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Mindful Marketing


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Discover how you can combine Marketing with Mindfulness in this thoughtful presentation. Mindfulness has been proven to reduce stress, improve focus and enhance "cognitive flexibility".

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Mindful Marketing

  1. 1. You Deserve This Time! Silence the Phone Close the Door Grab Pen, Paper or Evernote Free to Create!
  2. 2. Take Time to Reflect…
  3. 3. Is This Your Story? Your phone, computer and inbox are beeping like crazy.
  4. 4. Is This Your Story? You are working across more teams and functions than ever.
  5. 5. Is This Your Story? You feel like your marketing team is a fast-food drive-through
  6. 6. Is This Your Story? You’re asking yourself “what is the point of all of this effort”?
  7. 7. Is This Your Story? You feel stress blame fear
  8. 8. FAST ACTION BONUS Marketing Books Worth Reading Wait till the end of the webinar!
  9. 9. What You Will Learn Thrive today with calm leadership
  10. 10. My “Aha” Moment Vancouver, BC
  11. 11. Marketing As We Knew it Was Dead
  12. 12. Doing a Million Miles a Minute and Going Nowhere
  13. 13. Strategy Connections Service
  14. 14. My Family
  15. 15. Marketing Trends • Greater Use of Strategy • Greater Interdepartmental Connections – especially with sales • Increased Need for Service and “Spontaneous” programs
  16. 16. I Became Obsessed With A New Way of Being
  17. 17. What Do You Mean New? A calmer, friendlier and more focused kind of environment where we can get things done!
  18. 18. “Doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment.” --- Oprah Winfrey
  19. 19. I Found the Answer… MINDFULNESS InsightThinking FocusInsight Awareness Present
  20. 20. Strategy ServiceConnections It’s All Here!
  21. 21. Mindfulness Stress Reduction Boost in Working Memory Focus Relationship Satisfaction Less Emotional Reactivity More Cognitive Flexibility
  22. 22. Mindful Marketing Process Civilize Visualize Crystalize Systemize
  23. 23. Civilize
  24. 24. Mindfulness Stress Reduction Focus Relationship Satisfaction Less Emotional Reactivity Civilize
  25. 25. Stop: Focus on the now. Realize that you are literally going in circles. You may want to verbally say the word “stop”.
  26. 26. Time Blocking • Proven to increase productivity by 150% • Dedicate a certain amount of hours each day to focusing – this can start with as little as 1 hour. • Helps you stay accountable.
  27. 27. Time Blocking Rules • Do this daily, first thing in the morning, or the night before. • Schedule the hardest stuff during your most productive time. • Schedule reactive work as well. • Schedule leisure time. • Perform regular reviews.
  28. 28. Time Blocking Example
  29. 29. 0% of the effort gets 80% of the results.
  30. 30. Impact vs. Effort Chart
  31. 31. How to Do It! - Score tasks firstly on their impact (0 for none, 10 for high), and then on the effort needed (0 for none, 10 for high). - This can be done by using post-it notes if you are on a team, with each person putting a score on. - If you are in a larger organization, you can do the impact side of it via survey. - Be realistic about how many tasks a team can actually do – especially when it comes to major projects.
  32. 32. Visualize
  33. 33. Visualize Mindfulness Stress Reduction Focus Less Emotional Reactivity More Cognitive Flexibility
  34. 34. Big Data or Big Mistake?
  35. 35. Predictive Analytics
  36. 36. Specific Examples • Database management (e.g. for better targeted emails) • Recommendation engines (e.g. for on-site personalisation) • Real-time decision assistance and guidance (e.g. for customer service)
  37. 37. Tracking What Matters • Customer Effort – this can be tracked by looking at how much effort it took to purchase a product, or looking at how much effort it takes to get a customer service issue resolved.
  38. 38. Predictive Analytics Tools • Mixpanel • Kapost • Marketing Evolution • Lattice Engines
  39. 39. Crystallize
  40. 40. Mindfulness Stress Reduction Boost in Working Memory Focus Less Emotional Reactivity More Cognitive Flexibility Relationship Satisfaction Crystallize
