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Women changed the world


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this is a presentation how women changed our world

Published in: Education
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Women changed the world

  1. 1. • Mother Teresa :- A mother who is equal to 100 mothers. A magnificent personality after seeing whom we cant stop tears from our eyes. Who thought that a simple girl from Skopje will one day become a beautiful definition for the word MOTHER. There are uncountable number of discarded children who became something because of this holy great mother.
  2. 2. • Rani of Jansi :- world say that Indian women are sensitive and innocent , but who ever thought that first war of Indian Independence was started by a woman, Rani of Jansi - A dedicated wife, a caring mother , a eternal queen and above all that a great lover of her country.
  3. 3. • Joan of arc :- Who ever thought that this 16year old peasant girl will enter into the army to fight for her country . When she was burnt alive at the age of 19 every one were shocked seeing this young girl taking her countrys name till the death. She was a true patriot .
  4. 4. • Aung san suu kyi :- She was house arrested in her own country and was not allowed to see her children. But there wasnt any movement this mother lost hope she went on fighting for truth and at last got the victory.
  5. 5. • Anne Frank :- Every girl should once read Dairy of a young girl by Anne frank .It is not just a book but aspirations and dreams of a young 15year old who thought unique. Her dreams and thoughts might not be achieved by her and she might have died without seeing her popularity but her thoughts cherished every where.
  6. 6. • Jane Austen:- She was born at that time of the world when people believed that women cant live without men support and that too in a poor family. But who knows that one day shell add her name in worlds best writers without a mans support.
  7. 7. • Marylin Monroe :- Born to a mentally disabled mother , been abused by her own father at the age of 10 , growing up leading a terrible life in foster homes , forcibly married at the age of 16 but turned out to be one of the most beautiful women of the world and a big Hollywood superstar of all time . Although she died at the age of 36 her life was not less than a fairy tail.
  8. 8. • Princess Diana :- Once during her visits to African countries she has noticed one triable kid with running nose ,this princess quickly took her hand kerchief and whipped it off as if he was her own son. Such is the greatness of this princess that she never changed her determination to help poor and needy no wonder what it cost.