Brookhaven National Laboratory Welcome


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Dr. Matthew Whelan welcomes top students for a tour of Brookhaven National Laboratory.

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Brookhaven National Laboratory Welcome

  2. 2. For this year’s freshmanclass:• We received more than 27,000 applications for a class of only 2550!• Students applied from all 50 states and 72 countries YOU ARE AMONG A VERY SELECT GROUP OF STUDENTS
  3. 3. Students attending this eventhave:• Average combined SAT Math and Critical Reading scores of 1405• Average grade point average of 95You are the next generation ofleaders in science and research! YOU ARE AN ACHIEVER
  4. 4. You travelled from:CaliforniaConnecticutGeorgiaKansasIndianaMassachusettsNew JerseyNew York (Upstate)PennsylvaniaRhode IslandVirginia MANY OF YOU TRAVELLED A DISTANCE TO BE HERE TODAY
  5. 5. Your intended majors include:AstronomyBiochemistryBiologyBiomedical EngineeringChemical and Molecular EngineeringChemistryMechanical EngineeringComputer ScienceElectrical EngineeringEngineering ChemistryMathematicsMechanical EngineeringPhysicsPsychology YOU ARE A FUTURE SCIENTIST
  6. 6. One of the Nation’s Elite In 2001 Stony Brook University becamea member of the prestigious American Association of Universities (AAU), an invitation-only organization composed of the top 61 research universities in North America.
  7. 7. THE TOP 1%! That’s where Stony Brook sits among all the world’s universities. - Times Higher Education World University Rankings THE TOP 100! That’s Stony Brook’s ranking among public national universities. - U.S. News & World ReportAMONG THE TOP 1% OF UNIVERSITIES IN THE WORLD
  8. 8. Stony Brook University has been named one of the 100 best values in public colleges by Kiplinger’s.
  9. 9. “Top-notch programsin the hard sciences”- Fiske Guide to Colleges TOP-NOTCH PROGRAMS IN THE HARD SCIENCES
  10. 10. Prize-winning professorswho have madeincredible discoveries,are terrific mentors, andare equally passionateabout research andteaching. PRIZE-WINNING PROFESSORS
  11. 11. Top-notch facilities include:• Top-rated medical center and teaching hospital• Centers for Molecular Medicine and Biology Learning Laboratories• Center of Excellence in Wireless and Information Technology• The Advanced Energy Research and Technology Center STONY BROOK HAS A WEALTH OF TOP-NOTCH FACILITIES
  12. 12. At Stony Brook, you willhave access to manyoutstanding researchopportunities and mentors,along with all the resourcesof a world-class universityresearch center. ACCESS TO RESOURCES OF A WORLD-CLASS UNIVERSITY
  13. 13. Stony Brook’s UndergraduateResearch and Creative Activities(URECA) program will activelyencourage you to get involved indoing research. WORK SIDE-BY-SIDE WITH FACULTY DOING REAL RESEARCH
  14. 14. Research opportunities andmentors will be available onthe Stony Brook campus,CEWIT, AERTC, in variouslocations around the world,and here at BNL.Available during theacademic year, the summer,and winter intersession. LOCAL & GLOBAL RESEARCH OPPORTUNITIES
  15. 15. • Brookhaven National Laboratory wasfounded in 1947 at Camp Upton• In 1963 Stony Brook University wasrelocated near BNL with the mission toparticipate in and profit from the vast scientificresources offered by BNL• Since March 1998 Stony Brook co-managesBNL in partnership with Battelle MemorialInstitute under the umbrella of BrookhavenScience Associates for the U.S. Departmentof Energy A JOINT MISSION
  16. 16. • Stony Brook is the nearest 20 miles university to BNL• Stony Brook is the largest user (over 600 scientists at all levels)• Many Stony Brook faculty hold joint appointments with BNL SBU• 10% of BNL’s employees are Stony Brook alumni BNL• We provide a complimentary daily shuttle bus year-round CLOSE PARTNERS
  17. 17. Today you will learn about some of theoutstanding research opportunities andmentors available to you here atBrookhaven National Laboratory as aStony Brook student:• Tour of facilities• Keynote speaker• Student poster session OUTSTANDING RESEARCH OPPORTUNITIES AND MENTORS
  18. 18. TODAY’S KEYNOTE SPEAKER,TODAY’S KEYNOTE SPEAKER: DR. JOANNA FOWLER:DR. JOANNA FOWLER,2009 MEDAL OF SCIENCE WINNER • Major contributor to brain research and the study of diseases such as addiction, whichAshe hascontributor toan imaging technique major studied using brain researchand thepositronof diseases such as (PET). called study emission tomographyaddiction, which she has studied usingan imaging technique called positron •In 1976, Fowler and her colleaguesemission tomography (PET). synthesized 18F-fluorodeoxyglucose (FDG), a radiotracer used in PET. •Today, FDG is widely used in hospitals and research centers throughout the world to diagnose and study neurological and psychiatric diseases and to diagnose cancer. 2009 MEDAL OF SCIENCE WINNER
  19. 19. The more you learn about Stony Brook University and our special relationship with BNL, the more you will come to appreciate that we offer an education in the sciences second to none.