The Great Product Development Swindle


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What do some companies right, to avoid the control dilemma and other patterns that kills innovation and agility?

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The Great Product Development Swindle

  1. 1. THE GREAT PRODUCT ‘D’EVELOPMENT SWINDLE and how to avoid it:
  2. 2. “A network structure to make the firm more independent from people” on eek it 2 w nd ’m “I n a ay” t io yw aca v an rks wo Jakob CEO Orderbird
  3. 3. “Experience how product development feels from a developer perspective” gile eA th ing tch ner e Str Ow uct rod P tive pec ers P Bastian CO-Founder, Produktmanager Orderbird
  4. 4. “Quit my job as CTO to become servant leader for the team” Bernhard CTO Orderbird
  5. 5. Trust = Credibility x Intimacy Risk Hans Product Owner Orderbird
  6. 6. Su e!* pris r “I increased motivation by reducing pressure, creating clear prioritized goals and maximizing the freedom within these boundaries” “Bridging the development and sales circles” *Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us von Pink Robert Lead IT, Scrum Master Orderbird
  7. 7. Strategy Governance New Product Main Product Orderbird’s network structure* * this is a snapshot and also only an abstraction of something that is too complex to put on a 2/3D slide
  8. 8. Start here 8
  9. 9. Agile and lean approaches of making products increase complexity here To match complexity there 9
  10. 10. A team is a complex adaptive system
  11. 11. Kent Beck’s  Beyond Agile Manifesto Team vision and discipline over individuals and interactions (over processes and tools) Validated learning over working software (over comprehensive documentation) Customer discovery over customer collaboration (over contract negotiation) Initiating change over responding to change (over following a plan)“
  12. 12. “Any customer can have a car painted any colour that he wants so long as it is black.” T-Model, Henry Ford, 1920
  13. 13. Control Dilemma More control Looses sight of limits flexibility environment and adaptablity to environment Re-enforcing Cycle "If a system is to be stable the number of states of its control mechanism must be greater than or equal to the number of states in the system being controlled” Ashby’s Law
  14. 14. THE DARKNESS PRINCIPLE „If an agent “knew” the entire system, the complexity of the whole system would have to reside in that agent.“ Paul Cilliers, Complexity and Postmodernism
  15. 15. “we kno ww cus hat tom our ers wan t” THE GREAT PRODUCT ‘D’EVELOPMENT SWINDLE “Here is my 18 month release plan, it's going to be perfect” “No worries, we will meet that milestone” The Emperor’s New Clothes
  16. 16. I couldn’t even get my own teenage daughter to look at Google+ twice, “social isn’t a product,” she told me after I gave her a demo, “social is people and the people are on Facebook.”
  17. 17. What’s your blind spot? Who’s going to tell you? Stefan Haas Independent Agile Coach and Trainer @haaslab