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Change at NZI - Results linking facilities to productivity


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A case study of the impacts of change management on a relocation to a 5 star green building.

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Change at NZI - Results linking facilities to productivity

  1. 1. Facilities Management Association of New Zealand welcomes all to the Breakfast Seminar event kindly sponsored by :
  3. 3. THEMES 1 FACILITIES MANAGEMENT/PROPERTY BRIEF Large floorplates - flexible workspaces 2 EXECUTIVE BRIEF 'One team' - break down silos 3 HR BRIEF No surprises - a communication program is not change management
  4. 4. THE FRAMEWORK WE APPLY Change Change Management Change Management Management
  5. 5. 1 CHALLENGING THE STATUS QUO F X Y Z 1.1 E D 2.1 C B A work space 3.1 UP 1 4.1 2 meet space 5.1 3 What does larger floor plates mean to organisational responsiveness?
  6. 6. ITS NOT ABOUT THE GIMMICKS... PERCEPTION VS. REALITY comfort (41%) communication (32%) access (30%) efficiency (27%) Workplace Values – How Employees Want to Work, ASID
  8. 8. RESULTS + Overall environmental comfort of worksetting ...satisfaction increased 29% + Overall temperature in winter ...satisfaction increased 25% + Overall ventilation and air quality in winter ...satisfaction increased 26%
  9. 9. 2 CHALLENGING THE STATUS QUO 'One team' suggests increased collaboration... so how much collaboration do we need?
  10. 10. BALANCING FOCUS VS. COLLABORATION WE HEARD... WE KNOW... COLLABORATE 36% of respondents believe 22% that focused activity is essential to their work performance VS. LEARN 75% of respondents believe 4% that personal interaction/ SOCIALISE communication is essential with 6% other staff members FOCUS 59% re:work Workplace Evaluation, Jasmax, 2009 2008 Workplace Survey, Gensler, UK
  11. 11. MULTI-FACETTED MEETING SPACES How do you locate and proportion meeting space vs. individual space? + Front rooms + Lily pads + Multi-facetted meeting solution
  12. 12. RESULTS + Collaborative workspaces in the building ...satisfaction increased 43% + Provision of focus workspaces ...satisfaction increased 34% + Quality & quantity of non-bookable meeting spaces ...satisfaction increased 55% + Quality & quantity of bookable meeting spaces ...satisfaction increased 50%
  13. 13. 3 CHALLENGING THE STATUS QUO How useful to Facilities Management is the information that we gather now?
  14. 14. WHAT TO SAY AND WHEN + Working with the HR and Comms teams + Getting staff involved early + Allowing teams to anticipate + Prevent issues NZI Centre Count Down: 22 weeks to go 14/01/2009 NO REALLY, CLEAN IT UP! NZI Centre Count Down: 10 weeks to go Issue 7 • 8/04/2009 Guess what? We currently have 4256 linear metres of storage (that’s over 4 kilometres) created by the four offices moving into the NZI Centre. There is limited storage space where we’re going. We all need to reduce records and general storage by a minimum of 30% in our working spaces and 50% in centralised storage spaces. This meansOFand your BUILDING big clear out in your area well HEART you THE team must have a before the move. The document retention The will give you guidelines on what can’t beis CountIan Foy This isweeks to go policy first space youNZI Centre the out. Down: 11 a huge 22 metre- walk into thrown atrium. Issue 6 • 3/04/2009 encouraged us all to make a small changearea with glass from so start today by making Visitors and the high open each day at the CEO Roadshow floor to ceiling. a dent in your clutter. We are working with experts to understand how areas of the business manage general new ways to met at the to contact your business and they can wander filing, as well as to learn improved or public will Please don’t hesitate main reception, to the heritage area and the public café. Your friends and family are unit rep if you need assistance with this. Relocation Dates DID YOU KNOW… CHANGE CHAMPIONS welcome to come into this part of the building. As you enter the Your team have been assigned a relocation date – this will be one of Two anchors were discovered on the site when building you will be able to look upWe will so the ‘floating’ construction team dug the foundations. five weekends. and see be the lilypad Teams work differently. The Greenhouse project is focussing on identifying those differences allwe in the new building by 20 July. Check DID YOU KNOW… the roo can all work and interactmeeting together. If yourout when working team isto3 and 5 here. the atrium. comfortably spaces which extend from Level moving over The original shoreline of Auckland harbour team’s unique your style is key your used to be Fanshawe St, meaning that our are also air skylights team’s productivity, then it’s important to maintain. building site was underwater. exhausts, removing old air It’s not surprising The office environment we are moving to isand working areas are used to. Eachwith natural light large boat anchors and a wooden The atrium different from what we’re currently flooded that two from the business area will have at least one Change Champion to help with the transition. They will tell you from the building to keep th three and work to resolve any issues an individual teamabove. The stairwell snaking end up buried in the soil. about the great things to expect, 4.5 metre skylights in the roof faces. They will boat ramp would up office supplied with fresh through can easily approach for a chat about the working