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System concept of scada


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System concept of scada

  1. 1. SYSTEM CONCEPT OF SCADA By: Hermias, Stella Amor Lagang, Riz Jayro
  2. 2. System Concept of SCADA SCADA •is a kind of software application program used for the process control and gather real time from remote locations for exercising this control on equipment and conditions. •generally refers to an industrial control system: a computer system monitoring and controlling a process.
  3. 3. COMPOSITION •Input/output signal hardware System Concept of SCADA
  4. 4. •Network System Concept of SCADA
  5. 5. •Human Machine Interface (HMI) System Concept of SCADA
  6. 6. •Controllers System Concept of SCADA
  7. 7. •Database (A structured set of data held in a computer, esp. one that is accessible in various ways) System Concept of SCADA
  8. 8. •Communication and software -The SCADA consist of Hardware and Software components. -The hardware collects and feed data into a computer with SCADA software installed. -The data is then processed by the computer before presenting it in a timely manner. System Concept of SCADA
  9. 9. -The function of SCADA is recording and logging all events in a file that is stored in a hard disk or sending them to a printer. -If conditions become hazardous, SCADA sounds warning alarm. System Concept of SCADA
  10. 10. CONTROL/ MONITOR FUNCTION •A system or the complete site is usually spread over a long geographical distance, SCADA is the central system for control and monitor of such a site or system. System Concept of SCADA
  11. 11. •A Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) or Remote Terminal Unit automatically performs the main site control process. •The host control functions in most cases are limited to the capability of supervisory level or site override. System Concept of SCADA
  12. 12. SCADA SUBSYSTEM •HMI-is the apparatus which presents the process data to a human operator, and through this, the human operator monitors and control the process. •a supervisory(computer) system, gathering (acquiring) data on the process and sending commands(control) to the process. System Concept of SCADA
  13. 13. •RTU-connecting to sensors on the process, converting sensor signals and sending digital data to the supervisory systems. •PLC-used as field devices because they are more economical, versatile, flexible, and configurable than special purpose RTU. System Concept of SCADA
  14. 14. •Communication infrastructure connecting the supervisory system to the RTU. System Concept of SCADA
  15. 15. System Concept of SCADA
  16. 16. •Data Acquisition begins at the RTU or PLC level and includes meter readings and equipment status reports that are communicated to SCADA as required. •Data is then compiled and formatted in such a way that a control room operator using the HMI can make supervisory decisions to adjust or override normal RTU (PLC) controls. Data may also be fed to historian, often built on a commodity DATABASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, to allow trending and other analytical auditing. System Concept of SCADA
  17. 17. Next topic: RTU