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Condor Capital Corp. | Condor Capital Corp Hauppauge NY


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Condor Capital Corp. is ranked as one of the leading companies in non-prime automobile lending. Condor Capital corp. which is an indirect auto finance company has been offering the most effective financing solutions to consumers. Condor Capital Corp. is a well-known auto financing company connecting loan customers with expert and reliable automobile dealers throughout the United States.

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Condor Capital Corp. | Condor Capital Corp Hauppauge NY

  1. 1. Condor Capital Corp.An Indirect Auto Finance CompanyBased In Hauppauge, NY
  2. 2. Condor Capital Corp. is ranked as one of theleading companies in non-prime automobilelending. With over 5 decades of experience in theautomobile finance industry, they have been able tohelp a multitude of people. They offer completecustomer satisfaction and provide their services toa wide customer base. Their solid dedication andefforts to train and equip their staff with moderntechnology and the latest equipment has enabledthem to serve their customers in the mostresponsive, courteous, and professional manner.
  3. 3. Condor Capital Corp. provides auto financeservices and the company ensures totally safe andsecure payments. The customers who are using theservice for the very first time can create an accounton the company website. It is easy to set up anaccount and it hardly takes any time to get started.
  4. 4. Condor Capital corp. which is an indirect autofinance company has been offering the mosteffective financing solutions to consumers. Thecompanys staff including customer servicerepresentatives, dealer credit representatives,and experts from other departments is alwaysready to help and quickly respond to customerqueries. The company has a committed team ofintelligent professionals who have greatknowledge of managing customer requirements.
  5. 5. The company primarily aims at providing superiorcustomer care to numerous consumers and a greatnumber of dealers across the United States. Thecompany was founded in 1994 by a managementteam and today, it is a leading automobile financecompany that has been offering reliable services toconsumers through automobile dealerships. Theyare counted amongst the most reputedestablishments providing beneficial services tocustomers, which is one of the key reasons for thesuccess and growth of the company.
  6. 6. Condor Capital Corp. is a well-known auto financingcompany connecting loan customers with expertand reliable automobile dealers throughout theUnited States. In addition to an extensive dealernetwork, they also offer an assortment of otherservices such as Industry Leading FinancePrograms, Fast Loan Application Processing,Flexible Financing Options and a lot more. Theyplay an essential part through their network ofautomobile dealers. For further information, pleasevisit
  7. 7. CONDOR CAPITAL CORP.165 Oser AvenueHauppauge, NY 11788Customer Service800-536-2000 x 586email: info@condorcap.comPayoff Department800-536-2000 x 200email: payoff@condorcap.comFax: 631-299-0030Contact Condor Capital corp.
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