RAPPATHON - Hacking for Change - Social Media Week Brief


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RAPPATHON - Hacking for Change - Social Media Week Brief

  1. 1. presents: FIRST RAPPATHON: HACKING FOR CHANGE Exploring new collaboration methods RAPP New York, February 15 Social Media Week, February 17
  2. 2. OUR GOAL Experiment with new methods of hands-on collaboration while prototyping ideas that can potentially solve big problems. Share our experience with the world at Social Media Week.
  3. 3. THE EVENT One: The Rappathon February 15th, 10am Location: RAPP New York, 437 Madison Ave, 3rd Fl. Methodology: Design in Motion Each team/person will pitch ideas in an ideation session in the morning moderated by RAPP’s head of cultural strategy. The collective team will narrow down the ideas to four. Each idea will be assigned to a team and attached to a specific station. After the first two hours of work teams will rotate throughout all four stations making new connections and/or contributing to all other ideas. It’s a musical chairs type of hackathon, like drawing an exquisite corpse where everyone draws one line each and passes to the next person. RAPP facilitators will be attached at each station to provide continuity, help teams, answer questions, etc. At the end each team will come back to their original stations to finalize and refine the story and functional object that will be presented at the Social Media Week panel on 02/17. Two: The Panel February 17th, 10am Location: Global Society Content Hub at Big Fuel 40 W23rd Street, New York City Methodology: Panel Discussion Panelists and team participants will introduce the methodology, present each idea, and the findings/key learnings on the collaboration experiment.
  4. 4. Barry Bohem’s Spiral Model | Image via codeimplant.com + Exquisite Corpse Piece | Image via The Daily Omnivore
  5. 5. THE RAPPATHON: AGENDA 10:00AM - Breakfast, introductions 10:15AM - Ideation 11:15AM - Idea selection (four ideas) 11:45AM - Break 12:00PM - Prototyping: Round one 02:00PM - Prototyping: Round two 04:00PM - Prototyping: Round three 06:00PM - Prototyping: Round four 08:00PM - Refining Ideas STATION ONE STATION TWO STATION THREE STATION FOUR A B C D TEAMS Note: Food and drinks will be provided throughout the day
  6. 6. THE RAPPATHON: DESIGN IN MOTION A B C D A B C D A B C D A B C D 12:00PM - Prototyping: Round one 02:00PM - Prototyping: Round two 04:00PM - Prototyping: Round three 06:00PM - Prototyping: Round four 08:00PM - Refining Ideas Teams return to their initial stations to review the prototypes, edit, and refine the ideas aiming to tighten the story and functional object in preparation for the panel presentation on 02/17. A B C D
  7. 7. THE BRIEF Participants and facilitators: Please come prepared with ideas, thoughts, hunches on web and mobile applications that effect change in any or all of the following areas: 1. How can we eliminate the barriers to adopt alternative forms of transportation such as bicycles?2. How can we use mobile apps to improve early development and help new parents with young children?3. How can we improve the quality of life of retired people in urban areas?4. How can we connect people’s skills to jobs through social network APIs?5. How can we reinvent fund raising and volunteering through social networks? 6. Have passion for another area? Bring it!
  8. 8. Register for our Social Media Week panel: http://socialmediaweek.org/event/?event_id=1462 Join the hackathon: [email_address] Thank You.