Accidental gangster (working title)


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Accidental gangster (working title)

  1. 1. Accidental Gangster (Working Title) By Terry Farmiloe
  2. 2. 1 INT. CLASSROOM.DAY 1 Two 18 year old boys are sat in a class room alone, Eric and Bob. Around them are groups of people chatting, high-fiving, and talking about how fun their weekend was. BOY 1 (excited) Yeah! That party was sick! Did you see me with Holly? BOY 2 Yeah she’s fit, man! Did you try any of the bubble? BOY 1 Yeah all day in bed come Sunday. I would do it again though! So worth it!2 CAMERA CUTS TO BOYS SAT ALONE AND QUIET. 2 ERIC (To Bob) Did you hear that? The party last week that we missed again. BOB Yeah, I guess they forgot to tell us. ERIC ...again. BOB If we organised something on that scale we could get everyone hear to come. ERIC Yeah, right. You wish.2 INT. LANDING.DAY 2 Camera leads up to a door with a 2 Pac poster on it.
  3. 3. 2.3 INT. BOBS ROOM.DAY 3 Eric and Bob are alone listening to Hip Hop. There are posters of MCs and DJs on the wall. Chemistry and other school subject books are scattered across a make do desk. BOB What are you up to this weekend? ERIC Busy with work, it sucks. But I know in a couple of weeks my parents’ are away, so we could hang out then? BOB It’s always just us two while everyone else is having fun. Your place is free, let’s do something! ERIC No we can’t, my parents would kill me. Plus, who’s gonna come? BOB Let’s do it, we’ve got nothing to lose. ERIC Ok... but you are gonna have get people to come and say it’s your party BOB Yeah, yeah, no problem. I gotta get some of that bubble we heard about! ERIC But... where are you gonna get it from? BOB Ah... (thinking) maybe I’ll ask Paul? He knows a lot of people...4 INT.COLLEGE HALLWAY.DAY 4 We see Eric and Bob chilling in the hallway next to the lockers. Paul is busy talking with a group of friends. The boys approach him and ask about bubble. Bob taps Paul on his shoulder. (CONTINUED)
  4. 4. CONTINUED: 3. BOB (Nervously) ’scuse me Paul. Err... me and Eric are putting together a party in a couple of weeks. And we thought you could help us. PAUL Oh yeah... what’s your plan? BOB We need some bubble PAUL Yeah I can help you out with that. I’ll give you a number Eric writes down the number on a bit of paper with a pen. PAUL (Curious) Ambitious, guys. I hope you can pull it off. Gimme a call if you need a hand.5 INT. BOYS’ ROOM 5 Bob is sat on his bed Eric is at the desk. There is an awkward silences as Bob passes a phone to Eric. They look at each-other for a moment before deciding to go ahead. Eric takes out a bit of paper with the number on it and starts to dial. Bob watches on anxiously. ERIC (Nervous) Hi, I am good friends with Paul... he gave me your number and said I might be able to get some bubble off you DEALER (O/S) (Angry) Paul didn’t tell me that he gave you my number? But yeah... Anyway, how much do you need and when do you want it? ERIC ermmm.... we are having a party with 30 people next week. so how much do you think we need? (CONTINUED)
  5. 5. CONTINUED: 4. DEALER 30 people... (thinking) right, yeah you gotta have 15 grams... that’ll be 500 quid. ERIC 500? (pause) Yeah ok, you know best. Where we gonna meet you? DEALER Tomorrow. 5pm by the alley near Tesco’s. I don’t wait around for long, so you know. Eric rings off and a smile creeps across his face. ERIC (pause) He sounded alright, I think he liked us because he gave us a good deal Bob nods in agreement6 EXT. STREET.NIGHT 6 Eric and Bob walk excitedly down the dark street. BOB Remember Eric, play it cool ERIC Sure, he sounded cool on the phone Boys turn into an alleyway.7 EXT.ALLEYWAY.NIGHT 7 The alleyway is dark and uninviting. In the distance a figure can be seen in the shadows. The boys slow down. BOB There he is! Go on then Eric turns sharply toward Bob ERIC (Stern) No Bob, we go together They both edge down the alleyway. (CONTINUED)
  6. 6. CONTINUED: 5. BOB Eric, give him the 500Eric approaches the drug dealer DEALER you eric yeah? ERIC yeah DEALER you got the money ERIC yeahEric waits fior the next question. There is an akwkwardsilence DEALER (getting impatient)) the money yeah ERIC ohhhEric hands over the moneyDealer takes and counts the money DEALER (counting) 100... 300.. 500. 500? That’s not enough! (firm) It’s 2000. BOB over the phone you said to us 500.. DEALER Who do you thinking your speaking to? It’s changed, it’s the way it is. It’s 2,000. Listen to me I want 1500 by the end of week or you don’t get your bubble and I’m going to end up hurtin one of you..... badly BOB (nervously) sorry, sorry (CONTINUED)
  7. 7. CONTINUED: 6. ERIC we will get you your money by the end of the week i swear DEALER If you don’t get me that cash, you don’t wanna dream of what will happen to you. Remember. End of the week. bob and eric run off panicking BOB (A little excited) did you see me stand up to him Eric? ERIC (dismissive) oh shut up Bob8 INT. STREET.DAY 8 ERIC Shit! Bob, how are we going to get him his money? BOB don’t worry Eric we have loads of options. ERIC well what are they then bob BOB ermmm... ERIC what about if we save our pocket money.... or we could, we could sell our phones? BOB how about we borrow some money from your parents and put it back before they get back. ERIC no. we are not taking money from my parents.
