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Slideshow 5-controller-types-for-the-serious-flight-simmer


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Sharing information on top 5 flight simulator controllers available in the market to complete your enjoyment as a flight sim pilot. Whether you are a novice, a hardcore or even a casual flight simulation gamer on the PC, these controllers are designed to improve your the overall gaming experience and immersiveness into the game.

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Slideshow 5-controller-types-for-the-serious-flight-simmer

  1. 1. Flight Simulator Controller 5 Controller Types for a Flight Simmer <ul><li>Joystick / Flight Stick
  2. 2. Throttle
  3. 3. Flight Yoke
  4. 4. Rudder Controllers and Pedals
  5. 5. TrackIR
  6. 6. and featuring the HOTAS Type Flight Controller </li></ul>Nov 2011,
  7. 7. Flight Simulator Controller Joystick / Flight Stick <ul><li>The basic and yet most important flight controller for a flight simulator game
  8. 8. Provides precise navigation of aircraft
  9. 9. Weapon controls – firing guns and missiles </li></ul>Nov 2011,
  10. 10. Flight Simulator Controller Throttle Controller <ul><li>Has several levers and advanced control buttons on some models
  11. 11. Controls parameters in the flight simulation game such as throttle, fuel mixture, and elevator trim. </li></ul>Nov 2011,
  12. 12. Flight Simulator Controller Flight Yoke <ul><li>Two axes movement
  13. 13. Controls rotational movement about the shaft of the yoke and pitch
  14. 14. Held with both hands. Seen in most general aviation single and twin engines aircraft </li></ul>Nov 2011,
  15. 15. Flight Simulator Controller Rudder Controllers and Pedals <ul><li>Allow command of aircraft rudder and toe brakes using your feet
  16. 16. Deals with crosswinds, turning, and control during taxiing </li></ul>Nov 2011,
  17. 17. Flight Simulator Controller TrackIR Motion Tracking Controller <ul><li>Optical motion tracking controller, tracks head motions
  18. 18. Allows handsfree control for improved game immersiveness and situational awareness
  19. 19. Head position & orientation measured by video cam mounted on top of the user's monitor using infrared light (IR) technology </li></ul>Nov 2011,
  20. 20. Flight Simulator Controller Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog HOTAS – Hands-On-Throttle-And-Stick <ul><li>Combination of a flightstick and throttle system
  21. 21. Maps important and constantly used avionics, navigation and communication functions to the flight stick and throttle
  22. 22. Thrustmaster HOTAS is top of the line flight sim controller – its design form and function closely emulates its real world counterpart. </li></ul>Nov 2011,
  23. 23. Flight Simulator Controller Nov 2011, For more information, please visit