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HealthQE Leopolda


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Presentation of HealthQE Consortium at Leopolda Event

Published in: Health & Medicine
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HealthQE Leopolda

  1. 1. Nonlinear Medicine & Electromagnetic Drugs With Patronage of CIRNA – Centro Italiano Ricerche Neurologiche Avanzate
  2. 2.  Scenario  Bioelectromagnetism  Electromagnetic Medicine  Devices in commerce  Missing Links  The Questions without answer Agenda  HealthQE Consortium  Who we are  What we do  One our Project working-in-progress  What we offer  What we look for Nonlinear Medicine & Electromagnetic Drugs
  3. 3. SCENARIO
  4. 4. Bioelectromagnetism: History  First mentioned when the ancient Egyptians had problems catching a particular kind of fish which would give them powerful electric shocks (>450V), forcing them to drop the fish back into the water  In the first medical application of bioelectromagnetism, a similar kind of fish was used to treat headaches and arthritis from 46CE until the 17th century CE.
  5. 5. Bioelectromagnetism: Science Bio-magnetism is the science of applying a supplementary magnetic field to living organisms. The principal of bio- magnetism dates back thousands of years and was practiced and described by ancient civilizations thousands of years ago. Today, we are at an exciting junction in the evolution of health care as bio-magnetic therapy is fast becoming one of the most promising new therapeutic interventions.
  6. 6.  Virtually all scientists and science students are aware of bioelectricity (though they may not call it that)  Not many are aware of the importance of biomagnetism: the magnetic fields surrounding all living organisms produced by the internal ongoing electrical activity  Pioneered by David Cohen – 60's, 70's Bioelectromagnetism: Science
  7. 7. Each cell has a positive & a negative field in the DNA. Cell division is a process responsible for keeping the body healthy & rejuvenated. The force which activates the formation and division of cells is magnetic energy. The proper function and interaction of all organs and systems in the body depend on the constant presence of adequate magnetic energy. Magnetism is essential for the body’s electromagnetic activity and plays a major role in health and disease. Body Is An Electro-Magnetic System Bioelectromagnetism: Science
  8. 8. Bioelectromagnetism: Definition  Bioelectromagnetism is interdisciplinary since it involves the association of the life sciences with the physical and engineering sciences.  Bioelectromagnetism refers to electric, magnetic, or electromagnetic fields produced by living cells or organisms  Examples: membrane potentials, action potentials, electric currents that flow through nerves/muscles, Brain Oscillations, magnetic field of the heart (EKG), etc.
  9. 9. Bioelectromagnetism: Concepts  Bioelectromagnetism is a discipline that examines the electric, electromagnetic, and magnetic phenomena which arise in biological tissues. These phenomena include:  The behavior of excitable tissue (the sources)  The electric currents and potentials in the volume conductor  The magnetic field at and beyond the body  The response of excitable cells to electric and magnetic field stimulation  The intrinsic electric and magnetic properties of the tissue
  10. 10. Figure. 1 recognized interdisciplinary fields that associate physics and engineering with medicine and biology: BEN = Bioengineering, BPH = Biophysics, BEM = Bioelectromagnetism, MPH = Medical Physics, MEN = Medical Engineering, MEL = Medical Electronics. Bioelectromagnetism: Figure 1
  11. 11.  Figure illustrates the relationships between these disciplines.  The coordinate origin represents the more theoretical sciences, such as biology and physics.  Combining a pair of sciences from medical and technical fields yields interdisciplinary sciences such as medical engineering.  It must be understood that the disciplines are actually multidimensional, and thus their two- dimensional description is only suggestive. Bioelectromagnetism: Figure 1
  12. 12. SUBDIVISIONS OF BIOELECTROMAGNETISM Division on a Theoretical Basis  The discipline of bioelectromagnetism may be subdivided in many different ways. One such classification divides the field on theoretical grounds according to two universal principles:  Maxwell's equations (the electromagnetic connection) and  the Principle of Reciprocity.  This philosophy is illustrated in Figure 2 and is discussed in greater detail below
  13. 13. Bioelectromagnetism : Maxwell's Equations  Maxwell's equations, i.e. the electromagnetic connection, connect time-varying electric and magnetic fields so that when there are bioelectric fields there always are also biomagnetic fields, and vice versa (Maxwell, 1865).  Depending on whether we discuss electric, electromagnetic, or magnetic phenomena, bioelectromagnetism may be divided along one conceptual dimension (horizontally in Figure 2) into three subdivisions, namely  Bioelectricity  Bioelectromagnetism
  14. 14. Bioelectromagnetis m: Reciprocity Principle  Owing to the principle of reciprocity, the sensitivity distribution in the detection of bioelectric signals, the energy distribution in electric stimulation, and the sensitivity distribution of electric impedance measurements are the same.  This is also true for the corresponding bioelectromagnetic and biomagnetic methods, respectively.  Depending on whether we discuss the measurement of the field, of stimulation/magnetization, or the measurement of
  15. 15.  Bioelectromagnetism may be divided within this framework (vertically in Figure 2) as follows:- i. Measurement of an electric or a magnetic field from a bioelectric source or (the magnetic field from) magnetic material. ii. Electric stimulation with an electric or a magnetic field or the magnetization of materials (with magnetic field) iii. Measurement of the intrinsic electric or magnetic properties of tissue Bioelectromagnetis m: framework
  16. 16. Fig. 2. Organization of bioelectromagnetism into its subdivisions.
  17. 17.  From Fig 2, It is first divided horizontally to:  Bioelectricity  Bioelectromagnetism  Biomagnetism  Then the division is made vertically to: I. measurement of fields, II. stimulation and magnetization, and III. measurement of intrinsic electric and magnetic properties of tissue.  The horizontal divisions are tied together by Maxwell's equations and the vertical divisions by the principle of reciprocity. Bioelectromagnetis m: framework
  18. 18. Bioelectromagnetism: Description of Subdivisions 1. Measurement of an Electric or a Magnetic Field It refers, essentially, to the electric or magnetic signals produced by the activity of living tissues. In this subdivision of bioelectromagnetism, the active tissues produce electromagnetic energy, which is measured either electrically or magnetically within or outside the organism in which the source lies. This subdivision includes also the magnetic field produced by magnetic material in the tissue. Examples of these fields in the three horizontal subdivisions are shown in Table #1
  19. 19. Table 1 I) Measurements of Fields (A)Bioelectricity (B) Bioelectromagnetism (C) Biomagnetism Neural Cells Electroencephalography (EEG) Magnetoencephalography (MEG) Electroneurography (ENG) Magnetoneurography (MNG) Electroretinography (ERG) Magnetoretinography (MRG) Muscle Cells Electrocardiography (ECG) Magnetocardiography (MCG) Electromyography (EMG) Magnetomyography (MMG) Other Tissue Electro-oculography (EOG) Magneto-oculography (MOG) Electronystagmography (ENG) Magnetonystagmography (MNG) Magnetopneumogr am Magnetohepatogra
  20. 20. (II) Electric Stimulation with an Electric or a Magnetic Field or the Magnetization of Materials  In this subdivisions electric or magnetic energy is generated with an electronic device outside biological tissues. When this electric or magnetic energy is applied to excitable tissue in order to activate it, it is called electric stimulation or magnetic stimulation, respectively.  This kind of experiment, called electrifying.  Magnetic energy may also be applied for other therapeutic purposes, called electrotherapy or magnetotherapy.  Examples of this second subdivision of bioelectromagnetism, also called electrobiology and magnetobiology, respectively, are shown in Table 2.
  21. 21. Table 2 II ) Stimulation and Magnetization (A) Bioelectricity (B)Bioelectromagnetism (C) Biomagnetism Stimulation Patch Clamp, Voltage Clamp Electric Stimulation of the central Nervous System or of motor nerve/muscles Magnetic Stimulation of The Central Nervous System or of Motor Nerve/Muscle Electric Cardiac Pacing Magnetic Cardiac Pacing Electric Cardiac Defibrillation Magnetic Cardiac Defibrillation Therapeutic Applications Electrotherapy Electromagnetotherapy Magnetotherapy Electrosurgery (Surgical Diathermy) Magnetization Magnetization of Ferromagnetic
  22. 22. (III) Measurement of the Intrinsic Electric or Magnetic Properties of Tissue  As in Subdivision II, electric or magnetic energy is generated by an electronic device outside the biological tissue and applied to it.  However, when the strength of the energy is subthreshold, the passive (intrinsic) electric and magnetic properties of the tissue may be obtained by performing suitable measurements.  Table 3 illustrates this subdivision:
  23. 23. Table 3 III ) Measurement of Intrinsic Properties (A) Bioelectricity (B)Bioelectromagneti sm (C) Biomagnetism Electric Measurement of Electric Impedance Magnetic Measurement of Electric Impedance Measurement of Magnetic Susceptibility Impedance Cardiography Magnetic Susceptibility Plethysmography Impedance Pneumography Magnetic Remanence Measurement Impedance Tomography Impedance Tomography Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Electrodermal Response (EDR)
  24. 24. Importance of Bioelectromagnetism  The main reason is that bioelectric phenomena of the cell membrane are vital functions of the living organism.  The cell uses the membrane potential in several ways. With rapid opening of the channels for sodium ions, the membrane potential is altered radically within a thousandth of a second.  Cells in the nervous system communicate with one another by means of such electric signals that rapidly travel along the nerve processes.
  25. 25.  In the investigation of other modalities, such as biochemical and biophysical events, special transducers must be used to convert the phenomenon of interest into a measurable electric signal.  In contrast electric phenomena can easily be directly measured with simple electrodes.  As a result of the rapid development of electronic instrumentation and computer science, diagnostic instruments, which are based on bioelectric phenomena, have Importance of Bioelectromagnetism
  26. 26.  The development of microelectronics has made such equipment portable and strengthened their diagnostic power. Implantable cardiac pacemakers have allowed millions of people with heart problems to return to normal life.  Biomagnetism applications are likewise being rapidly developed and will, in the future, supplement bioelectric methods in medical diagnosis and therapy.  These examples illustrate that bioelectromagnetism is a vital part of our Importance of Bioelectromagnetism
  27. 27. Biomagnetism in the Scientific Community  The community is aware of biomagnetism, but much of the research that focuses on it is looked at as pseudoscience and the papers and their authors are not taken seriously, except for some very technical research (ie. Magnetic field influence on biochemical reactions).  Funding is short for more exploratory research.  Many subscribe to the paradigm that magnetic fields have no function or purpose on their own, they are just a byproduct of the oscillations  Sound Familiar?
  28. 28.  “The assumption of quackery that has attended this subject since the time of Mesmer's original “animal magnetism” investigations (1700's) continues to hamper efforts to compile a reliable database on the health effects of electromagnetic fields.”  - 2004, Roger M. Mackils, MD. “Magnetic Healing, Quackery, and the Debate about the Health Effects of Electromagnetic Fields”, History of Medicine  - this quote came after a series of papers addressing the issue of magnetic fields from power-lines, radio stations, etc, may have health effects on humans were dismissed as pseudoscience Biomagnetism in the Scientific Community
  29. 29. Magnetobiology  The study of biological effects of mainly weak and low-frequency magnetic fields (because strong/high-freq fields cause heating of tissue)  Results are both difficult to interpret and to reproduce because magnetic fields are spatio- temporally summative, meaning they depend on all other magnetic fields in range (10-20% fail to be reproduced or see effects)
  30. 30. Magnetoreception  Pineal gland, along with a few other visual areas of the brain, are involved in sensing magnetic fields (Semm et al. 1984 Semm, P., Nohr, D., Demaine, C., and Wiltschko, W. (1984). J. Comp. Physiol. [A] 155, 283–288.)  Pineal gland is light sensitive and contains electromagnetically sensitive crystals (calcite and magnetite)  Trigeminal nerve system also thought to be involved  However, we don't know the details! - primary magnetoreceptors have not been identified unambiguously
  31. 31. External Magnetic Fields  What can magnetic or electromagnetic fields do that relate to biology?  Influence biochemical reactions  Influence rotational and energy states of atoms/molecules in protein structures  Magnetically induced charges effect the properties of liquid water  Affect neurotransmitter levels (melatonin) (1993: Reiter R J. Static and extremely low frequency electromagnetic field exposure: reported effects on the circadian production of melatonin.. Journal of cellular biochemistry 1993;51(4):394-403.)  Geometry of crystallization
  32. 32.  Biochemical Reactions:  Some biochemical reactions can only occur in certain frequency bands or magnitudes of magnetic fields, just like oscillation dependent reactions (biomagnetochemistry)  Rotational and energy states of atoms  MF's effect the electron-spin motion of atoms and their energy states (quantum state) and other quantum mechanical processes, which seem to influence protein development and DNA activity (Magnetokinetic Effects on Radical Pairs: A Paradigm for Magnetic Field Interactions with Biological Systems at Lower Than Thermal Energy. Walleczek, Electromagnetic Fields. May 5, 1995, 395-420) and (Magnetic field activation of protein-DNA binding. Lin, Hana. Han, Li. Journal of Cellular Biology Biomagnetochemistry Spin & Quantum State
  33. 33. Crystal Geometry  The magnetic fields that a crystal structure is developed in strongly influences the geometrical structure of that crystal  Calcite crystals, which are found in the pineal gland, develop a more symmetrical geometry in the Earth's magnetic field and asymmetrical geometry in 'urban noise'
  34. 34. More on Calcite Crystals  They are electromagnetically sensitive (react to and influenced by electromagnetic fields)  Optics studies on calcite show that it is able to refract electromagnetic radiation from a very wide range of wavelengths (well beyond visual light), and is an optic polarizer (divides a beam of light into 2 beams with opposite polarization)(  The pineal gland has photosensitive 'retinal' cells  Are calcite crystals involved in sensation for these cells and how does their geometry effect their optical properties?
  35. 35. Magnetite  Magnetite was recently found in human brains (  These chains of magnetic crystals are thought to be involved in the sensation of magnetic fields and geomagnetic sensing/navigation in other animals  Also possibly involved in some other brain mechanics
  36. 36.  Single pyramidal magnetite crystals are found arranged in layers in the cortex, in the extra-cellular fluid.  Seem to function as liquid crystal oscillators, activated by the tiny magnetic fields produced by dendritic currents  Upon activation the crystals produce a “circular polarized light pulse that travels throughout the body, or travels as a transverse photonic bundle of energy”. (H. Coetzee, Ph.D. Biomagnetism and Bio-Electromagnetism: The Foundation of Life. Future History, Volume 8)  Einstein's idea of the energy body? - really an old idea (REALLY old) Magnetite
  37. 37.  Magnetite crystals can be found attached to ion channels  The crystals align themselves to the magnetic fields they are in  This can cause them to pull closer together, farther apart, or in one direction or another  This can stretch/compress the membrane and physically open/close ion channels Magnetite
  38. 38. Examples of Magnetic Fields in Medicine  Treatment of MS: extracranial application of picoTesla MF's produced dramatic and sustained improvement, administration of melatonin caused rapid return to disability, which was reversed by treatment with the MF. Hypothesized that pineal gland is involved (since it is a known magnetoreceptor) (Successful treatment of multiple sclerosis with magnetic fields. Sandyk R. Int J Neurosci. 1992 Oct;66(3-4):237-50. Review.)  Weak Magnetic Fields and Extremely Low-Frequency Magnetic Fields have been shown to improve the speed of healing of superficial skin wounds, tissue/organ wounds, and bone fractures in rats/rabbits (Just search 'magnetic fields and healing' on google scholar for a lot of information)
  39. 39. Some Interesting Observations Coming from the Eastern Cultures  Reiki/Chi-gong/Prana – translates to 'healing energy', or just 'energy' is the thousands of years old practice of using the body's internal energy for healing  A main practice in Chinese, Indian, and almost all Asian forms of medicine – requires usually at least decade of training to develop stronger energy and learn how to control it. These same energies are used in Martial arts (particularly Chinese and Indian) to kill instead of heal  Practitioners of these arts are able to manipulate the strength and frequency of the magnetic fields around localized areas of their own bodies (ie. The hands)
  40. 40.  It was found that when using these healing techniques, the magnetic fields surrounding the hands of the healer were similar in frequency to the external magnetic fields used in medical experiments on rats and other mammals (averagine 7-8Hz)  The human practitioner was much more effective than the machine-induced MF used in experiments, possibly because the frequency of the MF around the hands oscillated between 0.3 and 30Hz  Chapman and Milton, “REIKI AS AN INTERVENTION IN DRUG AND ALCOHOL WITHDRAWAL AND REHABILITATION - Almost a decade of experience”, 2002  The MF's produced by these humans and experts in yoga, meditation, and Qigong increased 1000 times in strength compared to normal biomagnetic fields in humans Some Interesting Observations Coming from the Eastern Cultures
  41. 41. It is the Diagnostics & Therapeutics using all Spectrum of Electromagnetic Waves, from Hertz to Terahertz, without using chemistry. In following part we will show some Devices.  Each molecular reaction can be mimicried from electromagnetic wave! What is Electromagnetic Medicine?
  42. 42. Electromagnetic Medicine is a Nonlinear Medicine
  43. 43. What is Electromagnetic Drug? It is a weak electromagnetic emission of a chemical drug or of a B.A.S. (Biological Active Substance)
  44. 44. What kind of influence BAS has? Pills = Message (instructions) to our body ? Epill ≠ 0
  45. 45. VSShap e “e- Shape” Can our organism read spectrum of molecules or only their
  46. 46. Different spectra Cut grass Rotten eggs Different smell:Same shape Coumarin Benzo [4,5] thieno [3,2-b] pyran-2-one Same spectraDifferent shape Same smell Luca Turin: We Smell Vibrations
  47. 47. 1. Medical drugs cause informational effect on organism, starting the reactions. 2. Our organism has mechanisms of reading of a spectrum of the substances Can we use “informational image” of the substance to start the reaction? What is Electromagnetic Drug?
  48. 48. The Principle Scheme of a devices for Electronic Transmission of IC of BAS Amplifier Electromagnetic coils Solution of BAS Water with IC of BAS Generator Electromagnetic coil creates a field 1 2 Biologically Active Substance Biologically Neutral Substance
  49. 49. Glass or Plastic Aluminum Wax Paraffin WATER Alcohol solutions … Most popular Secondary carriers Different authors mentioned such items as plastic, glass, tin, sugar middlings, distilled or boiled water, physiological and colloidal solutions, nutrient medium, 30-40% ethyl alcohol, 20% aqueous solution of glycerol, magnetic and photo films, dextro- and sinistrorotary sugar isomers, polysaccharides, wax, paraffin, metals and others as possible secondary carriers of ICs. 1. Falk, W., Aschoff, D.: Application for a patent of Germany № 1521779, А61Н/00,1985 2. Ludwig, W.: Application for a patent of Germany № 2525621, А61B5/ 05,1975. 3. Ludwig, W.: Application for a patent of Germany № 2810344, А61Н/ 02,1978. 4. Kropp W. British Patent №2066047 A611. 2/02; A23L 1981 5. Theurer K. Application for a patent of Germany №2842691,A61K 41/00 6. Prinz J. Application for a patent of Germany №2442487, A61B5/00, 1987 7. Rae Instruments. Descriptions and Instructions for Use. Magneto-Geometric Applications. 1978. p.5. 8. Ludwig, W.: Biophysicalische Diagnose und Therapie im ultrafeinen Energiebereich. 3 Mitteilung., Erfahrungsheilkunde. 1983 9. ...
  50. 50. • Foletti A., et al. (2011) Differentiation of human LAN-5 neuroblastoma cells induced by extremely low frequency electronically transmitted retinoic acid. JACM 17(8), 701-704. • Foletti A. et al, Electromagnetic Information Delivery as a New Perspsctive in Medicine, PIERS Proceedings, Stockholm, Sweden, Aug. 12-15, 2013
  51. 51. Montagnier L., et al. (2009) Electromagnetic signals are produced by aqueous nanostructures derived from bacterial DNA sequences., Interdiscip. Sci. Comput. Life Sci., 1: 245-253. Montagnier, L., Aissa, J., Del Giudice, E., Lavallée, C., Tedeschi, A. & Vitiello, G. 2011. DNA waves and water. Journal of Physics: Conference Series. 306: 012007.