  41. 41. Create Flowcharts • Once you have determined what your priorities are, you can create flowcharts on how a process should work. • This is extremely helpful, so you can systemetize your department or marketing efforts.
  42. 42. Sample Flowchart
  43. 43. Sample Flowchart
  44. 44. Flow Chart Advantages • Understand the resources each job takes. • Helps reduce numbers of steps as needed. • Makes it easier to back-fill roles, or cross- train.
  45. 45. Systemize
  46. 46. Mindfulness Stress Reduction Focus Less Emotional Reactivity Relationship Satisfaction Systemize
  47. 47. What is “the craft”? • Systemitize the things that don’t need you… customize THE CRAFT.
  48. 48. Systems and Decision Making • Never rely on talent and willpower • Ask yourself the following questions whenever a new idea comes up: • Does this opportunity fit into the overall goals for my business RIGHT NOW? • Do I have the bandwidth to manage this project (time, money, resources) • Do I have a system for this project? If not, do you have the bandwidth to create a fully fleshed out system?
  49. 49. Service • For service requests, you can use several excellent tools such as: • Zendesk • Freshdesk • Happy Fox • You can also take a look at using UpWork resources to help you check your e-mails.
  50. 50. Project • Projects can start to take on a flow of processes, as shown above • Bare minimum, you should have a “projects list” that helps you stay on top of what is going on.
  51. 51. Relationship • Choose 3 people every quarter who are doing well. In the franchising world, these are the top performers, or the up-and-comers. This will help you build relationships with the RIGHT people. • Call them every month – set a meeting and discuss what is on their minds. • They will appreciate it!
  52. 52. Why Did You Show Up? • You wanted to do marketing in a new way. • You wanted to integrate marketing into a more relaxed way of life. • You wanted controlled freedom.
  53. 53. Question How can you make this happen?
  54. 54. Options Go It Alone • Find pieces individually • Use information that may or may not be up to date • Go it alone and perhaps lose motivation Journey With Me • Use a unified system • Have the latest techniques used by a current practitioner • Have support
  55. 55. The Gap
  56. 56. Discovery Blueprint In 2015, I was asked by the International Franchis Association to Present on my Marketing Blueprint Denver, Colorado.
  57. 57. Marketing Discovery Blueprint
  58. 58. What You Will Discover • Which marketing programs are working. • Which marketing programs need to be enhanced. • A draft roadmap on what needs to be done to get to where you need to go.
  59. 59. Process Get Blueprint Meet Fill Survey Set Meeting Go To Landing Page
  60. 60. Total Value • 1 survey: $200 • 1 hands-on session: $200 • Final Blueprint: $200 • Total: $600 Instead, I am offering this up for FREE
  61. 61. Marketing Discovery Blueprint Limited time: Sign Up before MIDNIGHT and get: Marketing Book List
  62. 62. If You Sign Up Today… • Blueprint • Booklist • + One more special bonus
  63. 63. Small Group Q&A • A special small group coaching session with other participants on this webinar. • This will include myself, and my business advisor, who built a 7- FIGURE BUSINESS.
  64. 64. Marketing Discovery Blueprint Blueprint + Marketing Book List + Small Group Q&A EXPIRES MIDNIGHT TONIGHT!
  65. 65. Thank You! • I've been reflecting a lot about my past experiences and I wanted to thank you for being such a great mentor and for believing in me. All the things I learned in my first job are fundamental to who I am today. – Tiffany Y • I had the pleasure of working for Stefania during the formative months of my first foray into marketing. She was attentive, patient, and provided a wonderful role-model to develop myself and grow into a new career. - Cameron S • I don't feel like I'm working when I'm with Stefania. It feels more like I'm building a sand castle at the beach, only that what we end up building is so good, that passerby's stop to admire. • Jon L • Stefania is easy to work with. She listens. She knows what she doesn't know, so when she makes a promise, it's a guarantee that can be counted upon. • Doug R