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Evaluation steff terry 2012

  2. 2. BRIEF Our brief was to create a short filmlasting approximately 5 minutes.
  3. 3. BRIEFWe created a short film which was within theArt House genre. Our film was conventional inits use of camera work, editing and mise-en-scene, but was unconventional in its use ofsound and narrative . This is screenshot from the film
  4. 4. IN WHAT WAYS DOES YOUR MEDIAPRODUCT USE, DEVELOP ORCHALLENGE FORMS ANDCONVENTIONS OF REALMEDIA PRODUCTS?•  Filmic conventions: Titles, variety of camera angles, match on actionShort films can be considered a genre on their own. They don’tnecessarily follow filmic conventions, for example of feature films. Theyoften have: •  An element of comedy •  A narrative which usually centers on a moral dilemmaThe Art House genre allows film makers to challenge the conventions ofestablished genres.
  5. 5. OUR FILM USED SOME BUT NOT ALL OFTHE CONVENTIONS OF SHORT FILMSJust 1 or 2 characters Variety of Twist in the story line camera anglesStrong use ofsteady cam Low budget Short film Conventions Real life situation Use of a comedy element
  6. 6. ART HOUSE FILMSWe feel that we have made an art house film , we have cometo this conclusion by looking at some other art house films the conventions of art house :•  Film theorist David Bordwell identified some conventions of art-house cinema•  The main protagonist does not have clear-cut goals or discernible motives : Our protagonist goal is to have a time for himself and some peace and quite•  Screen time is often used without driving the narrative forward : In our film we use a lot of long shots where not much happens to create an atmosphere and make it feel like its in real time
  7. 7. CAMERAThis is a conventional low angle This is a shot from behind the head, It isshot that we used in our film an unconventional way of doing a point of viewThe image cannot be displayed. Your computer may not have enough memory to open the image, or the image may have been corrupted. Restart your The image cannot be dcomputer, and then open the file again. If the red x still appears, you may have to delete the image and then insert it again. computer, and then op A low angle is used to make the audience feel small and gives This shot allows the audience to dominance to our protagonist feel that they are in his position We have also used a medium and also shows us his close up (mcu) to show his facial surroundings. expressions.
  8. 8. ART HOUSE CONVENTIONSSlow pace film – this is an example of a slow paced shortfilm. Uzak by Nuri Bilge CeylanLack of dialogue: Our film is a silent movie so we had to tellthe story through the actions of the character .Incoherent narrative : the feedback from our film shoed thewe did have a coherent narrative.No change in the character . in our film the change incharacter is very minimal, he goes from being calm andcontained and in there pursuit of peace and quite andprogress to a person that would kill another person.
  9. 9. THIS IS AN EXAMPLE OF A LONG SHOT This shot lasting 7.50 seconds which is a long shot and these are conventional to the art house genre.
  10. 10. CAMERA This is a great example of an establish shot because Batman is set in one city and shows the audience loads of detail of where the film is based. Establishing shots- Establishes where the film is set or what kind of environment the scene is set in
  11. 11. CAMERAWe have used these establishing shots to put the audience inthe mood of the scene and reinforce the setting of the film. These are examples of establishing shots from our film these shots are conventional and show the audience where the they are and the change scenery. They are essential for the film’s narrative because they explain the location of his escape.
  12. 12. MISE-EN-SCENE This is a screen shot of our film showing some props we used for the daily routine sequences. This established our character and showed the audience he had a daily routine . This is an example of different costumes which we have used. To show different days in the film.This choice of costume shows the passing of time and shows the audience different days. This alsoestablishes the character as a teenager, he wears conventional clothes for a character of this age.Sandwich – Is a prop to signify the different days, we developed this idea from a short Youtube filmhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W-jVauuqRaE where the background of the central character changes.
  13. 13. EDITINGContinuity editing Titles TransitionsMatch on Action Sound
  14. 14. CONTINUITY EDITING It is a convention to edit the film to maximize continuity to make the film appear like it was filmed in one go. This also allows the audience get in the mood of the film without making the film jumpy which can take the viewer out of the film experienceMatch On Action We used Continuity and match on action editingIn this clip we can also we an example of because it is conventionalmatch on action when he gets up andwalks off and goes into the other shot.