  52. 52. • J.A. Heredia-Rojas, R. Gomez-Flores, A. O. Rodriguez-de la Fuente, E. Monreal-Cuevas, A. C. Torres-Flores, L. E. Rodriguez-Flores, M. Beltcheva, A. C. Torres-Pantoja. Antimicrobial effect of amphotericin B electronicallyactivated water against Candida albicans. African journal of Microbiology Research 6(15). 2012, pp. 3685-3689
  53. 53. Laser Aspirin 1. Turn on the laser The laser beam excites substance 0. The substance is in the ground state Aspirin Carrier field 2. Super-weak field of the substance modulates the carrier wave Super weak modulation Effect on aluminum foil Laser Diagram of modulation:
  54. 54. What do we have The technology establishes a connection between the cell of the technical center and the personal computer Non digital transfer of IC Non-digital variant of IC Medicals Tech. today Technical center Transmitter Secondary carrier e.g., compact-disc The receiving device Internet Secondary carrier with IC of medical drug Cell of the center Diagram of modulation: Carrier signal Supper-weak modulation
  55. 55. Glass A B C D Water Light Polycarbonate Aluminum Polycarbonate plastic Aluminum Lacquer Cover, Label.. Chemical Dye E D C B A E
  56. 56. Detecting Informational Copies by means of high-precision differential pH-meter (resolution 10-6-10-7 pH) Serge Kernbach et at. Cybertronica Research (Germany), Laboratory of Advanced Sensors
  57. 57. First type of control experiments Measurements without compact-discs:
  58. 58. Absolute valuesDifferential values 40 100mkV ≈ 0.0018pH Measurement without compact-discs
  59. 59. Control Experiments 2x equal non-activated CD disks: Control Experiments 2x equal non-activated CD disks:
  60. 60. 2x equal non-activated CD disks: measurement on Sep. 27, 2014 Small changes of dynamics with two equal Control 100 100mkV ≈ 0.0018pH Absolute valuesDifferential values
  61. 61. 2x equal non-activated disks: measurement on Jule. 1, 2014 (from Kernbach&Kernbach. On precise pH and dpH measurements, International Journal of Unconventional Science 5(2), 83-103, 2014) Small changes of dynamics with two equal Control 50 100mkV ≈ 0.0018pH
  62. 62. Test experiments one of two CD disks is activated Test experiments one of two CD disks is activated
  63. 63. Channel 1 Channel 2 “blank” With IC of Aspirin Absolute valuesDifferential values -300 100mkV ≈ 0.0018pH
  64. 64. Channel 1 Channel 2 “blank”With IC of Aspirin Absolute valuesDifferential values 350 100mkV ≈ 0.0018pH
  65. 65. one of two CD disks is locally activated (LED+Pinicillin, 45 min, immediately before): measurement on Oct. 3, 2014 significant change of dynamics after activated disk is under sensor 3500
  66. 66. one of two CD disks is locally activated (LED+Pinicillin, 45 min, immediately before): measurement on Oct. 3, 2014 (second setup measured in parallel) significant change of dynamics after activated disk is under sensor -3500
  67. 67. Summary • well observable impact on potentiometric system without measurable changes of E/H fields, temperature, power supply, mechanical impacts • transmission mechanism “activated CD disk –> pH electrodes” is unknown • there are different ways of “activating” CDs, their impact is different • low current statistics (in total about 40 measurements with CD disks), it is planned to accumulate significant statistics and to publish it in IJUS 2014/2015 100mkV ≈ 0.0018pH
  68. 68. Preclinical trial of immunomodulatory properties of normal saline exposed of CD with Informational Copies of Arbidol, L-Thyroxine and Galavite Boris Surinov et at. 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 Weight, mg Cellularity, 1х 10^6 APC, 1х10^3 Arbidol Blank CD Informed CD Substance Inf+Sub of spleen
  69. 69. IC of Glucophage Impact on the pancreas After a month of use, the insulin dose was reduced by 1/3 Aim: do not use insulin 1 1/2 2/3 0 Через месяц Через 2 месяцаДо использования IC Medicals One month later the dose was decreased by 1/2
  70. 70. Conclusions 1. Electromagnetic field can be a carrier of information 2. We may use “informational image” of the substance instead of substance to start changes of material (physical, biological objects) 3. There are promising perspectives of using Informational Technologies in different kind of everyday life.
  71. 71. The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, 1950 "for their discoveries relating to the hormones of the adrenal cortex, their structure and biological effects"
  72. 72. Medications are used to alter chemistry and improve structure + function
  73. 73. Prevalent medical science paradigm: Chemical Medicine Function Structure Chemistry
  74. 74. FUNCTION STRUCTURE CHEMISTRY Prevalent Medical Science Paradigm Can Energy Replace Chemistry?
  75. 75. FUNCTION STRUCTURE CHEMISTRY ELECTRIC & MAGNETIC ENERGY FIELDS Energy Can Drive and Replace Chemistry Note: these include all measureable energy sources, also called ‘veritable’ by NIH
  76. 76. A Metaphor: G = PV + E - TS Thermodynamics Internal energy TemperatureVolumePressure Entropy Gibbs free energy ΔG > 0 Work
  77. 77. A Metaphor: G = PV + E - TS Thermodynamics Internal energy TemperatureVolumePressure Entropy Gibbs free energy ΔPV, PΔV, ΔE, ΔTS, TΔS can all do work
  78. 78. The 2nd Law at work in medicine – Chemical potentials are source of ΔG
  79. 79. Let’s look at Entropy (S)… It holds Information as key variables to do work (ΔG >0) G = PV + E - TS
  80. 80. Erwin Schrödinger “Life maintains itself on Low Entropy” “In addition to the Energy content of food its entropy content should also be displayed.” -In, What is Life?
