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Michał Stefanów - visual resume


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Published in: Career, Technology, Education
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Michał Stefanów - visual resume

  1. 1. FindingjobinLondon
  2. 2. Ever since I’ve read „Google Story”…
  3. 3. …I want to be thereBurning Man 2011Aug 29 – Sept 5Black Rock DesertNevada, USA40°4513.83"N119°1637.20"W
  4. 4. Want to know more?
  5. 5. Kind of thoughtful decisionKind of organized person
  6. 6. Kind of organized person Just graduatedKind of thoughtful decision AGH University of Science and Technology Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Automatics, Computer Science and Electronics Speciality: Informatics Master thesis topic: Information Extraction from Short Textual Messages.
  7. 7. Presentation animal
  8. 8. Know how tomake use of it
  9. 9. I code a little
  10. 10. Know Linux as well
  11. 11. First League Bridge Player
  12. 12. I know words such as• Report• Execute• Summary• Deadline• Do it now• Get it done
  13. 13. Looking for Keywords• Salary• Development• Mobile• Social• Research• Data mining
  14. 14. Don’t trust me.It’s just presentation.Make your own judgement!
  15. 15. Available for hiresince Photo Credits: