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DCS esolutions hand outs


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DCS esolutions hand outs

  1. 1. Two Underlying Dimensions Active Person Focussed Task Focussed Dominance Influencing Compliance Steadiness Passive 1
  2. 2. General Characteristics D (18%) VALUE TO THE TEAM: TENDENCY UNDER STRESS: Bottom-line organizer Demanding DOMINANCE Forward-looking Nervy Challenge-oriented Aggressive Initiates activity Egotistical DESCRIPTORS: Innovative Adventuresome POSSIBLE LIMITATIONS: Competitive IDEAL ENVIRONMENT: Overuse of position Freedom from controls, Set standards too Daring supervision and details high Decisive An innovative and Lack tact and futuristic-oriented diplomacy Direct environment Take on too much, Innovative Forum to express ideas too soon, too fast Persistent and viewpoints Non-routine work EMOTION OF THE Problem Solver Work with challenge HIGH D: Anger Result-oriented and opportunity Self-starter 2
  3. 3. I am the ConductorDominance Influencing Steadiness Compliance High “D” (Dominance) TendenciesPsychological Need: To direct/dominate othersPredominant Strengths: High ego strength and task orientedGoal Directed To: Personal challengesAvoidance Goal: Being taken advantage ofOverextensions: Impatience 3
  4. 4. General Characteristics VALUE TO THE TEAM: I (28%) Optimism and enthusiasm TENDENCY UNDER STRESS: INFLUENCE Creative problem solving Self-promoting Motivates others toward Overly optimistic goals Gabby DESCRIPTORS: Team player Unrealistic Charming Negotiates conflicts POSSIBLE LIMITATIONS: Confident Inattentive to Convincing IDEAL ENVIRONMENT: details Be unrealistic in Enthusiastic appraising people High degree of people Inspiring Trust people contacts indiscriminately Freedom from control Optimistic Situational listener and detail Persuasive Freedom of movement Forum for ideas to be Popular EMOTION OF THE heard HIGH I: optimism Sociable Democratic supervisor with Trusting whom he can associate 4
  5. 5. I am the PromoterDominance Influencing Steadiness Compliance High “I” (Influencing) TendenciesPsychological Need: To interact with othersPredominant Strengths: Optimistic and people-oriented relatersGoal Directed To: Social recognition and need to be lovedAvoidance Goal: Social rejectionOverextensions: Disorganization 5
  6. 6. General Characteristics VALUE TO THE TEAM: S (40%) Dependable team TENDENCY UNDER STRESS: player Non-demonstrative STEADINESS Work for a leader Unconcerned and a cause Hesitant DESCRIPTORS: Patient and Inflexible Amiable empathetic POSSIBLE LIMITATIONS: Logical step-wise Friendly Yield to avoid thinker controversy Good Listener Service-oriented Difficulty in establishing Patient priorities IDEAL ENVIRONMENT: Dislike of unwarranted Relaxed Stable and predictable change Sincere environment Difficulty dealing with Environment that diverse situations Stable allows time to change Steady Long-term work relationships EMOTION OF THE Team Player Little conflict between HIGH S: people Understanding Freedom from Non-emotional restrictive rules 6
  7. 7. I am the SupporterDominance Influencing Steadiness Compliance High “S” (Steadiness) TendenciesPsychological Need: To serve othersPredominant Strengths: Team player, loyal, and concrete results-orientedGoal Directed To: Traditional practices and harmonyAvoidance Goal: Loss of stabilityOverextensions: Possessiveness 7
  8. 8. VALUE TO THE TEAM: TENDENCY UNDER C (14%) Maintains high Standards STRESS: Compliance Conscientious and Pessimistic steady PickyDESCRIPTORS: Defines, clarifies, gets Fussy information and tests Overly criticalAccurate Objective – “the anchorAnalytical of reality” Comprehensive problem POSSIBLE LIMITATIONS:Conscientious solver Be defensive whenCourteous IDEAL ENVIRONMENT: criticized Get bogged down inDiplomatic Where critical thinking is details needed Be overly intense forFact-finder Technical work or the situationHigh Standards specialized areas Appear somewhat Close relationship with aloof and coolMature small groupPatient Familiar work EMOTION OF THE environmentPrecise HIGH C: Fear Private office or work area 8
  9. 9. I am the AnalyserDominance Influencing Steadiness Compliance High “C” (Compliance) Tendencies Psychological Need: To comply with their own high standards Predominant Strengths: Accuracy and intuitiveness Goal Directed To: Correct or proper way Avoidance Goal: Criticism of their work Overextensions: Overly critical of themselves and others 9
  10. 10. Group Profile Active Person Focussed Task Focussed Dominance Influencing Compliance Steadiness Passive 10
  11. 11. People Reading – 3 key steps1. 2. 3. 11
  12. 12. People reading guide Is this persons behaviour more…Outgoing / Direct Reserved / IndirectFaster pace Slower paceMore ‘telling’ More askingLouder speech Softer speechMore inflection More monotoneTask / Results focussed Person / Relationship focussedClosed posture / Unexpressive / cool face Open Posture /Relaxed / warm faceFeelings unexpressed Feelings expressedFormal CasualFocuses on ‘What’ and ‘Why’ Focuses on ‘Who’ and ‘How’Priority on logic and results Priority on approval and stability 12
  13. 13. People reading guide Is this persons behaviour more…More competitive & Directing (D) More Talkative & Interactive (i)Closed posture / Unexpressive / cool face Open PostureFeelings unexpressed Animated / warm faceFormal Feelings expressedFocuses on ‘What’ ? CasualPriority on Goals and results Focuses on ‘Who’? Priority on people / approvalMore Assessing & Thinking (C) More Accepting & Doing (S)Closed Posture Open Posture /Relaxed / warm faceUnexpressive / cool face Feelings expressedFeelings unexpressed CasualFormal Focuses on ‘How’ ?Focuses on ‘Why’? Priority on co-operation and stabilityPriority on quality and analysis 13