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Art Fags -Screen Play


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Published in: Education, Spiritual
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Art Fags -Screen Play

  1. 1. Screenplay
  2. 2. FADE INblack screan then this comes upPeople who obsess over art, music, and poetry and thinkthey’re so unique even though there are millions of them.Those guys are a bunch of art fags.INT. MARKS ROOM.DAYMark, a 17 year old slight geek who likes to dress smartalmost aspirational. He is attempting to put a portfoliotogether, the art isn’t of a high standard. He looks up at acalendar on this wall with a date circled saying interviewfor art school.INT. PALLS ROOM. DAYPall a 17 year old kid whatever is sat hunched working onsomething.Mark walks in to pall’s room with out knocking first MARK hey man whats up . what are you doing PALL have you ever heard of knocking, what would of happened if i was having a bash or some thing MARK sorry man I’ll remember next time. are u ready to go PALL ya wait down stairs i’ll be down in a minute i just need to take a piss.Mark notices a pile in the corner covered in a sheet.INT.Mark walks down some stairs which open out into a livingroom Where he see’s pall’s mum. Pall follows closely behind.She is in her mid 30s, alcoholic, messy and sprawled on adirty looking sofa with a bottle of vodka in her hand (CONTINUED)
  3. 3. CONTINUED: 2. MARK hello miss mallcovichshe grabs the bin next to her and stars vomiting into thebin PALL is she throwing up again, that stupid bitch lets go mark or were going to be lateEXT. PALLS ROADMark and Pall are walking down the street MARK So what where you up to in your room then? PALL Shut up, you faggot its none of your buisness.Pall punches Mark, he stumbles back and pretends it doesnthurt. MARK (in a cowardly way) Why did you do that?They carry on walking down the street to school.EXT. COURTYARD.DAYMark and Pall walk into to the courtyard of a privateschool, as they get closer they notice Paula.Paula notices them staring at her and her friends snigger. PALL What the fuck are you slags laughing at!Mark gets embarassed. The bells rings and everyone starts toleave except Paula and Pall. PALL (to mark) well go on then..piss offMark looks hurt. he turns to Paula who smiles at him. Markleaves. Pall watches him go then turns to Paula (CONTINUED)
  4. 4. CONTINUED: 3. PALL Paula i wanna show you something PAULA Im busy, what do you want? PALL I wanna show you this picture i drew of youPall pulls out the picture of her, she looks at it infrontof him and doesnt know what to say. PAULA Why have you drawn a picture of me, are you stalking me? PALL (Offeneded) No... PAULA Your such a wierdo, why would i want this?Paula walks off leaving Pall standing.INT.CLASSROOM.DAYthrough the window of the classroom Mark watches as Pallleaves the courtyard.EXT. ROADPall is walking home really angrely, kicking dustbins overs PALL Fuck you god, what did i do wrong?Pall is struck by lightning and explodes leaving just hisfeet.EXT. GRAVEYARDMark is standing upset at the funeral, a few people come upto him saying how Pall was such a nice guy. FUNERAL GUEST 1 O/S he was such a talent (CONTINUED)
  5. 5. CONTINUED: 4. FUNERAL GUEST 2 O/S such a polite boy FUNERAL GUEST 3 O/S kind and caring he loved his mum poor soulThe eulogies keep coming as we look at the blank expressionon Marks face.INT. MARKS ROOM.DAYThe calender in marks room has only one red mark on it. TheInterview.INT. SCHOOL COMMON ROOM.DAYMark goes to school the next day, Paula comes up to him PAULA Pall was such a nice boy, its such a shame. He had such potential. MARK what do you mean? PAULA his artwork it was truly amazingmark looks at her in a confused way. MARK oh, is this about that picture pall gave you? PAULA yes, it was really sweet MARK i probably shouldn’t tell you this now, but i drew that picture, for him. PAULA Oh... Ok well ill see you around. MARK Bye
