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Online sports marketing presentation (en)


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Our new seminar about how teams, managers and athletes could thrive during the digital era.

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Online sports marketing presentation (en)

  2. 2. FLIPSIDE ONLINE SPORTS MARKETING IN GENERAL ▸ The seminar is suitable for athletes, teams and managers. Each and one of them can take advantage of the knowledge of the digital marketing world, when it comes to sports. ▸ The seminar is customized depending on the audience. The audience’s target determines the way info is structured. The lecturer takes into account the different needs that athletes have compared to teams or managers.
  3. 3. FLIPSIDE ONLINE SPORTS MARKETING FOR TEAMS The customized team version of the seminar is covering the most important issues that teams face in the digital era. ▸ choosing correctly the online channels that they invest ▸ managing in an efficient way these channels so as to achieve a better communication with the press, empower their message, protect the team in times of crisis, market its merchandising and promote in the best possible way its assets, the players.
  4. 4. FLIPSIDE ONLINE SPORTS MARKETING FOR TEAMS ▸ educating athletes on the use of social media so as to avoid the crucial mistakes that they usually make, which create discomfort to their teams, managers and sponsors.. ▸ implementing a strategic commercial plan through online marketing practices. ▸ establishing a better relationship with the fans.
  5. 5. FLIPSIDE ONLINE SPORTS MARKETING FOR ATHLETES On the other hand, the seminar for athletes consists of the following ▸ Learning how to use social media. ▸ Creating an action plan so as to create a strong fan base. ▸ Alluring sponsors. ▸ Keeping sponsors happy. ▸ Managing a digital personal record.
  6. 6. FLIPSIDE ONLINE SPORTS MARKETING FOR ATHLETES furthermore… ▸ Good and bad practices by other athletes. ▸ How to manage the off season. ▸ Social media time management. ▸ What the athlete is supposed to avoid AT ALL COSTS! ▸ Press relations
  7. 7. FLIPSIDE ONLINE SPORTS MARKETING FOR MANAGERS This seminar, when attended by managers, is virtually a combination of the other two versions, for athletes and teams. ▸ On the one hand, it is vital for them to learn all that is needed to manage the social accounts of their players, especially if they- or their team of people- are responsible for this task. ▸ On the other hand, they need to dig deep into the digital era in order to strengthen their position into the market. Of course apart from their earned benefit, learning all about 2016 marketing is virtually helping their assets (their athletes) to become even better.
  8. 8. FLIPSIDE ONLINE SPORTS MARKETING SEMINAR BENEFITS ▸ Minimizing the mistakes in communication with the fans and the press. ▸ Creating a stronger fan base (for teams and players) ▸ Attracting and keeping the sponsors. ▸ Dealing successfully with the 2016 marketing reality.