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Stefano besana digital festival - gamification e social business


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Stefano besana digital festival - gamification e social business

  1. 1. Stefano  Besana  Dalla  Gamifica2on  al  Social  Business  
  2. 2. Play is the only way the highest intelligenceof humankind can unfold- Joseph Chilton Pearce
  3. 3. The opposite of play is not work isdepression- Brian Sutton Smith
  4. 4. in U.S.A. 99% of boysunder 18 and 94% ofgirls play regularly - 13and 8 hours a week. 61% dei C-LevelAziendali si concedeuna pausa ludicaalmeno una volta algiorno (2009)L’Età media deivideogiocatori in Italiaè di 28 anni. Negli USA1/4 ha più di 50 anni17% della popolazioneitaliana gioca aivideogame (contro il38% dei Francesi)2010: l’industriavideoludica hagenerato profitti - solonel nostro paese - peroltre 604 milioni €(+17%). By 2015 more than 50%of organizations thatmanage innovationprocess will gamify them1.6 billion of dollarinvested in gamification
  5. 5. Motivation and GamificationPerché il metodo del «Bastonee della Carota» non funziona?•  Limita la capacità dellepersone di avere ideeinnovative•  Abbatte la motivazioneintrinseca delle persone •  E’ addictive e distrae dagliobiettivi principali •  Orienta gli atteggiamenti econsolida i comportamentinel breve termine •  Contrasta i comportamentipositivi•  Specularmente incoraggianocomportamenti negativi epoco etici.
  6. 6. The solution is to gradually become free ofsocietal rewards and learn how to substitute forthem rewards that are under ones own powers.This is not to say that we should abandon everygoal endorsed by society; rather, it means that, inaddition to or instead of the goals others use tobribe us with, we develop a set of our own.Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
  7. 7. Verso una definizione
  8. 8. Gamification and Recruiting"We think this will be a fun way for people to learn about what it means to operate amanufacturing plant, and at the same time, learn about what Siemens does here in theUS" (Daryl Dulaney, CEO of Siemens Industry).
  9. 9. Gamification and LearningIt teaches portion control and customer service in a cartoon-like simulation of a Cold Stonestore.Players scoop cones against the clock and try to avoid serving too much ice cream. Thecompany says more than 8,000 employees, or about 30% of the total, voluntarilydownloaded the game in the first week. (Business Week)
  10. 10. Gamification and CollaborationNitro for Jive gives users a set of missions to complete, each of which exposes them to acritical piece of functionality within the Jive platform.Users earn points and unlock badges for using and mastering these pieces of functionality,and “level up” when they hit key milestones.Social elements like high score tables, newsfeeds, and the ability to display and share yourstatus, drive friendly competition and collaboration among the user base.
  11. 11. Gamification and InnovationScottish Water is a public entity, a subsidiary of the Scottish government, which managesthe infrastructure related to the distribution of water and collection of waste waterthroughout Scotland. It has 3.700 resources in its employ.9 months from the launch, the Innovation Pool counts 750 users and has generated over330 new ideas and/or suggestions for improvement. Out of those, 7 have already beenvalidated and implemented under tight deadlines. The sites receives on average about 10posts (ideas, votes, comments) per day.
  12. 12. So What? •  Le iniziative e i bisogni devonosempre partire da Obiettivi diBusiness•  Strumento: non fine. Il fine restano gliobiettivi concreti di business daottenere•  Integrazione: il punto di arrivo è latrasformazione digitale dell’interoworkplace aziendale. •  E’ un processo – prima di tutto dichange management – non uninterruttore acceso/spento•  Valutare, misurare, cambiare,riprogettare e rivedere (perpetual beta)•  Be Human: non dimenticatevi lepersone!•  Divertirsi!
  13. 13. Thanks and Keep in Touch!