Find people to follow that interest you 4. Tweet
  7. 7. Basic Twitter Terms Followers People who follow your updates. # sign a community driven practice of tagging an individual tweet by using a hash (#) in front of the tag. Putting #realestate means that the topic is about real estate. Hashtags help the community to find and follow specific topics. @ reply The @ sign is used to indicate that you are replying to a specific username. For example, if JillWebb tweets a question, you will reply with @JillWebb with your answer. Remember that when you use @reply it is visible to everyone – for private communications use a direct message. Direct Message or DM The Twitter equivalent to e-mail. You may only send direct messages to those following you. To do so, click on “Direct Message” on their profile and type out your message, again only up to 140 characters. RT/Retweeting The process whereby you repost someone else’s Twitter post on your feed. The proper form for this is: RT so if you like something that you want to RT all you have to do is copy and paste the Tweet you like then in front of it put RT@username (the username of the person you are RTing)
  8. 8. Twitter Tips Give Your Followers Value Answer questions that your followers have if you know the answer. Share helpful tips for your industry that don’t have to do with your followers buying your product. Tell a joke. Always give your followers something that they can take away from the conversation and use. They will recommend you to your friends and you will generate tweets that will encourage new people to follow you. Tweet in Peak Times Peak times are basically during the day throughout the work week. I prefer anytime between 10am -4pm Tuesday through Friday. The best times are 1pm to 4pm. Tweet Regularly Tweet often, but only if you have something of value to say. You should aim for a few tweets a day to keep yourself top of mind to your followers. However avoid overload tweeting which can be annoying and can upset your followers. Also remember the 80/20 rule when tweeting: 80% value added and conversational 20% about your company or product. Use TweetDeck TweetDeck is a program that you download to your desktop that makes tweeting so much easier not to mention more organized. You track multiple Twitter, Facebook, and Myspace accounts not to mention post simultaneously to all accounts or just some of them at your choosing. For a tutorial on how to use Tweetdeck please go to my blog at
  9. 9. Twitter Tips Tweet From Your Cell Phone Tweeting from your cell phone means you can give updates from anywhere to include both text tweets and photo tweets. (more on Aps that can help coming up) Schedule (Some) of Your Tweets Although I do not recommend you schedule all of your tweets I do suggest you use a service like to schedule tweets ahead of time. This will save you tons of time and keep you top of mind for your followers. Make sure to still tweet time sensitive things and still check your twitter board often to join in the conversation. Track Your Progress • - very easy to use, easy to read and understand at first glance makes suggestions to improve your standings! Connect It All Together Another time saving tip is to connect your other social media accounts to Twitter so that when you update your other accounts Twitter will send out a notification to your followers automatically. I use this for: Activerain Blog Facebook Fan Page YouTube Video
  10. 10. Connect it all together Activerain Blog Login then go to settings. At the bottom there is a Twitter set up. Simply put in your Twitter user name and password. Now whenever you post a new blog to AvtiveRain your Twitter account will automatically notify your followers. Facebook Fan Page Go to to set this up. Now every time you post something to your Facebook Fan page the same content will automatically be posted to your Twitter wall. YouTube Video When you go to upload your next video you will see an option to broadcast your new videos across the social media universe. You can share your videos on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and about a dozen other networking sites. Once you set this up a message will be sent out to all accounts that you choose to share with that a new video was posted inviting friends and followers to view.
  11. 11. Tweet from anywhere using your mobile phone Setting up your mobile to update Twitter Go to your settings on the top right of your screen. Click on the Device tab. Add your phone number then Twitter will show you a number you will be able to send SMS (text) messages to in order to update your twitter profile. Simply add the twitter number to your cell phone address book and tweet away. Remember that SMS charges do apply with this method but Twitter does not charge anything. Twitter for Blackberry - UberTwitter – Free This app works over the data network so you don’t need to use SMS and be charged for texting. Data pack charges will probably still apply, though. once you set the program up it is very user friendly. I believe this can also be used on an iphone. Twitter for the iPhone - Twitterific – Free with Ads Twitterific is one of the more widely used free iPhone apps. It may not have the more advanced features of some other apps, but it keeps users from switching with its fast and seamless interface.
  12. 12. If there is one thing I want you to take away from this... ...its that social media whether it be through Facebook, twitter or any other outlet you prefer, is not about SELLING and TELLING. Social media is about engaging people in conversation, building trust, building relationships, being HUMAN. Yes it's OK to post stuff about your company but also try to post things that are of value. Social media is not a tool to create profits it's a tool to create followers, loyal ones at that, who will tell your story to their followers and sooner or later your followers might even become customers. Join the conversation and build relationships that you might not have been able to have if it were not for Social Media.
  13. 13. Won’t you be my friend?
  14. 14. Thank You! For more info on Twitter and other social media tips please visit my blog at Learn more about Campbell Homes at: