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EDEN2015 barcelona synergy - ECO



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ECO project aims at realizing a new network for the innovation of didactics based on MOOCs opportunity. New courses in 6 languages dedicated to teachers, trainers, educators and anybody whishes to take part in the innovation process. Here you find the short presentation used fr the sinergy strand @EDEN conference 2015. #joinECO

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EDEN2015 barcelona synergy - ECO

  1. 1. ECO Matteo Uggeri, Stefano Menon Fondazione Politecnico di Milano 9-12 June 2015, Barcelona
  2. 2. Background and introduction • CIP programme under G.A. n° 21127 • From 02.2014 to 01.2017 • ECO aims at extending to a pan-European scale the most successful MOOC experiences in Europe, piloting and showcasing these best practices by its implementation in regional hubs of excellence throughout Europe. • 25 partners from academic and industrial worlds. Previous experiences in MOOCs creation. Strong commitment. Different areas of interest covered: from pedagogy to engineering. • The partnership aims at developing an opportunity for all the European subjects interested in innovation of didactics and in MOOCs in particular as a potential tool to spread this innovation.
  3. 3. MOOCs: for all. But for teachers and educators first.
  4. 4. Questions and Offerings • ACHIEVED: a multi-platform site with a single access point. MOOCs in 5 different languages: Italian, Spanish, German, French, English. Designed to enhance collaboration and with a special attention to fruition from mobiles. 3 rounds of tests to reach the «first» 50.000 users. 16.000 yet subscribed. • NOW: The partnership is delivering the second round of MOOCs classes (3 IN TOTAL EXPECTED) What are you working on right now? • NEXT: In a few months a new fundamental and innovative action is going to start: Teachers, trainers, educators (etc..) that will have followed MOOCs as trainees will have at their disposal the online environment and the support to become MOOCs creators! • NEEDS: European teachers joining ECO from; stakeholders/providers that wish to enlarge the actual offer of MOOCs; synergies at different levels looking for sustainability and exploitation.