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HR metrics for Human Capital


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HR world needs new metrics, new language new ideas. Pitagora aims to create a new language and a new and effective measurament system to let companies know where they increase value and where and how they miss it

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HR metrics for Human Capital

  1. 1. Pitagora 4.0 for Human Capital beyond a model: a new language for HR world
  2. 2. Pitagora 4.0 – why and whatOur Vision - beyond business process re-engineering WHY- the focus must be on relations and communities among people (inside and outside companies)- each person is not a resource “tout court” but a owner of resources- every day she/he decides to let them avaible for her/his company WHAT Pitagora 4.0 is a new model carried out by Ambire to sort : - where companies HR system can increase (or miss) value - how it could be measured - which language should be used reengineering the social - the next 2 big thing
  3. 3. Pitagora 4.0 - why and what have fixes feelings and behaviours processes & rules organiz ation Measure people Create a INTERACTIONS LANGUAGE compa ny sets objectives and results reengineering the social - the next 3 big thing
  4. 4. Pitagora 4.0 - why and what We need right and effective navigation instruments for goal setting route tracking navigation monitoring continuous reviewing (re-engineering) reengineering the social - the next 4 big thing
  5. 5. Pitagora 4.0 - why and whatRunning the right way It could give the same sensation: it’s a real rightRunning the wrong way situation or it’s a tricky one To be really right, being sure of that without any reasonable doubtWhat we really need is To realize of being wrong, without any reasonable doubt, and act immediately a changing strategy reengineering the social - the next 5 big thing
  6. 6. Pitagora 4.0 - How New HR value chain: route and critical gates, where the system (people-organization-company) could produce or miss value “people sea” Adherence Capacities Behaviours gate 2 gate 3 gate 4 Results SocialGoals effectsgate1 gate 5 gate 6 “company sea” reengineering the social - the next 6 big thing
  7. 7. Pitagora 4.0 - HowThe six critical gates became the axes of the Pitagora 4.0 sixmatricesFrom the matrices to the six “Pitagora 4.0” KPI’s :- KPI 1 Interiorization Goals- KPI 2 Energy KPI 1- KPI 3 Functioning- KPI 4 Rendering Adherence- KPI 5 Transformation Adherence KPI 2- KPI 6 Social Sensibilty Capacity Capacity KPI 3 Behaviours navigation instruments reengineering the social - the next 7 big thing
  8. 8. Pitagora 4.0 - thinking model gathering data / rating Find the value of every axis - Six axes Pitagora 4.0 axes value Algorithm 1 matrices value Calculate the six matricesGoals Capacity Adherence Behaviours Report KPI’s ratingInteriorization Functioning others reengineering the social - the next 8 big thing
  9. 9. Pitagora 4.0 - gathering methods Pitagora 4.0 can use some gathering and rating methods Survey P 4.0 stands out as reported on graphics below Survey P 4.0 has three versions: short, medium, extended speed replicability autodiagnosis Survey P 4.0 Survey P 4.0 sentiment community sna/ona sna/ona sentiment gathering autodiagnosis interviews data and rating tools ranking focus groups community focus groups interviews reliability reliability sna/ona = social network analisys and Organization network analisys reengineering the social - the next 9 big thing
  10. 10. Pitagora 4.0 - behind KPI’s Running HR world needs more than one set of intruments Pitagora 4.0 can go further and work out a set of “route indices”, using the KPI’s rating, that could help setting the action plan potential understanding alignment trasversality energy Cluster people Cluster system operations tactics social sensibility organization route indices reengineering the social - the next 10 big thing
  11. 11. Pitagora 4.0 - index Two measures for system value and human capital value: - Capital hu obtained from labour cost submitted to route indices - Index of capital hu percentage of labour cost trasformed in human capitalCapital hu = Labour submitted to Route Cost Indices That value show us the amount of labour cost trasformed in Human Capital Labour Index of Cost This is percentage Capital hu = a benchmark value: - same company in different moments Capital hu - different companies reengineering the social - the next 11 big thing
  12. 12. Pitagora 4.0 - why at the end 1) To know if and where the system misses value 2) How to fix it 3) To evaluate any action Return Of Investments 4) To find benchmarks: internal year vs year external companies vs companies within geographical areas, industry size .......... reengineering the social - the next 12 big thing