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This ppt. is about advising clients on social media marketing, the advantages, what to do (and not to do!), as well as some simple strategies for efficient presence.

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  • This is a chance to relax your clients and slow the pace of the presentation a bit. The purpose of this slide is to introduce our company mascot and the framework that has born out of it: FROG-SAAP. This framework helps analyse our clients’ strategies and serves as a checklist for characteristics that have to be merged into every online strategy.So why a frog?Matches the acronym Frog-SaapYou could say something like, ‘You must be wondering why we have pictures of our social frog friend here. We believe that all businesses who are successfully growing through internet exposure, all have one thing in common – they follow golden rules, much like frogs do!’ These Include adopting a flexible, receptive, objective, subtle, agile authentic and patient approach.Quick Tips:Spend some time here. Ask some of the questions of the framework. See what they say; what is the general client sentiment? Is he starting to realise he needs help? Perhaps you can even be bold enough to ask him a few questions that can make him realise that he needs us. This slide is more of a dialogue between both parties. Let your client do the talking and feel acknowledged. Listening is key.This will allow you to get a first impression of what their current status is regarding their social media marketing strategy and presence.
  • What’s next?This slide serves as an introductory slide for the next section of the presentation. This would be Part 2 of the presentation.This slide highlights the four main pillars outlined in the beginning. This is where we’ll start talking about the ‘hows’. Make sure your relating to the client’s industry which in this case is the beverage industry. Don’t worry if you haven’t prepared too much for the industry. We have included a Red Bull case overview for you to talk about and it shouldn’t be too hard.Make sure you don’t talk about how we will solve the problems for them yet. This stage is purely to look and why we believe these four pillars are relevant to our clients and some ideas as to how we could approach the problem. As for the formal process of which services we provide, you can leave that for the final part of the presentation.This section is vital, so take a chill pill and rock it!
  • Assignment 3 social mediax

    1. 1. SocialMedia &All thatJazzSAPPO & CO.
    2. 2. Presentation ScopeWhat’s on the menu?1. What is Social Media & Marketing?2. Our viewpoint delivery3. How do I know if I’m right for social media?4. How do I succeed in the internet?5. So what about the risks?6. Where do we come in?
    3. 3. Social Media Marketing can be extremely beneficialor destructive: Strategy & Expertise is non-negotiable.Social media marketing options must beanalysed against business profile & needs.Our Message: Social Media Marketing is a response to scaling yourbusiness sustainably & learning all about what your customersScale Internet exposure viaSocial Media Marketing
    4. 4. What is social media?Social Media is the countless array of internet based toolsand platforms that increase and enhance the sharing ofinformation making the transfer oftext, photos, audio, video, amongst internet users mucheasier.Type of social media activitiesSharingBusinesses must engage in the following activities through social media:ListeningRespondingMeasuring LearningSource: Altimeter Group (2012)
    5. 5. Social Mediais a natural business evolution• An avg. Facebook (FB) users has 130friends• Monthly active FB users now total nearly850mn• 500 years of YouTube video are watchedevery day on Facebook• 85% of internet users have FB accounts;49% are on Twitter• Red Bull is the brand with the mostsubscribers : +1mn1. avg. hrs./week spent on each online activityAccording toNetPop, SocialMedia use inthe US hasincreased by356% between2006-12Over1 millionwebsiteshaveintegratedwithFacebookUS Internet usersspend 3X moreminutes on blogs &social networksthan on email.Source: C|Net (2012), Tech Crunch (2012), Hubspot (2012)
    6. 6. 80% of socialmedia users preferto connect withbrands through FBThe number ofbusinesses that sayFB is critical orimportant to theirbusiness increasedby 75% from 200977 % of B2Ccompanies and 43 %of B2B companiesacquired customersfrom FB15% of the averagelocal business’ fansare in the city wherethe business islocatedBusiness confidence in social mediamarketing is on the rise – It just makes sense.63% of interviewedcompanies using socialmedia say social mediahas increased theirmarketing EffectivenessWith the globalexpansion of the socialmedia eco-system, businesseshave more support &tools from which tooptimise theiroperations.Source: Hubspot (2012), Business Insider (2012), ZDNet (2012)
    7. 7. Why do we love frogs?Flexible What is your current use of internet technologies? How quickly are you able toscale these different channels?Receptive What is the current flow of innovation from feedback? How updated on currenttechnologies and tools are you? Internal staff training?Objective Do you really know what you want? Do you have a fixed strategy and setobjectives? What is your time scope?GoodHearerHow much do you listen to your customers? Can you measure this? What do youdo with this data – Actions?Subtle What is your current marketing campaign like? What is you current Lead-to-salesconversion? Are you increasing traffic towards your site? Are your campaignsaggressive? In line with target customer behaviour preferences and trends?Agile How quick are you able to implement changes? How much resources have youdedicated to social media operations. What are your B2B relationships? What isthe external perception of your company?Authentic Do you use automated responses? What is the quality of the content? How manyofficial pages do you have? How is the information managed? Do you make a realattempt to establish a relationship with your customers? Are you using the rightplatforms – is this in line with where your target customers are?Patient Is the time you’ve allowed realistic? Are you rushing? What degree ofpreparation is the business in? Do you understand how the internet campaignswork? Are your goals too high for the time you’ve allowed?When assessingour client’s currentsocial mediastrategy, we useFROG-SAAP™Frog characteristicshelp us understandthe pillars of asuccessful socialmedia agenda:Source: Accenture (2013), The Next Web (2011)
