6 word memoir final for word press


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Epilogue for Research with Diverse Populations class Wordpress project

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6 word memoir final for word press

  1. 1.  What does it mean to do research on sensitive topics with vulnerable research participants in diverse communities? 6 word memoirs
  2. 2. Research vulnerability is relational. Be careful. --Lauren Clark
  3. 3.  Everyone is vulnerable in research involving people, their stories, their lives. Sharing information diminishes privacy for participants or those they report about. Research teams hear things that can be upsetting. As a result of sharing data in research, parents can be deported, children can re-live a traumatic experience, or communities can be stigmatized. Researchers can prevent harm and humanize health disparities through careful, pre- thought, collaborative research designs. Lauren
  4. 4. Teaching: Going to new heights together John Rodriguez Tequila – Grandfathers’ cure Just be careful
  5. 5. I enjoyed being part of this class. Appreciate the opportunity that all of you provided me to learn about your projects and the issues around vulnerable populations. You provided me great learning which I plan to apply in my Nurse Education role. Also, Hilda, thanks for teaching me about Jamaican cures. We all come from different backgrounds, yet we all share a common culture. Thanks and best of luck in your pursuits. John
  6. 6. You don’t know what you’ll find! --Esther Okang
  7. 7.  Did your parents give you away as a child to because they were not able to afford taking care of you? Were you sucked into a cult as a teenager and married against your will to someone who could be your father? Did you feel like you life was not getting anywhere and that no one cared about your life, or your future ? All of these are truly things that happen, and if they have not happened to you, it certainly happens in some parts of the world. This is why research with vulnerable populations is so essential. I certainly don't want to make light of your experiences. Esther
  8. 8. Everyone should be respected in research. --Roula Ghadban
  9. 9. Research in general and that involving vulnerable population in specific is important in uncovering vital unstudied concerns. Respect is a vital element in the research process. The extent to which both research and respect are incorporated influences the quality of research and its sequels. An important aspect of respect of vulnerable research subjects is the respect for difference. Roula
  10. 10. Moving forward, look to the past. --Sarah Llanque
  11. 11.  Past atrocities that have been made through research and/or by researchers should not be repeated. The goal of research should be to help people. In particular, researchers who conduct health-related research are in a position where they can have a positive impact on the population they are researching, even if it is on a small scale. The future is now. It is marvelous to have the knowledge to shape the future of research for the betterment of humanity.  Sarah
  12. 12. At some point All are vulnerable --Hilda Haynes-Lewis
  13. 13.  Vulnerability is relative and has many facets. All participants in research can be vulnerable, even the researcher. As researchers who work with marginalized and underserved populations, we must be aware of our working environment and take steps to protect ourselves physically but also emotionally. Hilda
  14. 14. Vulnerability can create barriers in research. --Becky Doughty
  15. 15.  Vulnerable populations are often excluded from research because of complex entrée and fear of working with marginalized groups. Exposing vulnerability in research, and handling it gently, will soften its edges. It is a moral imperative that researchers access those who are vulnerable and give them voice. Becky
  16. 16. It takes more effort. Worth it. --Alison Pittman
  17. 17.  Research with vulnerable populations takes more effort and care in virtually every stage. By putting forth the extra effort, however, the researcher gives a voice to persons who otherwise may not have one, and brings their thoughts, struggles, and concerns to light. Be that voice. Alison
  18. 18. Never shy away from a challenge. --Brittney Tacy
  19. 19.  Research with diverse or vulnerable populations can sometimes present additional challenges that can be a deterrent to some. Allow yourself to follow your passion regardless of the challenges. Be the person to push past those challenges and make contributions to improve someone’s quality of life. ~ Brittney
  20. 20. Thank you from all of us and let us know what is your 6 word memoir!