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IBM Social Computing Guidelines


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This slide deck describes the Social Computing Guidelines IBMers created for accessing the Social Media outside IBM.
A description of the guidelines themselves, of the reasons for them and of the motivation for IBM to engage in public Social Media is provided.

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IBM Social Computing Guidelines

  1. 1. IBM Social ComputingGuidelinesStefano PoglianiWillem Gabilly
  2. 2. Please, beware of this Note ● Slides with this symbol © in the header contain graphic that you are not entitled to use. ●I personally bought those images and I am the only one having the rights to use them. So, before using the deck as is, pls change those pictures ● I will be thankful to anybody who could propose me some alternative images FREE OF COPYRIGHT which could be used to replace the ones that are tagged.2 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  3. 3. 1997 2003 2005 2008 20103
  4. 4. Why engaging in Social Media ? ©there are somany thingsto learn4
  5. 5. Why engaging in Social Media ? © information coming from others is much richer than the one we can discoverxx 5 ourselves
  6. 6. Why engaging in Social Media ? we have something to tell6
  7. 7. Why engaging in Social Media ? © we (IBMers) are citizens of7 this world
  8. 8. Why engaging in Social Media ? Listen Tell Build8
  9. 9. Why engaging in Social Media ? to be better anchored inside the social and business9 fabric
  10. 10. Engaging implies opening to the outside world ©10
  11. 11. When the door is open, we need some guidelines... in order to preserve IBMs image and to protect ourselves11
  12. 12. Those guidelines are a natural evolution...12
  13. 13. How to engage in Social Media ? 1 be transparent and open be13 yourself © 2011 IBM Corporation
  14. 14. Openess, transparency, authenticity Be who you are. ● Adopt a warm, open and approachable tone Identify yourself ● use your real name, be clear on who you are, and identify that you work for IBM. ● IBM discourages anonymous, pseudonyms or false screen names where it relates to IBM. ● Got a vested interest? … be the first to point it out. ● Transparency and honesty. Speak in the first person. ● Use your own voice; bring your own personality to the forefront; say what is on your mind. Be smart about protecting yourself and your privacy. ● What you publish will be around for a long time, so consider the content carefully and also be judicious in disclosing personal details.14 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  15. 15. How to engage in Social Media ? 2 addvalue15 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  16. 16. Value Provide worthwhile information and perspective ● IBMs brand is best represented by its people and what you publish may reflect on IBMs brand. Information you share about yourself, may help build relationships with your readers ● but it is your choice to do so or not. Blogs and social networks that are hosted on IBM-owned domains should be used in a way that adds value to IBMs business. If it ● helps you, your coworkers, our clients or our partners ● helps to improve knowledge or skills ● contributes directly or indirectly to the improvement of IBMs products, processes and policies ● builds a sense of community ● helps to promote IBMs Values. then it is adding value.16 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  17. 17. How to engage in Social Media ? 3 build trustful and genuine17 relations © 2011 IBM Corporation
  18. 18. Trust Respect copyright, fair use and financial disclosure laws ● For IBMs protection and well as your own. ● Laws differ depending on where you live and work. When you do make a reference, link back to the source. ● Never quote more than short excerpts of someone elses work ● Good general blogging practice to link to others work. Dont cite or reference clients, partners or suppliers without their approval. Dont publish anything that might allow inferences to be drawn which could embarrass or damage a client. Never discuss confidential details of a client engagement.18 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  19. 19. How to engage in Social Media ? 4 © Respect for others19 ...and of laws © 2011 IBM Corporation
  20. 20. Respect You should also show proper consideration for others privacy and for topics that may be considered objectionable or inflammatory, such as politics and religion. ● Dont use ethnic slurs, personal insults, obscenity, or engage in any conduct that would not be acceptable in IBMs workplace. ● Dont pick fights Avoid unnecessary or unproductive arguments - nobody wins in the end. ● When you see misrepresentations made about IBM, you may use your blog or someone elses to point that out. Always do so with respect, stick to the facts and identify your appropriate affiliation to IBM. ● About competitors, make sure it is factual and does not disparage them ● Make sure that what you are saying is factually correct. Be the first to respond to correct your own mistakes. ● If you choose to modify an earlier post, make it clear that you have done so.20 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  21. 21. How to engage in Social Media ? 5 Personal Responsibility21 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  22. 22. Personal Responsibility There are always consequences to what you publish ● IBMers are personally responsible for the content they publish on-line. If you are in doubt of publishing, review the guidelines and/or BCG ● still unsure, and it is related to IBM business, discuss it with your manager ● Ultimately you have sole responsibility for what you publish in any online social media. Dont provide IBMs or anothers confidential or other proprietary information. Be aware of your association with IBM in online social networks. ● Use disclaimers as appropriate. Dont use IBM logos or trademarks unless approved to do so.22 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  23. 23. Actually.... Do not write or say anything you would not like to see on the23 front page of the NYT © 2011 IBM Corporation
  24. 24. The main idea behind all this move frommass communication...24
  25. 25. … to more tight relationships to amass of communicators25
  26. 26. …where we all are... ambassadors for the brand (not spokesmen)26 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  27. 27. In this new context « We are no more in control » of our traditional spheres27 of business
  28. 28. And this brings to a radical transformation of our behaviour © fromProximity to28 Affinity
  29. 29. We think we have so much to gain from this transformation ! Influence instead than29 control
  30. 30. The Authentic Enterprise30 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  31. 31. Educate and empower ©Opening to the outside implies thatwe also open to the inside31 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  32. 32. 32 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  33. 33. What did we learn from this ? ...we live in the33 Age of Relationships !
  34. 34. ...and in the « age of relationships » being Social is not an34 option © 2011 IBM Corporation
  35. 35. So, why de we engage in Social Media ? Listen Tell Build35
  36. 36. How did we engage in Social Media ? Transparent Value Trust36 Respect Responsability
  37. 37. Actually...being Social is not the goal of our business37 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  38. 38. But ... doing business as a Social38 Entity... © 2011 IBM Corporation
  39. 39. … may become the best way39 to do our business ! © 2011 IBM Corporation
  40. 40. 40 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  41. 41. IBMs Social Computing Guidelines are publicly available41 © 2011 IBM Corporation
  42. 42. Discussion42
  43. 43. Thank You ! @wiwiking @stefanopog43