    8. 8. Why Social Media?1. High SocialMedia BusinessPotential4. IncreasedCustomerEngagement3. BetterCustomerSatisfaction2. Faster &more effectivechannelThis next section intends to substantiate our belief thatSocial Media presence is essential for any global andmodern business. We’ll show you how.Our viewpoint analysis of 4 main pillars in successful social media marketing:
    9. 9. Product• 46% of consumers make purchase decisions via online word-of-mouth about food and beveragesIt’s such a personal topic!• Products are typically consumed in social situations: High customer loyalty trend• Ability to exploit social media exposure through video campaigns: A visual experienceInnovation• Increasing flows of communication leads to higher public engagement & greater flow of ideas• Allows for the continuous perfection of the product: through authentic media presence• Continuous B2B service innovations: reduce costs & time. Providing scaling & growth prospectsMarketing• Ability to increase inbound marketing methods: Educating the customer & becoming ‘friends’• Company gains a personality, a voice, an opinion. Followers read daily feed of company posts• There is a lot of different platforms to exploit & also high potential for Guerrilla marketing.1. Big Plus: Everyone loves sodaFood & Beverage companies are amongst the biggest players in Social MediaMarketing. Below are some of the ways we believe High Social Media Potentialcan be exploited:
    10. 10. Sponsoring professional athletesOnline video campaignsBrand personality: ‘Cool’, ‘Radical’Interlinked main platformsMass CustomisationFocused user engagement strategyCreating a community of users –more than a brandWide mobile network & Investmentin high viewing sports showsHigh & Rich content developmentIn Television industryMusic & Media ownershipsSports competition organiserEvent managementMash-up of advertising & entertainmentGive the people what they want to seeAuthentic & personalised responsesOfficial community page hostingUser focused contentAudiencetoCommunityStrategyBus. Dev.MarketingCustomerA Red Bull AnalysisSource: Redbull, (2013) Digital Organics (2012)
    11. 11. 2. Customer engagementCommunitycreation• Optimising main marketing source; word-of-mouth through an officially hosted platform• Creating prizes, experiences and promoting adventures online through P2P discussions around brand• Content is representation of brand personality via the interaction with customers and communications viaemails, FB, TW , YT, Vimeo amongst vehicles.Authenticity• Authentic personalised comments and responses on official platform – 24 hours marketing• Quick response time – use of hotline communication pages i.e Twitter & Heathrow Airport• Use of other mediums such as official blogs and live-stream on YT – Real, live & personal interactionsData Analysis• Learning more about the customer through data-mining & web analytics – Competitive advantage• Internalising customer research programs via acquisition of info tech science capabilities: Cheaper• Truly personalising ad campaigns by really understanding our customers and future opportunities.Acquisition Conversion Retention strategy success formula: Robust, Flexible & LightEngaging with customers online is crucialto any social media strategy. You can’tafford to get it wrong – seriously.
    12. 12. We tend to stick to 10 golden rules.We’re serious about success ;)1. Write back. Always.2. Social is 24/7 – not a one-time stunt3. Monetization attempts go up, consumerexperience goes down.4. Not everything will work. But hey, that’s fine.5. Embrace negative content about your brand6. Have that almighty crisis plan.7. Use ads to accelerate good content & not toprop up boring stuff.8. If all you respond to is complaints, that’s allpeople will send you.9. Go mobile.10. If social media bores you, its because your tryingto get more value than you create.
    13. 13. 3. Sustainable customersatisfaction growth levelsBrandPresence• Social media marketing strategy is in line with the physical product experience perception.• Social media presence allows for establishing a foot-hold in new industries and markets across the world.• Your fans own your brand. Social media presence allows you to show that you care about them.Personal• Personalise information distribution. Via sms, email, facebook etc. Listen to what your customers want.• Facebook comments allow for a P2P discussion around the brand. Be positive & Embracing towards fans.• Algorithms based on history of individual user. Make suggestions as good & personal as possible.Support• Solve problems your customers are having through dedicated individual response services. Trust is key.• 24hrs / 365 days support. Don’t just create invisible services that don’t do much. Make them excellent.• Make response times as quick as possible. Surprise your customers with great services. Consistency is key.Keep a sustainable growth in satisfaction levels bymeasuring success and ensuring consistency at alltimes. It’s possible, trust us.
