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PMI ACP Certification Requirements


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Agile Certification Professional (PMI-ACP) Certification is the most coveted agile certification for project managers offered by the reputed PMI Institute. PMI-ACP certification is globally acknowledged and is valid across industries. Prepare for PMP exam with Simplilearn and make us a part of your success story. Simplilearn brings to you online PMI-ACP exam prep course that gives you the liberty to study at your pace and from your own place. This PMI-ACP presentation provides you a complete overview of basics of agile certification. Each slide covers PMI-ACP topics based on PMI-ACP exam syllabus and is prepared by our certified agile practitioners who have years of experience in agile environment. Get an understanding of PMI-ACP framework, agile methodologies, agile principles and its implementations in various projects. Cited examples and practice questions based on agile course and industry specific subjects provide better insights on each topic improving your confidence and knowledge towards attaining the agile certification goal.

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PMI ACP Certification Requirements

  1. 1. PMI – Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI®-ACP) PMI - Agile Certified Practitioner(PMI®-ACP) 1
  2. 2. PMI - Agile Certified Practitioner(PMI®-ACP) Introduction  Name  Professional Experience  Current Assignment  Expectations from this workshop© Simplilearn Solutions 2
  3. 3. PMI - Agile Certified Practitioner(PMI®-ACP) Introduction to Agile Project Management 3© Simplilearn Solutions
  4. 4. PMI - Agile Certified Practitioner(PMI®-ACP) • Introduction • PMI-ACP Details - Eligibility Requirements - Timeline - Certification Fees - Maintenance and Renewal - Exam Information • About the AGILE Exam, Format and what is tested • Q&A Session 4© Simplilearn Solutions
  5. 5. PMI - Agile Certified Practitioner(PMI®-ACP) PMI – ACP Eligibility Requirements Educational Secondary degree [High school diploma / Associate Background degree] 2000 hours [12 months] working experience on Project General Project teams accrued in the last 5 years. Experience Active PMP® & PGMP® will satisfy this requirement. 1500 hours [8 months] working on Agile methodologies Agile Project accrued in the last 3 years. Experience These hours in addition to the 2,000 hours required in “General Project Experience.” Training in Agile 21 contact hours of education accrued in Agile Practices Practices. 5© Simplilearn Solutions
  6. 6. PMI - Agile Certified Practitioner(PMI®-ACP) PMI – ACP Timeline Application Submission Application Completeness Review [10 days] Audit Process Applicant Payment Process Multiple Choice Examination Application Reject Eligibility  Application can be submitted online  You have 90 days to complete the application once you have started it.  If your application is selected for Audit, you have 90 days to send your audit materials; PMI will take 5-7 days to process audit materials. 6© Simplilearn Solutions
  7. 7. PMI - Agile Certified Practitioner(PMI®-ACP) PMI – ACP Certification Fees© Simplilearn Solutions 7
  8. 8. PMI - Agile Certified Practitioner(PMI®-ACP) PMI –ACP Certification Maintenance & Renewal Certification Cycle Certification Maintenance [3 years] Certification Renewal Certification Suspension [Req : 30 PDUs] [1 year] Certification Expiration© Simplilearn Solutions 8
  9. 9. PMI - Agile Certified Practitioner(PMI®-ACP) PMI – ACP Exam Information Total number of questions is 120 9© Simplilearn Solutions
  10. 10. PMI - Agile Certified Practitioner(PMI®-ACP) PMI – ACP Exam Blueprint  The allocation of questions is 50% for Agile tools and techniques and 50% for Agile knowledge and skills  The Agile tools and techniques are organized in 10 areas, listed in the next slide  There are a total of 43 Knowledge and Skills that have been organized into 3 levels of importance 10© Simplilearn Solutions
  11. 11. PMI - Agile Certified Practitioner(PMI®-ACP) PMI – ACP Exam Blueprint 11© Simplilearn Solutions
  12. 12. PMI - Agile Certified Practitioner(PMI®-ACP) Knowledge and Skills Levels 12© Simplilearn Solutions
  13. 13. PMI - Agile Certified Practitioner(PMI®-ACP) About this Tutorial  There are a total of 13 lessons; this being the first one.  Lesson 2 : Agile Project Management Framework  Lesson 3 : Agile Planning, Monitoring and Adopting  Lesson 4 : Agile Estimation  Lesson5 : Agile Communication  Lesson 6 : Agile analysis and design  Lesson 7 : Product Quality  Lesson 8 : Soft skills negotiation  Lesson 9 : Value based prioritization  Lesson 10 : Risk Management  Lesson 11 : Agile Metrics  Lesson 12 : Value Stream Analysis  Lesson 13 : Agile Knowledge & Skills 13© Simplilearn Solutions
  14. 14. PMI - Agile Certified Practitioner(PMI®-ACP) 14© Simplilearn Solutions