  6. 6. 5.INT. PALLS FLAT.NIGHTMark goes to palls flat, rings on the bell. PALLS MUM what do you want? MARK i left some of my school books here, could i get them quickly PALLS MUM whatever, hurry upPalls mum stumbles back over to the sofa and doesnt take anynotice of him.Mark picks up the box he noticed before.As he approaches the living room, he puts his head aroundthe corner and sees Palls mum passed out on the sofa, hewalks straight out.INT. ART SCHOOL. DAYMark enters the room for his interview looking nervous. Henotices two old people with glasses and suits looking veryformal. INTERVIEWERS 1 Good afternoon, Mr. Burrows MARK HelloMark shakes his hand and sits down INTERVIEWERS 2 So Mark why have you chosen to apply for ’London College of the Arts’? MARK Its always been my dream to come here, you have no idea how hard its been for me to come here. INTERVIEWERS 1 Could we possibly see your portfolio? (CONTINUED)
  7. 7. CONTINUED: 6. MARK I have it hereMark hands them the portfolio, its a large book with pageshanging out and rough doodles on the front. INTERVIEWERS 2 Thank you Mark, could you please wait outside for a a couple of minute.INT. ART SCHOOL OFFICE. DAYMark is sitting patiently, he leans back and rubs his eyes.As he moves his hands away he notices them coming out of theroom, very impressed.They walk over to Mark INTERVIEWERS 1 Mark, we have looked over your work and would love to offer you a place at this college, your work is sensational. INTERVIEWERS 2 We would be honoured to offer you a place that our college, the college fees and infomation will be sent to your house. MARK Sorry, but how much are the fees? INTERVIEWERS 1 $9,500 a term MARK Ok well thank you, it was a pleasureMark walks off thinking about how he is going to pay for thecollege.INT. SCHOOL COMMON ROOM.DAYmark walks in to the common room were his art teacher issitting with a cup of tea (CONTINUED)
  8. 8. CONTINUED: 7. MARK sir i wandering if you could do me a favour , i have got in to the London Collage Of the Arts TEACHER very well done mark im very proud of you , what was the favour you wanted MARK ya could you help me set up a gallary, kind of like an art show, its the only way i can pay the school fees TEACHER well i guess i could make a few calls i have a few friends that own gallarys MARK thank you soo much sirINT. MARK ROOM . EVENINGMark is looking threw the stolen art work and trying todecide what too show art show at that gallery.He puts toghter a few pictures and paintings he thinks arethe best, and leaves to go to the art show.INT. GALLERYMark is waiting around and no one is coming to his galleryexcept his art teacher.After a short while we see loads of his fellow studentsflooding through the door, after a short montage of himshowing people his art.EXT. OUTSIDE GALLERY. NIGHTPaula approaches Mark who is having a cigarette PAULA Mark, i know that Pall did that picture of me... (CONTINUED)
  9. 9. CONTINUED: 8. MARK Paula just fuck off, this is my big night i dont need you ruining it PAULA How can you do this to Pall he was your best mate MARK You, me and everyone hates that kid why are you sticking up for him now? PAULA What your doing is wrong!Mark walks off back towards the gallery, throwing hiscigarette into the road angerlyEXT. OUTSIDE GALLERY. NIGHTMark is outside having a cigarette again, just about to gohome. When he is approached by a man, wearing a suit andspecs. ART DEALER Mark, i just want to congratulate you on your show it was truely inspiring. MARK Thank you sir, i worked hard for it ART DEALER I represent some very high up art collectors and i think they would be very interested in your work, i would like to give you an offer for the load. MARK Well, ofcourse thats amazingthe art dealers says nothing, gets out a checkbook,scribbles on it and passes it to mark.We see the check says $2,000,000 ART DEALER I think that should surfice
  10. 10. 9.EXT. PAULA’S FRONTDOOR. NIGHTMark sprints up to Paulas door and pants then presses thebuzzer.Paula opens the door PAULA what do you want Mark? MARK you where right the art work was Palls, but i have enough money for us to start a life toghter, im sorry but lookMark shows her the check MARK So what do you say, would you run away with me and leave this shithole PAULA what you want me pack my thing now and leave in the midlle of the night leave my hole life behind MARK il get you new things we can make a new life together PAULApaula grabs mark and kisses him MARK so i guess thats a yess