    14. 14. Boosting Satisfaction - Like a SirTweet your customers right:1. Respond to your customers quickly – solution can come later2. Communicate using a human, not a corporate voice – be personable3. Monitor for common themes & trends. Ask for feedback – know what you canimproveJust like Brave heart, be bold:Measure your success over & over again:1. Customer service is a profit centre in your business, not a cost centre2. Identify exactly what you want to measure. This is what you will wantto improve.3. Use Q&A at the end of an interaction, to see exactly how the customerfelt about how you handled their query.1. Don’t be afraid to experiment – try new things & learn from it2. Knowledge bank section in your website – lower high volume queries3. Self-help: info-rich sites host P2P discussion forums solve queries
    15. 15. 4. Faster. Cheaper. Stronger.Faster• Faster product launching rates –You can quickly reduce the time to launch your product.• Viral marketing potential – its becoming easier to go viral. Attract brand ambassadors as far as you want.• Mobile technology – Growing penetration rates. Increase the time your customers are spending on you.• Leverage your brand on existing super platforms and partner up with them – increase your width.Cheaper• Ability to eliminate agencies and internalise marketing strategy. Permanent & Consistent cost streamlining.• Compete with rivals via online Guerrilla marketing strategies. High budgets do not mean better campaigns• Re-direct traffic to main website organically without artificial tools. No dependence on risky third parties.Stronger• Allows you to test you products before launch with lower exposure rates. Increase your success rate.• Centralize your global internet presence. Strength brand perception through one global social strategy.• Educating customers is what you want. Forcing customers to read your ads is short-sighted.Cut costs, eliminate third parties &increase global exposure quicker.Your customers will appreciate it.
    16. 16. Social Media is not a JokeCompanies fail online because they underestimate social media.Uncontrollable volumes, no strategic alignment & badlyconstructed brand images are common mistakes.
    17. 17. SocialBusinessValueCreation™Our model & service offeringaims to help the client at everystep of the way. We will let youbuild your service offering.Let’s now focus on what youreally need...
    18. 18. AsuccessfulcycleTechAuditMeasurement& ObjectiveIdentificationPreparingYourbusinessStrategyFormulationCampaignLaunchingStrategyoptimisationCampaignManagementSocial BusinessValue Creation™3 weeks3 weeks1-4 months1 month2 monthcontinuouscontinuous
    19. 19. Audit. Measure. Control.Before getting started your companyneeds to define & fulfil your ownhierarchy of needs, and review yourcurrent position before entering / scalingin the social media space.We can manage this process for you.Hierarchy ofneedsFactorsFoundation Objectives, Policies, internal processes,talent base, business profile, brandperception – surveys & customerresearchSafety Responsibility allocation, Crisismanagement plan, centralised socialmedia management – corporatestrategy.Formation Social Media team formation, virtualasset management. B2B opportunity &cost reduction study. NumberforecastingEnablement Staff empowerment, WorkforceEducation, measuring success &ObjectivesEnlightment Holistic strategy, Real time contentupdating, Database Integration, CRMsystem integration, Benchmarking,Continuous measurement of results.
    20. 20. Strategy FormulationOur experts will listen & formulate a strategyaligned to your interests & current businessposition.Correct platformidentificationAligning on/offlinecorporate cultureOnline contentstrategy designInnovation feed:Crowd-sourcingGAP AnalysisOperational strategy:automation analysisValue : Cost ratio tosocial customer analysisCommunityconstruction strat.Stage 2 Stage 3Acquisition &Retention strategyStage 1
    21. 21. Campaign ManagementWe do this too.Why we’re number 1 Some of the things we doCommitting to Lead-sales targets  Interlinking profile pagesCombining technology & human insight to provide‘buzz’ tracking and performance analysis forcampaigns. Continuous profile optimization –Constant monitoring and measurementof campaigns, using most reliablemetrics.Increased traffic to site rates or your money back  Effective connection to main siteA devoted member of the executive boardoverlooking your project Creation of business pages on FB,TW, Google+ , YouTubeUse of the newest tools & Software  Directing media campaignsExtensive & continuous data analysis  Creating & Managing site pagesNo surprises or headaches - never  Increasing ‘Likes’ & ‘Follows’Extensive Mobile technology experience  Content development & ProfileupdatingExtensive network & connections in the industry  Providing training for internal staffWe never over-promise  Turning fans into customers
    22. 22. Let us be your coach & playerSocial Media is a great marketing channel to increase your exposure in theinternet. However, not all companies are suitable or prepared exposure.We have a 100% success rate because we never over-promise. We will makesure your business is prepared for this exposure by supporting you at everystage of the process .This is the Social Business Value Creation Service we offer.What we promise:•Personalisation•Competitive Rates•Expertise•Creativity/Innovation•Flexibility•Honesty•Campaign Management
    23. 23. Rio de JaneiroEdifício Rio MetropolitanAvenida República do Chile, 500CEP 20031-170 - Rio de Janeiro (RJ)Tel: +55 21 4501-9000Cape Town 10th Floor- Convention TowersC/o Heerengracht & CoenSteytler ForeshoreCape TownTel: +27 (21) 408 1300London12 Plantation Place30 Fenchurch StreetLondonEC3M 3BDTel: +44 (0) 20 7844 4000South Africa Rio de Janeiro LondonFind us onWebsite: Sappo.comFacebook: Sappo & Co.LinkedIn: Sappo & Co.YouTube: Sappo & Co.Twitter: #Sappo&co
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