Inno vits workshop business model canvas and disciplined experiments 19 feb 2013 stefano mizio


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Inno vits workshop business model canvas and disciplined experiments 19 feb 2013 stefano mizio

  1. 1. InnoVits WorkshopBusiness Model Canvas and Disciplined Experimentation.Some thoughts on why Big companies are starting to apply start up strategies and tools 19 Feb 2013 Stefano Mizio
  2. 2. Who am I? Stefano Mizio• Co-Founder of startup (LBS)• Spent a period in Silicon Valley as Technology scout (exploration)• 15 years in Vodafone Italy (4 years as Head of Mobile Internet technology – nimble/agile - group).• A famous startup Omnitel: since 1995 Head of technology departments.• MBA Thesis on Organizational Design (Innovation inside established organization/Ambidexerity framework) Stefano Mizio
  3. 3. Agenda for today• Large companies&startups cultures – Performance Engine vs Innovation initiatives• Run disciplined Experiments• Business Model Canvas and more Stefano Mizio
  4. 4. Performance EnginePerformance engine strives to make every task, every process as repeatable andpredictable as possible .Innovation is neither repeatable nor predictable; it’s exactly the opposite: nonroutine and uncertainV. Govindarajan –C. Trimble – The other side of innovation Stefano Mizio
  5. 5. Ambidexterityhow organizations survive in the face of change? Exploitation is about efficiency, increasing productivity, control, certainty. Exploration is about search, discovery, autonomy, innovation and embracing variation. Ambidexterity is about doing bothM.Tushman – C. A. O’Reilly III– Ambidextrous organizations Stefano Mizio
  6. 6. Exploration and… The raison d’etre for the ambidextrous form as opposed to a spin out is to allow an organization to experiment and to leverage organizational assets and capabilities that would not be available if the business were operating indipendently. Stefano Mizio
  7. 7. A new trend… Large companies are embrancing open innovation and less hierarchical management and are integrating entrepreneurial behaviors with their exisisting capabilitiesScott D. Anthony – The new corporate garage Stefano Mizio
  9. 9. Intrapreneurship/Corporate Entrepreneuship Intrapreneurship can be defined as using entrepreneurial skills without taking on the risks or accountability associated with starting your own business. Instead, intrapreneurs are employees in larger organizations, who act as entrepreneurs while having the resources and capabilities of the larger firm to draw upon Corporate Entrepreneurship: is the process by which individuals inside organizations pursue opportunities without regard to the resources they currently control (Stevenson) Stefano Mizio
  10. 10. Big companies are starting to apply start up strategiesFour Eras of Innovation• Lone Inventors (Edison, Wright brothers)• Corporate Labs (DuPont,, P&G)• VC-backed Start-ups• Corporate Catalysts Scott D. Anthony – The new corporate garage Stefano Mizio
  11. 11. Run disciplined exp. Companies need to be learning- focused and failure tolerant. Building a culture of experimentationOr better … disciplined experimentationInnovations as experiments Stefano Mizio
  12. 12. Run Disciplined Experiment Learning : the process of turning speculative predictions into reliable predictionsV. Govindarajan –C. Trimble – The other side of innovation Stefano Mizio
  13. 13. Innovation initiatives are deliberate departures from the past Ongoing operation (90% data, 10% unknowns): central focus is to execute the plan. Innovation initiative (10% data, 90% unknown): the plan is a hypothesis. Shifting attention from data to assumptions Stefano Mizio
  14. 14. key activities value customer proposition relationships key customerpartners segments Product/Market fit cost revenuestructure key streams resources channels Business Model Canvas 14 Stefano Mizio images by JAM
  15. 15. 9 Guesses GuessGuess Guess Guess Guess Guess Guess Guess Guess Stefano Mizio
  16. 16. Customer Development Model or How we search for the business Model Search Execution PivotLearning and DiscoveringDesign experiments, start listening “…finding the right customers and market is unpredictable, and we will screw it up several times before we get it right.” S. Blank testing your hypotheses outside the building Steve Blank – Customer Development Manifesto Stefano Mizio
  17. 17. Discovery • How big is the market? • Who’s the customer? – What’s their problem/need • What’s the product/service/need? – Does it solve the customers problem? • How do you create demand? • How do you deliver the product? • How do you make money?Steve Blank – Customer Development Manifesto Stefano Mizio
  18. 18. Pivoting “Pivoting” is when you change a fundamental part of the business model. A structured course correction designed to test a new fundamental hypothesis about the product, strategy and engine of growth. E. RiesEric Ries – The Lean Startup Stefano Mizio
  19. 19. An example: Canvas Updated •Technology Design •Marketing •Demo, demo, •Mid/Large •Demo and and demo!! Organic Farmers customer •Proximity is •Cost •Agricultural•Research Labs feedback paramount Reduction corporations•Equipment •Remove labor •Weeding ServiceManufacturers force pains Providers•DistributionNetwork•Service •IP – Patents •Mid/LargeProviders •Robust •Direct Service Conventional Technology •Indirect Service Farmers • … then Dealers •Direct Service with equipment rental Value-Driven •($1,500/d; 120d/yr ) •Low density: $1,500/d •High density: $6,000/d S. Blank – New Rules for the new bubble Stefano Mizio
  20. 20. So…• If you are an MBA student and you like startup culture/openness/ innovation attitude  a growing number of “incumbents” are going to hire intrapreneurs (I’m not sure in Italy but the world is your battlefield  ).• If you are a startupper: several methodologies are in place to help your job  so, pivot and persevere and… Good Luck! Stefano Mizio
  21. 21. S.MIZIO@ALUMNIMIP.ITInnovitamins on Linkedin