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Wearable trends for 2014 - SmartFabLab Sofia 25.04


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Impressions from Tech Show in London

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Wearable trends for 2014 - SmartFabLab Sofia 25.04

  1. 1. Wearable trends for 2014 Впечатления от
  2. 2. MSc Media Informatics Chief stepper Lecturer in UX Design Stefan Ivanov
  3. 3. jacket for sports glows in the dark electro-luminiscent paint change of color through frequency manipulation battery charged
  4. 4. sports top electrodes at the shoulders heart rate monitoring seamless integration
  5. 5. sports top electrode at the chest heart rate monitoring GPS sensors, gyro, accelerometers field position monitoring
  6. 6. sports bottom four electrodes at thighs muscle activity monitoring real-time monitoring on tablet weight distribution left/right and front/back
  7. 7. skirt LED matrices for information visualization very high number of diodes
  8. 8. augmented reality glasses large display area flippable display area
  9. 9. augmented reality glasses various models for various scenarios everyday, warehouse, machinery
  10. 10. smart watches various models run Android Wi-Fi and Bluetooth SIM card slot different sensors
  11. 11. smart watch runs Android Wi-Fi and Bluetooth SIM card slot camera and 2GB
  12. 12. smart bracelet low-fidelity and low-cost alternative two-state form factor uses ink for visualization
  13. 13. smart brooch measures amount of received sunlight monitors whether we reach our daily necessity warns in case of “overdosing”
  14. 14. augmented reality headphones embedded GPS, gyro and accelerometer 3D audio environment smartphone and tablet integration
  15. 15. autograph camera takes photos regularly control of the frequency
  16. 16. waterproof coating applied in vacuum μm thick full underwater functioning
  17. 17.
  18. 18. 10th and 11th March 2015
  19. 19. @StefanIvan0v Stefan Ivanov