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  1. 1. European Look Outward By:Steffany Miranda
  2. 2. World in 1050 Christians fighting against Muslims battle for control of lands in Middle East isolation began to rise. New Civilization spread and stretched from Spain to India. Buddhism tradition had wealthy princes that built temples & palaces. Mathepaticians invented many number systems.
  3. 3. China China's strong Government used the tang-song dynasty as an influence to new culture, technology, paper, printing, gun powder and neighboring people. To trade they used coins and money when no one else did.
  4. 4. Trading In The New Civilization West Africa- Civilization called Soninke traded from empire Ghana. Traded Gold from Sahara, North/Middle East Afria & Europe. The Americas- Mayas got rid of rainforests to built temples. Peruvians- Built empires & artwork.
  5. 5. Mongol Alliance Pope Innocnt IV sent a diplomatic mission to Mongols in Central Asia. The Pope hoped everyone would convert to Christianity. That's where the conflict between the Muslims began.
  6. 6. HandWriting Handwriting rejected by the Khan(Pope's proposal). Mongol, Arabic, & Latin. Govanni DPian- Traveling book (wrote about customs & culture). Byzantine Empire- Studied the Ancient Greek writings. Constantinople- Muslim merchants come together with Venice.
  7. 7. Invasion Seljuks Turks invaded the Byzantine Empire. Traveled fromCentral Asia-Middle East & converted into Islams. Extended power over to Palestine (the holy land). Attacked Christian Pilgrims.
  8. 8. Chronicles Of Crusades Both Knights and footmen, both rich and poor.... strive to help expel [the suljuks] from our christia lands before it's too late...Christ commands it. Remmission of sins will be granted for those going thither. -Flucher of Chartres
  9. 9. Christian Knights 1096 Traveling to "Holy land" few returned. Fought over wealth for something in return or just to explore. Wanted to unite Romans & Byzantinechurches. Treated Muslims terrible. Fought against them for entertainment.
  10. 10. The Killing 1099 1st Crusades- captured Jerusalem. Killing every Jew/Muslim. 200 years of war. Later divided into 4 smaller states.
  11. 11. 1187...The Take Over Muslims took over. 3rd Crusades- tried taking over again, but FAILED.
  12. 12. The Conflict Cycle Fought against North Africans. Ended in (disaster). Muslims began making up with Christians. Then, Christian v.s Jews/Muslims. Then Muslims v.s Christians again!
  13. 13. Byzantine Trade 1204 Venetian Merchants- defeated by Byzantine Trade Rivals. Crusaders- took over Byzantine Capital. Muslims trying to take over Crusader states (1291)- captured Christian Posts. Christians Massacred their enemies & became the new BLAME for death.
  14. 14. Crusade Trade Failed to conquer HolyLand, fought muslims/jews. Increased trade ; Fabrics, Spices, & Perfumes. Middle-East Europe. Italian Cities- built LARGE FLEETS carried to Crusaders to HolyLand. Traded- sugar, cotton, rice. Crusades- brought influence of MONEY. Increased Feudal Monarch ; collected TAXES. Popes involved made more CONFLICT in Split between Rome & Byzantine Churches.
  15. 15. Marco Polo 1271 He was an explorer. Traveled to China & told many stories of Wonders of chinese civilization. Said that : Government run-mails & black stones(coal) were burnt to heat homes. This was untrue.
  16. 16. New Trade People like Marco Polo began to explore Europe as it widen. In the 1400's is when the new trade began between China & India.
  17. 17. The Reconquista Reconquista- Christians from Spain drive Muslims out. European defeat at Acre, battling Muslims. In the 700's Muslims conquered Spain, but small Christian Kingdoms remained. It took from (700's-1300's) to control the Iberian Peninsula except Granada. When Granada fell, the Reconquista was complete.
  18. 18. 1469 Isabella Of Castile Married to Ferdinand Of Aragon. 2 Most powerful rulers of Kingdoms. Opened a way to unify State. Made a Final Push against the Muslims stronghold of Granada.
  19. 19. Religion Toleration Joined forces with townspeople against powerful nobles. Religion was important to Isabella. She wanted to bring Christianity to Spain. Muslim ruled Spain, but still had Religion Toleration. The ability to choose your own religion.
  20. 20. Together Isabella ended the Religious Toleration from bringing Christianity. Christians, Jews, & Muslims lived together with support of Inquistion. A church court was set up for people accused of Heresy.
  21. 21. Burned At Stake She was harsh on whoever refused to become Christians & was burned at stake. Mostly Muslims/Jews. More than 150,000 people left Spain. Most of the ones who left were skillful workers & needed.
  22. 22. The End!