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How Change Leaders Change Business


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12 Essentials on "How Change Leaders Change Business"
>> what level of consciousness drives change leaders
>> how change leaders contact the future of business
>> how change leaders transform this planet
>> why people like you and me are change leaders

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How Change Leaders Change Business

  1. 1. How Change Leader Change Business 12 Essentials 07.07.20141
  2. 2. 07.07.20142 „Change Leaders don‘t create followers, but more Change Leaders“ STEFAN GÖTZ
  3. 3. Change Leaders are not leaders by virtue of function or organizational power, but by virtue of their ability to contribute to the well-being of their trusted people 07.07.20143 Essential 2
  4. 4. Change Leaders allow everyone to experience impactful transformative purpose 07.07.20144 Essential 3
  5. 5. Change Leaders make everyone conscious of their own development 07.07.20145 Essential 4
  6. 6. 07.07.20146 „Change Leaders follow their purpose“ STEFAN GÖTZ
  7. 7. Change Leaders are non-stop investigators who observe, listen and sense what wants to emerge 07.07.20147 Essential 6
  8. 8. Change Leaders are passionate about transforming themselves so they contain the full potential of the emerging future 07.07.20148 Essential 7
  9. 9. Change Leader are simply willing to experience life through the intensity of an open question rather than a fixed answer 07.07.20149 Essential 8
  10. 10. 07.07.201410 „Change Leaders care about people, planet, purpose and profit“ STEFAN GÖTZ
  11. 11. Change Leaders never change things by fighting existing reality 07.07.201411 Essential 10
  12. 12. Change Leader appreciate what brought them here which fuels their curiosity to explore individual & collective potential even more 07.07.201412 Essential 11
  13. 13. Change Leaders are simple people like you and me who are committed to purpose rather than to ranks and titles 07.07.201413 Essential 12
  14. 14. This is why everyone is born a Change Leader 07.07.201414
  15. 15. Most of us have only forgotten over time that we share the same fundamental principle of life – the same purpose 07.07.201415
  16. 16. My purpose is to help to unfold the Change Leader in you to transform the planet 07.07.201416
  17. 17. 07.07.201417 >> Change Leader inside auf Change Leader inside >> auf
  18. 18. 07.07.201418 We are passionate about creating soulful businesses that are purpose-driven and shaped by people who are irresistible to connect and grow with. Our strong commitment to people, planet and profit makes a difference to the world. Stefan Götz – For the change leader in you. 0049 179 29 28 382 skype spgoetz Götz Global Leadership & Partners