  15. 15. TITLES This is our opening titles to introduced the film , we have also put sound in the back ground to create a busy atmosphere so that the audience can understand that our protangist wants to get away from the busy day to day life .The titles also gives the audience the name ofthe actors, the production company name,and the name of the film. To used titles in a short film is also conventional
  16. 16. SOUNDUsed, developed or challenged conventions of sound?Our film challenged the conventions of sound by not having anydialogue. Instead we used traffic sound effects to introduce the story.•  Sound effects for the opening sequence•  The first song has a beat which can be related to the routine of the character’s day. The second song, which doesn’t have a regular beat can be related to the spontaneity of the character’s nature. Sound Effect •  These are the songs we used to create atmosphere in our film. We Sound track over used free music archive our film
  17. 17. HOW EFFECTIVE IS THE COMBINATION OF YOUR MAIN PRODUCT AND ANCILLARY TEXTS?•  Creating synergy We feel we have created synergy throughout our film, film magazine review and poster. We film that our film directly links to the style and content of our poster and magazine. If the audience were to read the magazine review and poster they would expect to see the film we have created Magazine poster review
  18. 18. Other magazines to compare toWe have researched other magazines which we thought wouldrelate to our audience and the genre of our chosen film. One ofthe main magazines we thought would appeal to the sameaudience was Sight and Sound. Our magazine has the same style layout of both of these reviews. We can see this by the way they have a picture of the main protagonist which is the convention that stands out most on the page. Our film post also contains a quote and a film rating this would give some information to the audience about what reviews have thought of the film. We have also put film synopsis which would sum up the film briefly.
  19. 19. This is an example showing thesynergy and our visual mark forour film This is an example of good synergy. Straight away the audience can tell that both of these posters relate the the design and by the font used.
  20. 20. COMBINATION OFMAGAZINE AND POSTERHow do they relate to each other? - Font, style & design,colour scheme.In the magazine review and the film poster we have chosen to use the twodifferent photos of our protagonist this would help the audience identify withour film. In our film title we have used the same font and creates synergy bythe way both of the l’s line up so that when our audiences see this theyidentify the film with the magazine and the poster.
  21. 21. THE COMBINATION OF POSTER AND FILM We poster for example costume and setting. used in the can already see the mise en scene being These are all examples to show how our poster is conventional. The font used hear reinforces the serious Title of film theme of this movieThe film stillwith graffiticlearlyidentifies the Picture of the main character.film as being Connotes a pensive theme.aimed at a The institutional information connotes The low angle shot emphasizesyounger professionalism that this is the main characteraudience
  22. 22. Magazine ReviewThese are all example to show how our magazinereview is conventional.This is a shot from themovie, it is a low angleshot and we can see This picture is of thehis expression on his main character in theface which he is film and this shows tofeeling in the film. the audience that it relates to the poster and to the film.This information This is the title of thetells us about film and is the sameabout the film for on the poster and onexample who film titles. This showsdirected it and the combination of arethe age rating of main product and howthe film. they are linked with the ancillary text.The text here isdirected at thesame audienceas the movie is Website of thedirected at. magazine for more informationPage number and dateof the magazine
  23. 23. AUDIENCE FEEDBACK FROM THEFILM This is an example of one of the questionnaires we handed out to the audience to see what they thought . Good Points: everyone was able to quickly Identify the film’s genre. The audience recognised that loads of different shot sizes were used. They also thought that sound effects and tracks went well with out film The music added to the relaxed nature of the first part of the film. Weaknesses: some of the audience found it hard to follow the narrative. The pace of the film was too slow
  24. 24. AUDIENCE RECOGNITIONOF SYNERGY BETWEENFILM AND POSTER Having seen the film, would Having seen the poster you say that the poster is a would you go and see the good representation of the film? film? 10% 41% Yes Yes No No 59% 90%