  81. 81. As far as energy is concerned you can survive on French fries for a long time. But practically you are missing crucial information required to keep your body in a highly ordered state (low entropy) V. Vedral, 2012
  82. 82. By eating the same energy equivalent of cauliflower, he would still have a similarly unbalanced nutritional profile, with an increase in entropy. V. Vedral, 2012
  83. 83. A Low Entropy Diet
  84. 84. It’s gets even more interesting… G = PV + E - TS
  85. 85. Entropy is intimately connected to Information G = PV + E - TS
  86. 86. Claude E. Shannon: Father of Information Theory A mathematical theory of communication (1948): paved the way for digital storage. The same bit in ALL information, 0 &1
  87. 87. Brillouin, Léon (1889-1969) In his 1956 book Science and Information theory, Leon Brillouin coined the term "negentropy" for the negative entropy (a characteristic of free or available energy). He then connected it to information in what he called the "negentropy principle of information."
  88. 88. Information is intimately related to entropy of the TS term in the 2nd Law S  I G  TS  TI
  89. 89. It takes work (energy) and also INFORMATION to maintain order
  90. 90. Information is physical!
  91. 91. A Metaphor: G = PV + E - TS But…can Thermodynamics really help us understand human (living) systems? Internal energy TemperatureVolumePressure Entropy Gibbs free energy
  92. 92. Life does not violate the second law of thermodynamics Gavin Crooks Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Christopher Jarzynski Univ. of Maryland
  93. 93. A New Physics Theory of Life Assistant Professor of Physics, MIT Jeremy England A New Physics Theory of Life One essential difference between living things and inanimate clumps of carbon atoms: Living things tend to be much better at capturing energy from their environment and dissipating that energy as heat. At the heart of England’s idea is the second law of thermodynamics.
  94. 94. Information is intimately related to entropy of the TS term in the 2nd Law Key Point: Electromagnetic energy contribute to the total thermodynamic free energy of the master equation as ΔGexcess S  I G  TS  TI
  95. 95. Information and Relationship to Entropy: The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics Here, in the master equation that drives all natural processes, development of information in various layers of human infrastructure can be a positive thermodynamic driving force (ΔG>0) 0            j j G PV E T S I
  96. 96. Function ↔ Structure ↔ Chemistry ↔ Electric & Magnetic Energy Fields Information Electromagnetism has power to change materials and living systems ENERGY IS INFORMATION !
  97. 97. Devices in commerce  Diagnostics  Therapeutics  PEM F  EHF  TES  Neuromodulator  LLLT
  98. 98. Missing Links
  99. 99. The Questions without answers Are really known all theoretical fundamentals about electromagnetic medicine? Are really therapies with electromagnetic waves effective? Are really therapies with electromagnetic waves without adverse effects? Which devices are really «killer»
  101. 101. Who we are  A international Consortium about Electromagnetic Medicine  A Nobel Candidate for Medicine as Medical Chief Scientist, Prof. Giulio Tarro  A Chief Researcher of Russian Academy of Science as Biophysics Chief Scientist, Prof. Andrew Gapeyev  Several Russian Company as Partner, one for each type of EMG Technology
  102. 102. What we do  We are working to identify all missing links about Adey «biological windows»  We are working to compose a matrix «electromagnetic wave type / type pathology»  We are testing all electromagnetic devices in the world  We are working about a new electromagnetic device to cure autoimmune diseases
  103. 103. One our Project work-in-progress
  104. 104. What we offer  The theoretical comprehension of all mechanisms behind this phrase: «Each molecular reaction can be mimicried from electromagnetic waves»  Design & Realization of new devices  The matrix «type electromagnetic wave / type pathology»  The matrix «type electromagnetic wave / type pathology»  Validations & Trials on electromagnetic devices  Results data about our R&D
  105. 105. What we look for  Partners in R & D with Labs Investors and Ventures
  106. 106. Thanks for Your Attention!