Intro to Mobile Marketing


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brief introduction to the unexplored world of Mobile
Marketing (MM) opportunities (Bulgaria specific to certain degree)

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Intro to Mobile Marketing

  1. 1. LADORE Mobile marketing
  2. 2. LADORE Chapters • Definition • Why mobile? • What is marketing? • Customer relationship • Strategy • Services
  3. 3. LADORE Definition and facts • First defined in early 2000s with the development of modern mobile standards • MM is short for “marketing with or on mobile device” • By 2008, 89% of global brands report willingness to utilize and explore opportunities • Lack of supporting information on possible service opportunities quoted as major show stopper Source:
  4. 4. LADORE Why mobile? Mobile Consumers Mobile Media Advantage
  5. 5. LADORE Mobile consumers • 7.64 million citizens • 159.68% penetration (based on information on total sim cards in rotation) • ~ 10% response rate to mm campaigns • 20% report they depend on their mobile on a daily basis • ~ 60% report readiness to go smart with their mobiles Bulgaria 2007 Source :
  6. 6. LADORE Mobile Media Advantage
  7. 7. LADORE Mobile Media Advantage • Mobile is personal • Mobile response is precisely measurable • Mobile is interactive • Mobile is something you carry in your pocket • Mobile provides nowadays real time video, audio and graphics = interactive multimedia • Mobile campaigns are cheap • Mobile updates reach consumers faster
  8. 8. LADORE What is Marketing? Definition
  9. 9. LADORE quot;Marketing is the management process that identifies, anticipates and satisfies customer requirements profitably“ The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM)
  10. 10. LADORE This is relationship !
  11. 11. LADORE Customer Relationship Definition 3es
  12. 12. LADORE Definition 1 Engaging 2 Ongoing 3 Interaction …with the customer
  13. 13. LADORE 3es of relationship Engage Entertain Educate /brand awareness/
  14. 14. LADORE Strategy Facilitate Socialize Crossover
  15. 15. LADORE Facilitate “If you create an act, you create a habit. If you create a habit, you create a character. If you create a character, you create a destiny.” Andre Maurois
  16. 16. LADORE Facilitate Communication Habits Lifestyle
  17. 17. LADORE Socialize “Connecting YOUR FEMALE consumers to each other Connects them to YOUR BRAND” Faith Popcorn & Lys Marigold
  18. 18. LADORE Socialize • Build diversified communities • By Encouraging – Brand assimilation – Retention • By Rewarding – Expression – Transmission
  19. 19. LADORE Crossover • Content – Into Traditional media – From traditional media • Consumers – Between communities – Between ideas
  20. 20. LADORE Services
  21. 21. LADORE Examples The Bar Lifecycle: 1-2 months Type: Club promotion Cheers! John orders his favorite drink, and Send XXXX to receives a flyer number 1207 along with your favorite toast phrase to receive He sends free drink “XXXX, You will never walk alone!” Meanwhile Sally enters the bar, orders the same drink, and sends the code only. As Both codes are issued for Cheers! this location, and sally’s message “You will never walk alone” 10:42pm is just 20 minutes after johns, To reply to this phrase She receives his toast author, send leading + in your reply. You may as well along with the following options Send us your toast. To report abuse send ! as a reply. After some thinking, Sally checks her watch and sends: “+Cheers! So, you are a Liverpool fan?”
  22. 22. LADORE Examples The Bar Lifecycle: 1-2 months Type: Club promotion “Cheers! John receives sally’s message So, you are a Liverpool fan?” To reply to this user send your reply, He then sends beginning with + “+Cheers! Let’s meet ☺ +359 xxx 012345” Sally receives John’s message, along with his mobile, and joins his company.
  23. 23. LADORE Examples The Event Lifecycle: one day Type: Event bound … …. If you like to send us your Shawn and Patsy are in the Disco. toast, or just participate in our Lottery, send xxxx as SMS or MMS (Along with your photo) Patsy notices a huge, To 1271 branded screen. Patsy picks up the phone, and sends the following message “Cheers Shonee, Lav ye!” Thank you! You are now participating in our lottery. If you are selected, You will receive a SMS with details. Good luck!
  24. 24. LADORE Examples The Mall Lifecycle: continuous Type: Social network Vicky and Tony are friends, Smile! You can win 5% addicted to shopping – therapy seasonal discount, by sending one of the following codes, to 1721. Your friends After a purchase, Vicky receives may also apply. a flyer with instructions. You will be able to broadcast to all participants by sending capasca “text” She gives Tony the first code, and in each message. XXXX Texts Maya “Hey, May, XXYX Send XXXY to 1721, XXXY You might get discount!” Meanwhile Maya is at the center mall, Looking for a purse. She receives the message From Vicky, and sends the subscription code.
  25. 25. LADORE Examples The Mall Lifecycle: continuous Type: Social network Maya then receives You are participating in 5% the following message discount lottery from Capasca. Good luck! Meanwhile, if you like to share Soon after she texts. Something within your group, Send capasca text “capasca: Girls, found to this number sweet pink purse at the mall. Vick You’ll love that green one” Vicky Tony and Maya just created tiny Social network – their capasca group. They’ll for sure going to tell everyone.
  26. 26. LADORE Examples The Disco Lifecycle: 1-2 months Type: Crossover promotion John and Sally are dating. They visit JB start a party! Popular disco club. Send us photos and video of you and your beloved couple. You may win weekend for two At the seaside. Their attention is drawn mms 1721 by a projector screen, with videos video call 1721 And photos of couples in love. John captures few shots, and sends them via MMS. photos are moderated and enter web gallery of lifestyle portal. Few weeks later, they are rated and selected among others to be shown In thematic teenage TV program.
  27. 27. LADORE Thank You!