  25. 25. WHAT HAVE YOU LEARNED FROMYOUR AUDIENCE FEEDBACK?Poster version 1 Having found out that only 45% of people who had seen our poster would see the film we decided to make some changes to the poster. The main issues that were raised were about the colour of the poster, the audience said it should be darker because they felt that it would relate to our film more. Another issue that was raised was about the magazine reviews who gave our film the stars, the audience said the writing was to small and hard to read with the background. After the audience feedback. We decided these were the main issues that we thought we would need to change.Poster version 2 Here we decided to change the color from white to black, this gave the poster a darker look Here we made the font bigger so it stands out more so the audience can read it and make sense of the stars Here we changed the twitter and Facebook sign so the audience knows were to find out more about the film
  26. 26. HOW DID YOU USE MEDIA TECHNOLOGIES IN THECONSTRUCTION AND RESEARCH, PLANNING ANDEVALUATION STAGES?•  Open source software - Celtx•  Web 2.0 – Free Music Archive•  Media literacy•  InDesign•  Final Cut Pro•  Adobe Photoshop•  After Effects•  Abelton Live•  DSLR CAMERAS
  27. 27. USING MODERNTECHNOLOGYWe used a DSLR camera to film our film (Canon 60D) The reason this camera was good to film on is because it films in full1080p HD, it has interchangeable lenses witch makes it much easier to get a variation of shots , it has a high iso range Some down falls of the camera•  It has a small field of focus•  It only takes SD cards instead of compact flash drives
  28. 28. RESEARCH To help us with our research into short films we use Youtube, we found this use full because it had loads of short film from in all different genres. This is an example of a short film that our film could relate to. We find that this is similar by the establishing shots used, also the use of a soundtrack and a voiceover which we thought we would try but in the end we decided to only use a sound track with sound affects to create more atmosphere. Some of the channels we prefer for short films were future shots and blue tongue films.
  29. 29. USE OF CELTX1 INT. CLASSROOM.DAY 1 CONTINUED: 6. Two 18 year old boys are sat in a class room alone, Eric and Bob. Around them are groups of people chatting, high-fiving, and talking about how fun their weekend was. ERIC we will get you your money by the BOY 1 end of the week i swear (excited) DEALER Yeah! That party was sick! Did you If you don’t get me that cash, you see me with Holly? don’t wanna dream of what will happen to you. Remember. End of the BOY 2 week. Yeah she’s fit, man! Did you try any of the bubble? bob and eric run off panicking BOB BOY 1 (A little excited) Yeah all day in bed come Sunday. I did you see me stand up to him would do it again though! So worth Eric? it! ERIC (dismissive)2 CAMERA CUTS TO BOYS SAT ALONE AND QUIET. 2 oh shut up Bob ERIC 9 INT. STREET.DAY 9 (To Bob) Did you hear that? The party last ERIC week that we missed again. Shit! Bob, how are we going to get him his money? BOB Yeah, I guess they forgot to tell BOB don’t worry Eric we have loads of us. options. ERIC ERIC ...again. well what are they then bob BOB BOB If we organised something on that ermmm... scale we could get everyone hear to ERIC come. what about if we save our pocket money.... or we could, we could ERIC sell our phones? Yeah, right. You wish. BOB how about we borrow some money from3 INT. LANDING.DAY 3 your parents and put it back before they get back. Camera leads up to a door with a 2 Pac poster on it. ERIC no. we are not taking money from my parents.
  30. 30. SCREENFLOW OF THE EDITING PROCESSThis is a screen recording of some editing in our movie. It is anexample of a shot reverse shot. You see the character walkingdown the path and you see that he is confused we go to a shotover his shoulder to see what he was confused about then backfinally to his face for a reaction shot.
  31. 31. ABELTON LIVE Abelton Live is what we used to make a song for the movie all though we didn’t use it in our film it was very interesting to use This is the display for the looping tool This line represents the volume level This is the sound bar it displays the wave forms
  32. 32. WEB 2.0This is an example of a website we used called free music archive, we foundthis very useful because we could find free music of any genre to go with ourfilm and help explain our film by the track we used.
  33. 33. PHOTOSHOP This is an example of a tool called curves which we used, this help us with the contrast of our poster to make it look professional and get the color more shape.With Photoshop it is also useful for adding titles andpositioning them. We also used this tool to add someconventions for example the stars. We added this to our poster to give our audience some information out the film and show awards it has won.