  8. 8. 7.9 INT. BOBS ROOM.DAY 9 Bob is shown listen to street music, close ups of his face showing us that he is enjoying it and wants a piece of the action10 EXT. WASTELAND.DAY 10 Eric and Bob walks down the street, Eric panicking a bit. ERIC Bob I don’t think this is a good idea, you know what he said. BOB Don’t worry Eric. I’m sure he is a reasonable guy dealer appears from and around the corner right in front of them and confronts them. DEALER sooo.. have you got money BOB ermm well you see the thing is ... well ermm ermm errr right. So Eric and I was kinda discussing and we feel Bob turns to Eric Don’t we Eric that we well on the phone we did say 500 pounds. Didn’t we Eric? the dealer leans forward seemingly listen carefully ...and we think that perhaps you being a reasonable person... ermm might of been ermm sort of misheard. there is a pause. the dealer head buts Bob. Bob reels along the floor, Eric is shocked he feverishly stares at the ’unreasonable’dealer. (CONTINUED)
  9. 9. CONTINUED: 8. Eric suddenly in a moment of madness attacks the is a most vicious attack using any item lying around the dealer really doesn’t know what hit him. As bob tries to regain focus he sees this blurred vision of Eric attacking the dealer. Eric is reborn out of fear into a gangster.11 POPULARITY MONTAGE 11 Boys go into school, pupils start to notice them starts off with one person then then gets bigger. People nod say hi, the girls look at them, they get some high fives. Then a Chinese whisper goes around. PAUL did you hear about them two STUDENT 2 I heard they owned the dealer alot of money. STUDENT 3 whatt? dealer! you don’t wana mess with him STUDENT 4 They stole his stash? STUDENT 5 they stole his stash one some also said they might have killed him. PAUL Oh dont be stupid. Look at those two STUDENT 5 no seriously i called him this week end and there wasnt any answer. STUDENT 2 yeah that’s not like him, maybe it is true. STUDENT 3 where we going to get are drugs from now. Eric and bob walk past the crowd and the crowd fall silent and watch the boys walk past. (CONTINUED)
  10. 10. CONTINUED: 9. Student 3 then approaches Eric and Bob and asks them about the bubble. Behind him are the rest of the students. Eric and Bob see their chance to sell and make money. Paul is apart from the group watching this unfold. STUDENT 3 So... do you guys know where we can get some bubble? Eric and Bob nod knowingly and agree BOB Yeah we can sort you out12 BUSINESS IS GOOD MONTAGE 12 Montage sequence of the boys selling and dealing while their image and body language changes to become more gangster. Hip Hop music in the back round. In between the dealing other students talk about the party. We see small groups talking about the party and the boys. GIRL 1 what you doing this week end? GIRL 2 I don’t know yet, but I heard Eric and Bob are having a party. GIRL 3 Yeah I heard that too, we should check it out13 INT.LIVING ROOM.NIGHT 13 We see Eric and Bob enjoying the party in a smokey room, with flashing lights, loud music, girls on their arm, people dancing etc. Paul is seen walking towards the house party. STUDENT 2 hey bob! this party is sick! Could I get some bubble off you? BOB Of course, will be few mins just going to go and get it. Bob gets Eric (CONTINUED)
  11. 11. CONTINUED: 10. BOB This party is going good everyone is coming up to us and saying about it ERIC yeah I think we have done it nowsomeone is seen in the room filling there hands with moneyand pockets with drugs, we don’t see their face.A few moments later after bob and eric go up to the room,bob walks over to the box, all confident BOB (shocked and worried) Shit Eric! nothing is here it has all gone! ERIC what do u mean? BOB I said there is nothing left.Eric and Bob return to Student 2. We see them talking but wedon’t hear. STUDENT 2 They’ve got nothing, it’s a fucking joke STUDENT 3 Let’s go, there’s another party around the corner.We see crowds of people leave the party.Boys are now alone in the room. BOB what happened, do you think they are coming back ERIC no i think they was only here for one reason BOB nah nah they came because they like us (CONTINUED)
  12. 12. CONTINUED: 11. ERIC Don’t you get it Bob? BOB Nah we’ve made it, like Dre said " QUOTE" ERIC We were never like that. people just started to use us, we are just boys. We’re not cut out for this life.Eric stands up and turns the music off and leaves the room.Bob is left alone with his head down.Paul is seen walking down the street counting money andchecking the stash with a smile on his face.