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these are a few our favorite architectural things...

Published in: Design, Business
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  1. 1. __________ an nyc-based design agency offering fully integrated branding, marketing, architecture, interior design services as well as conceptual development. you know, bad-ass. for more information, please contact: stefan boublil 212.343.4265 visit
  2. 2. we pride ourselves on carefully considered design with assertive and confident executions, aiming to distinguish itself from the abundance of disposable items on display in our daily lives. if you are trying to tell your story through the objects and experiences that surround you and the space that you inhabit, then we are your people, and this is your home. welcome, lover. stefan boublil & gina alvarez principals
  3. 3. __________ __________ INTERIOR ARCHITECTURE
  4. 4. __________ four-bedroom apt/ conversion/ NYC every single room is constructed so that the postcard view of central park is the star. with a built-in wraparound sofa, a secret door in the solid walnut library and distributed surround sound all over the home, this project is an ode to the 80s during which the building was erected.
  5. 5. __________ yelo/ commercial space/ NYC this experience for a new york reflexology and napping center provides an escape from the chaos and clamor of the city. we designed everything from the name to the floorboards, ensuring that every customer has a visit that is purposeful as well as carefully considered and enjoyed.
  6. 6. __________ the black apt/ conversion/ NYC "at night, i want to feel like i'm in a shanghai nightclub..." and so our proposal was equally simple: "what if you lived inside a black-lacquered chinese box?..." to our amazement, the client was game so we knew our next idea would pass as well, no walls whatsoever, just a network of curtains which could be used to make rooms on-the-fly.
  7. 7. __________ swich/ commercial space/ NYC name, brand and build a scalable quick service restaurant that embodies familiarity, style and a freshness that will be remembered and easily replicated across the country.
  8. 8. __________ ymca/ office & cultural space/ NYC design and build a flexible office space over 8000 square feet to accommodate a continuous stream of happenings spanning arenas as varied as creative presentations and meetings, products launches, fashion shows, lectures and philanthropic events.
  9. 9. __________ st. saviour’s church/ residential conversion/ LONDON convert a 200 year-old anglican church in the heart of london into a residential palace for one lucky family. it enabled us to research history and mix what we found to be essential with the needs of a modern lifestyle..
  10. 10. __________ company/ hospitality/ NYC develop a new brand and architectural lobby plan for a members-only refuge catering to the creative class with their envelope- pushing needs in mind.
  11. 11. restaurant
  12. 12. private dining
  13. 13. kitchen
  14. 14. guest suite
  15. 15. __________ various lofts/ residential spaces/ ALL OVER understanding how people live is not a matter of decoration, it is a matter of behavior. understanding and catering to it is what makes interior architecture successful for everyday living. these are but a few of our favorite things...
  16. 16. __________ meet/ commercial space/ NYC design and re-interpret the concept of meeting spaces in a world of beige and bore by creating a space that makes the experience more productive and fun as well as inspiring.
  17. 17. __________ __________ THANK YOU