the atrium as The NZI Centre website is yourclean air. be people from the business who you the building to Level 5 is part ofenvironment Meeting rooms well, and you one stop shop for all Greenhouse info including previous DID YOU KNOW… we’re moving to. floors. Click will be able to lookThank to the front entrance from all news and the us if you have a down you to everyone who contributed ideas Contact naming You will hear more about who your Changeimages.are before the end of January. there are over 35 bookable here to see Champions question or comment. competition for the new NZI Centre’s meeting rooms. The NZI Centre website is rooms in the new meeting WHAT’S IT LIKE? nominations had to be New Zealanders who are greatyour one-stop shop for all with lots of non- examples of building, Colour schemes PLANTS GALORE five Attitudes we want to live in our company - Real, Together, info including options as well. the Greenhouse bookable There will be different colour schemes for each floor. Achieving, Inspiring and Give Back. previous news andThis includes the roof garden updates There will be over 200 plants throughout the building. On the working Contact us if you have a that holds 150 people. floors, plants will be sitting in a raised floor in the NZI effect they are With the meeting rooms giving the Centre now named, we canor comment. question make growing in the ground. Some of the plants have climbing vines which way. There is them available for booking via Outlook in the usual The NZI Centre website is will be running up some two floors high. Many of the plants know about rooms in the wires important information you need to will your one-stop shop for all provide screening buildings we are vacating, and in the NZI Centre too. to help create separate spaces in the open plan Greenhouse info including environment. The roof will be planted with succulents creating a Roof previous news and updates. Admin and Mailroom Garden which will hold 150 people at one time. Contact us if you have a question or comment SPORTING FACILITIES the mail staff will be able to send goods down in the lift for pick up, meeting room shut down Current and the lift remains locked until the courier collecting the goods needs access. Meeting rooms in our current offices will become unavailable from the The Viaduct is a great placefloorcycling, walking and running. There to check future date that for is completely cleared out. You need Rainwater collection will be 65 cycle racks in the basement in a you have made. Cancel any room bookings meeting 38,000 bookings secure area right next door Rainwater will be collected on the roof and stored in tanks that holdroom litres. These will be to the shower complex, which has eight showers for staff use. You underground outside so you won’t see them. This water won’tthe unavailable datefor click here for the current meeting room after be drinkable but it will be used – flushing toilets and watering plants on the roof. gear in one of schedule. can store your shut-down the 65 lockers if you are out for some exercise. We have negotiated IAG staff discounts at six gyms close to the NZI Centre. Make sure you check them all out to find the club that suits you best. Click here to Centre meeting room availability NZI find out more about the deals. You’re now able to book meeting rooms in the NZI Centre through Outlook. Check out the floor plans here to see which meeting spaces work best for your meeting. You can see from the plans there are different meeting spaces on every floor. You have a choice of space, technology and level of privacy to suit the style of meeting.
  15. 15. STAFF CONCERNS AROUND SECURITY What do we know about people's behaviour around security and what do we need to find out?
  16. 16. RESULTS + Building safety and security ...94% respondents agree/strongly agree + Were you well informed about the process for moving into the NZI Centre? ...94% respondents agree/strongly agree + Well informed about the building of the NZI Centre and its facilities ...93% respondents agree/strongly agree + Well informed about the new working behaviours for the NZI Centre ...84% respondents agree/strongly agree
  18. 18. 1 TOOL RE:WORK - OVERALL BUILDING PERFORMANCE BPR 5 Productivity, Creativity & Design Thermal Comfort & Air Quality 4 Noise & Interruptions 3 Lighting, Sunlight & Glare 2 Collaborative, Focus & Social Shared Support Facilities & Workspaces 1 Management Mobility & Functionality Building & Amenities Privacy and Confidentiality Meeting Spaces Personal Workspace, Furniture & Storage
  19. 19. 2TOOL ROLES AND RULES + Rules for gatherings
  20. 20. 3 TOOL COMMUNITY MESSAGES + 70 site visits + The building was sold to the staff by the staff
  21. 21. BUILDING THE BRIDGE BETWEEN FACILITIES MANAGEMENT AND BUSINESS PERFORMANCE 50% GAIN 45% 40% Percentage of responses 35% Change Change Management Change Management 30% Management Facilities Facilities Management 25% Facilities Management Management 20% 15% 10% 5% 0% -20% -10% 0% 10% 20% Perceived Productivity
  22. 22. CHALLENGING THE STATUS QUO DISCUSSION POINTS 1. What does larger floor plates mean to organisational responsiveness? 2. 'One team' suggests increased collaboration - how much do we need? 3. How useful to Facilities Management is the information that we gather now? TOOLS 1. Workplace survey - re:work 2. Roles and Rules 3. Community messages
  23. 23. Facilities Management Association of New Zealand welcomes all to the Breakfast Seminar event kindly sponsored by :