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  1. 1. Leadwurks is an integrated online marketingprogram that produces quality sales leads foryour business and helps convert these leadsinto customers through a series of follow-ups. OUR PROCESSWe Cast A Wide Net We Convert Visitors to Leads We Mature Leads intoWe create online marketing We create landing pages with Customerscampaigns designed to target high page quality scores, low Leads require follow-up work,your customers geographically bounce rates, and compelling ad and we do just that through aon search engines, social copy. All landing pages include a series of status-based e-mails,networks, ad display networks, great call-to-action geared post mails, and call connectionsand on thousands of our content toward generating phone calls, to give your business morepartner websites. e-mails, and web inquiries customers. exclusively for your company!With Leadwurks, we fully-manage the lead acquisitions process from capture to conversion, providingyou with leads that are 100% unique to your company and the personal consultation and softwareneeded to mature your leads.
  2. 2. ProgramsEvery business needs a steady stream of quality leads to ensure profits, growth, and scalability. Ourprograms are designed to provide just that. We utilize a novel form of pull-and-push online marketingcampaigns to achieve your short- and long-term goals by targeting customers based on geography,profile, interests, and search behavior. Unlike most other programs, our services go beyond simplyincreasing online visibility; we develop custom landing pages to capture leads and utilize a host of toolsand technologies to convert these leads into committed customers. We acquire leads exclusively for your business and never share them We utilize not just technology, but also human intelligence to stay ahead of the curve and give your business an edge over the competition We provide you with the tools to follow up on sales leads and independently verify the progress of your campaign Start Up Speed Up Scale Up The Start-Up Program helps Our Speed-Up program enables The Scale-Up program is business owners hit the ground our clients to realize their full designed to take your business running with their new venture. potential with online marketing to the next phase of growth. Our This program is also geared and lead capture. This is a great most aggressive program, it is toward businesses that have program if you have previously designed to give your company a never done online marketing or tried some form of online dominant online presence and lead generation before. The marketing or lead generation, generate high-volume sales Start-Up Program includes but have not been satisfied with leads. Our Scale-Up program everything you need to generate the quality of your leads or provides you with everything and convert more leads. conversions. This program you need to maximize your addresses both your short- and companys revenue potential. long-term online marketing objectives.
  3. 3. CompareSo what exactly sets Leadwurks apart from other online marketing services or lead generation companies?Firstly, our integrated approach to direct marketing ensures that you will generate leads by reaching your audi-ence where they spend their time online. Secondly, we prioritize brains over bots - you will receive one-on-oneconsultations from an experienced project manager, who will learn the nuances of your companys brand andindustry. Thirdly, we help you to mature your leads through our custom software, which provides automatedfollow-ups and the ability to track where your leads are in your sales cycle.With Leadwurks, you get the best of each marketing method in one cost-effective package instead ofhaving to hire several different specialist companies. INTERNET LEAD LOCAL Marketing SEO Generation Marketing Software Companies Companies Companies ("Bots") Demand-Based Lead Generation (Pull Marketing) Some Some Traffic Only Leads Delivered Only To Your Company Shared With Traffic Only Traffic Only Competitors Multi-Channel Online Marketing Some Short-Term ROI Some Long-Term ROI Some Based On Your Effort Geo-Targeting Web Sales Optimization Some Do It Yourself Growth/Scalability Do It Yourself Independently Verifiable Traffic Source Some Organic Traffic Do It Some Yourself Additional Paid Traffic Cost Do It Some Fully-Managed Campaign Yourself
  4. 4. Why UseLeadwurks is a new step forward for the online marketing community developed by ateam with over a decade of experience. Digital marketing is a complex and multi-faceted process, but ultimately there is a single goal: generating more business for yourcompany. Leads are the key to growth. We are changing the game by providing you withnot only one solution, but all possible solutions. We utilize literally every method avail-able in order to increase your online visibility.At Leadwurks, our focus is on quality. From designers to developers to yourdedicated digital marketing expert, our team has been handpicked to ensure that ourclients receive the best of the best.Furthermore, we don’t simply just send leads your way. We stand by your side at everystep of the process, helping to mature these leads into new customers. This is what youcan expect from Leadwurks. Visibility: Increase your company’s online presence through a combination of marketing strategies, including search engine marketing and social media marketing to ensure that you’re seen where your customers are spending their time online Quality: Our decade-plus experience in web design and online marketing strategies is designed to generate high- quality leads from customers who have an expressed interest in your company by directing them to your sales-optimized website Results: Clients can expect both long-term and short-term lead generation