Ibm connections - communication is the business of everybody


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How an Enterprise Social Software can help better communicating inside the enterprise ?

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Ibm connections - communication is the business of everybody

  1. 1. Communication is the business of everybody How a Web2.0 approach may transform the way internal communication is delivered and promote talents in the organization©2011 IBM Corporation Get Social. Do Business.
  2. 2. “Our goal is to measure the interest,for our company, for deployingenterprise Web2.0 tools in order toboost our internal communication.It is also to understand how thosetools may provide quick, effective andcheap answers in this context.“
  3. 3. No ideas, No Innovation!IDEAS are part of a CAPITAL of an enterprise
  4. 4. Ideas originate fromThe other part of it is PEOPLE people
  5. 5. they make ideas “moving”And because PEOPLE are SOCIAL SHARING
  6. 6. So, the talents of your PEOPLE are Yes, they are! core to your BUSINESS
  7. 7. How can this SOCIAL CAPITAL be by the Internal Communication leveraged and nurtured Department ?
  8. 8. Pushing ContentThe traditional Portal Approach
  9. 9. Profiling Content A more modern Portal Approach Personalization Access via RolesPersonalization via profiling 7 levels ACLs
  10. 10. But it is always a one-way communication
  11. 11. What is the risk of this approach ? The Ivory Tower
  12. 12. Between themselvesPeople may feel a distance and the messages that are delivered
  13. 13. And HOW ?Would it be possible to involve more people ?
  14. 14. I know this person andExperts and Tags I can access other infos
  15. 15. Reusing content produced by yourCrowd-sourced content talents
  16. 16. Enhance your portal experience with socialBring your network everywhere content
  17. 17. So…who are the people in yourorganization who have these “skills”?
  18. 18. Don’t assume you know where they are They aren’t obvious
  19. 19. Does your personnel department They probably do this in a keep track of them? statistical way...
  20. 20. I don’t think so...Are people happy to fill out surveys? And how often should they be done ?
  21. 21. Mass mailings or email distribution lists? Wrong again
  22. 22. ...and the contentHow do you get their ideas ? originating from them ?
  23. 23. Producing selectedYou cannot force them to produce content may not be part content of their job description
  24. 24. This is right moment you should consider And the reasons why using social software you should
  25. 25. Lets open the bag of issues in a typical Lets tart from what we organisation are missing today
  26. 26. Whos who in the zoo !
  27. 27. people, community andRecommendations anyone? content
  28. 28. Do not know yet....
  29. 29. Which one to use ?
  30. 30. Maze to information
  31. 31. The Knowledge Sharing gap
  32. 32. Organizational boundaries
  33. 33. Silos of Content
  34. 34. Information Loss
  35. 35. E-Mail hoarding of business information
  36. 36. Communities and Teams
  37. 37. Activities...
  38. 38. The big picture
  39. 39. None of those issues can be simply There are already plenty of documents around....addressed by “more” DOCUMENTS...
  40. 40. ...but all of them can be addressed by People are the primary source of knowledge putting PEOPLE at the center!
  41. 41. You probably need toYou do not need to add new silos help people working in a more natural way
  42. 42. in the context of theEMPOWER your PEOPLE work they are already doing
  43. 43. How to motivate people to share their talents ?
  44. 44. Executive Management support LeadershipLead byexample.Drive the Transformation
  45. 45. So that they canGive them the right tools express themselves the way they are !
  46. 46. Whos who in the zoo ! Profiles not only points to a person, but also provides credentials
  47. 47. Virtual business card and more
  48. 48. Credentials directly from the content
  49. 49. people, community andRecommendations anyone? content
  50. 50. Which one to use ? It’s not just about availability or even accuracy, it’s really about Credibility and Value
  51. 51. The knowledge sharing gap Tags identify subject matter experts and helps people with questions find the people with the answers
  52. 52. Information Loss Using libraries, activities, community files, etc. you can store Content in the Context of the work being done.
  53. 53. Silos of content (and ideas) Social Bookmarks share ideas and content across organizational boundaries and generates new connections with similarly interested people
  54. 54. Which way do I go to get what I need? Communities are one way to get the direction you need. They put you in touch with the right people and the relative content
  55. 55. Activities Activities quickly get you going and keep you (and others) on track …and keeps your head out of your in-box
  56. 56. Tags
  57. 57. Blogs, Wikis, Forums…
  58. 58. Social Bookmarks Sharing
  59. 59. Communities
  60. 60. Call to Action
  61. 61. Why IBM?
  62. 62. IBM Connections TeamIdeas Expert ConnectSmart SpreadWork Knowledge 62
  63. 63. People centric services IBM ConnectionsProfils Page dAccueilIdentifier la bonne personne Visualiser les évènements de son réseau socialCommunautésTravailler et partager de lexpertisecommune, des savoir faire Social Analytics Découvrir avec qui nous sommes enFichiers relation et quel contenu nous estPublier, partager, découvrir les commun par des recommandationsdocuments et les enrichir Micro-blogWikis Sappuyer au mieux sur lensemble duCo créer du contenu en commun réseauActivités SignetsOrganiser son travail et Sauvegarder, partager, et découvrir lessolliciter son réseau signetsForums BlogsEchanger des idées, bénéficier de Exposer ses idées, et apprendrelexpertise des autres des autres 63 T1 Réseau social dentreprise: Lot
  64. 64. Addressing enterpise challenges IBM ConnectionsOptimize Sales EffectivnessDiscover, motivate, recognize talents Boost Marketing Encourage Innovation (within R&D... but not only) Unleash Communication in the Enterprise 64 T1 Réseau social dentreprise: Lot
  65. 65. If the seed finds good earth and water, it willSo plant a social seed and watch it grow become a tree producing lot of fruits
  66. 66. in the context of the workEMPOWER your PEOPLE they are already doing
  67. 67. by offering open exchange of bestENGAGE their IDEAS practices, concepts and comments
  68. 68. through specific expertise, communityLEVERAGE your NETWORK knowledge, active listening, and open dialogs
  69. 69. EXPECT & CELEBRATE People are amazing the UNEXPECTED
  70. 70. Don’t add a social application, make your applications social
  71. 71. Open discussion What do you think?ideas? questions? comments?
  72. 72. Thank You !Many thanks to Louis for so many ideas http://tech.poglianis.nethe gave me to build this @stefanopogpresentation