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Precaulculo presentacion

  1. 1.   Proyecto GLOSARIO TÉCNICO     Precálculo Alumna: Stefanny Contreras   Profesor: José Pablo González      
  2. 2.   Acre : Acre Imperial was the standar unit for measuring distances.  Area: Área The area of de house is 250m2, is very large. Acute angle: Ángulo agudo The acute angle of de triangle measures 45 degrees. . Addennd: Adicional Area is de sum of 25 meters  is added. Add: Suma The perimeter is the add of its sides. .Adjacent side : Lado adyacente         Your house is adjacent to the hotel. .Algorithm: Algoritmo The algorithm are very dificult .Align: Alinear In the army are all aligned Altitude: Altitud Everes*s peak that has a higher altitude in the world.
  3. 3.   .Altitude (triangle): Altura del triángulo Triangle altitude is 150 cm . Algebra: Álgebra Algebra is the easiest math. . Amount: Cantidad The amount of water in the ocean is abundant. .Angle: Ángulo The triangle has tree angles. .Approximation: Aproximación The approximation of de Sun to the earth is short. .Arc: Arco The arc of the circle is 27 cm. Arithmetic: Aritmética The arithmetic ir very easy to teach children. . Asymmtry: Asimetría The sides of the triangle are asymetric :Average: Promedio My average is 95.          
  4. 4. . Axis: Línea imaginaria This land with many axis. .Bar graph: Gráfico de barras The bar graphs are widely used for statistics. .Base: Base The base of the circle measured 25 cm. .Bi: Bi The couples are easy to factor.  Billion: Billón Bill Gates is billonaire. .Binary system: Sistema binario Binary system which is used as base number 2. Brackets: The brackets are symbols that contain a numeric expression. . Breadth: Anchura The breadth between the mountains is very large. . Calculator : Calculador   The calculator is needed to solve mathematical problems.   
  5. 5.   .Cardinal number : Números cardinales The cardinal number are counted in order. .Celsius : Celsios The temperature is measured in degreees Celsius. Centigrade: Centígrados The temperature is measured in degrees centigrades.  Cent: Centavos One hundred make a dollar.   Centimetre: Centímetro The centimetre is used to measure short Century: Siglo One hundred years are a century. .Chord: Cuerda The chord is a line joining two points on the circumference of a circle. .Circle: círculo The circle is a geometric figure. . Circumference: circunferencia  The circumference of the earth is too long.   
  6. 6. Coefficent: coeficiente The coefficient of the division is 2. . Compass: Brújula The compass heading to mariners. Common factor : Factor común The common factor of 12 and 14 is 2. Common multiple : Común múltiplo The common multiple of 9 and 3 is 3.   Complementary angles: Ángulos complementarios The complementary angle is 90 degrees       Composite : Compuesto A composite number has two factors . Concurrent lines: Lineas que intersecan en un mismo punto.   Congruent: Congruente Lines congrent from a tringle.  Consecutive: Consecutivo The number 1 and 2 are consecutive numbers Constant: Constante The problems variables ares constant      
  7. 7.   Convex: Convexo  The sides are convex  Concave : Cóoncavo  The side are concave. .Decimal Fraction: Fracción decimal.   2/5 is a decimal fraction. Decrease : Reducir Descomposition: Descomponer To break down 12 wins 2. . Diameter: Diámetro The diameter of the circle is 50. . Digit: Dígito The numbers 50 and 30 are two-digit numbers .Division : División Division process is very simple. Divisor: Divisor The divisior in the operation is 4 Dividend: Dividendo The dividend in the operation is 25.    
  8. 8.   Quotient : Resultado. The quotient in the operation is 450.  Double: Doble The number 4 is double the number 2. .Dozen: Docena I bougth a dozen eggs. . Endpoint: Punto final de un segmento The endpoint of the straight is 87.  Equal: Igual one plus 2  equal 2 Exponent: Exponente The exponent in the operation 250* is * Expression: Expresión This is an expression 0+5:5 Factor: Factor The factor the 25x is x Feet: Unidad para medir distancia The feet is an unit to measure distance.
