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Michał Stefanów - portfolio showreel


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Michał Stefanów - portfolio showreel

  1. 1. Posessed Skills Demonstration Portfolio Showreel• WWW• Facebook• Google
  2. 2. Basic websites: HOW TO• Find free template• Change logo• Add some scripts (contact form, analitycs)• Create and tweak Facebook fanpage (landing page)• Get started with Google Apps (mail within domain)• Register to Google Places (and other catalogues)• Run Adwords campaign (free coupon, company name words) Estimated time: 2 days Estimated salary: … Are these skill worth a penny?
  3. 3. Adwords
  4. 4. Analytics
  5. 5. Facebook adsHello friends!
  6. 6. I like to code I feel pretty good in Java
  7. 7. Last but not least My own podcast. I do not party. I am the party.
  8. 8. See my visual resume