  9. 9. First: Primero The number one is first number. .Formula: Fórmula Rule using math symbols. .Fraction: Fracción 8/7 is a fraction. .Geometry : Geometría The geometry is very easy. Greater than: Mayor que. The number 52 is greater than 50. Half: Mitad I cut orange in a half. .Height : Altura The height of the mountain is 700m .Hexa : Seis. The hexagono has six sides. Hexadecimal: Hexadecimal Numerical system based on the number 16.  
  10. 10.   Hundred: Número entero. Whole Number equal to 10*10  Inch:  Unidad para medir distancia The inch is imperial unit to measure distance Increase: Aumentar en tamaño o número Home increased in size with te construction. Isosceles trangle: Triángulo Isósceles  Triangle with two equal sides and angles   Kilogram: Kilogramo 1000 grams is one  kilogram.  . Lateral surface area:  Área latera de la superficie  Total areas of the surface of a three-dimensional object . Less than: Menor que The number 13 is less than 14 .Line segment. Sección de una línea The line segment is large Maximun : Lo más alto o lo más grande en cantidad valor Infinite number is the maximun number 
  11. 11.     Metric system: Sistema decimal de medida The metric system is very difficult.  Minimun: Lo más bajo o lo mennor en cantida valor The minus infinity number is the minimun number. .Mile: Milla  1000 meters are one mile. .Minus: Restar 45 minus 20: 20 . Mixed number: Número mixto Whole number written as a fractionation Multiplication: Multiplicación 2*8 is a multiplication .Multiple: Resultado de la multiplicación The multiple is the multiplication result. .Natural number : Número natural. The number two is natural number  Negative number: Número negativo The number -2 is negative number  
  12. 12.   Nonagon: Polígono de 9 lados. The figure was a nonagon. Number : número The 8 is a number. .Number sentence: Oración numérica Matematical sentence with numbers and symbols .Numeral : Símbolo para representar los números The # is the nmeral symbol Numerator : número sobre la línea de fracción The number 5 is the numerator in expression 5/89 .Denominator The number 89 is the denominator in expression 5/89 .Obtuse angle: Ángulo obtuso The obtuse angle is 180 degress. .Obtuse triangle: Triángulo con un ángulo obtuso. .Octagon : polígono de 8 lados The figure is octagon.  Odd Number : número impar The number 7 is odd number.
  13. 13.   Ordinal: número que muestra un lugar o posición The number 8 es a ordinal number. Ounce: unidad para medir el peso The ounce is imperial unit to measure weight. .Oval: ovalado Eggs are avla-shaped. Parallel: Paralelo Oneline with the same distance. .pentagon : Pentágono Poligon with 5 sides. .Perimeter: Perímetro The perimeter of the figure maesures 78. .Perpendicular: Perpendicular The lines pf the figure are perpendicular .Polygon : Polígono Plane figure that has three or more straight sides. .Pound : unidad para medir el peso. The pound is imperial unit  
  14. 14. Quadrangle: Polígono con 4 ángulos y 4 lados Polygon with four angles and four sides, .Quadrant : cuarto de un círculo o su circinferencia Quadriteral: polígono con cuatro lados. The figure is a quadriteral. .Quantity: Cantidad The sun of the number of years of a father and son is 89 years. . Quarter: una de 4 partes iguales. The number two es a quarter of the figure. Radius: radio The radius of circle is 89 dm. .Real numbers: Números reales  Natural numbers belong to real numbers. Rigth angle: Ángulo recto The rigth angle measure 90 degrees. .Septagon: polígono con 7 lados The septagon has 7 sides do not always equal. . Sector: sección de un círculo The sector of the circle measure 25 dm.
  15. 15. Segment: Segmento The segment A of the straight measure 15 cm. Semicircle : Semicírculo Is half of the circle Solution: Solución The solution of the review is the answer "A" Sphere : Esfera The earth is spherical   Total: Total The total result of the operation is 25x. Trapezoid: Trapezoide Quadrilateral with one pair of parallel sides. Volume: Volúmen The volume of the box is 90cm3 Weigth: Peso The weigth of the box is 45gms Zero: Cero The zero number is a natural number.