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Assignment 2C


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Published in: Education, Career, Business
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Assignment 2C

  1. 1. + Assignment 2C Stefan Constantinou
  2. 2. + Shift Work Shift work is a type of work schedule where groups or workers rotate through set periods throughout the day. At the end of a workers shift, they will swap with another worker so there will never be people not working. Example – Caffe’ Nero – They are constantly looking for workers who can comply with shift work as it’s not a life time permanent job, it’s a constantly changing business and therefore the employees are too.
  3. 3. + Fixed Term Fixed Term is a type of employment where workers will receive a contract from the organization they are working for that reiterates how long they will work for the company for. The contract states the date of when the contract expires for the company. Example – Builder – A construction worker would have a deadline when he/she must finish the work.
  4. 4. + Office Hours Office Hours is the most typical type of work where employers will work 9am-5pm (ordinary 8 hours) Monday to Friday. This is the most common type of employment because a majority of people work in offices, ergo these are Office Hours. Example – Office Job – Working in an office involves being on a fixed term and receiving an hourly rate dependent on the importance of their role.
  5. 5. + Freelance Freelance employment is done by people who are selfemployed and have no appointed time of when they go to work or leave work. They tend to have to find their own work and manage their own career through picking their own hours and ensuring they work enough to support themselves. This can be a disadvantage as if they cannot find work then they don’t have a secure income. Example – Paint and Decorator – This is typically a selfemployed job as they receive recognition of their work through word of mouth which allows friends and family to be likely clients.
  6. 6. + Irregular Patterns Irregular Patterns is a type of work in which there is no systematic consecutive times in which you work at. This could involve working at a monthly or annual event, and these days involve working longer or shorter hours to fit the events schedule. Example – Long Haul Trucker – Studies show that they get less than 5 hours sleep and drive for 10 hours straight. They can be called any hour of the day or night to deliver goods and can drive for tens of hours.
  7. 7. + Hourly rates Hourly Rates is how much a person gets paid per hour. The payment is due to the job, not the quantity of work produced, mainly quality, as if your work was not adequate enough they would fire you. Example – Electrician – Electricians earn a above average hourly rate which motivates them to work. Knowing they have a secure income and earn money hourly allows them to do their job carefree.
  8. 8. + Piece Work Piece Work is a type of work where you are paid due to the quantity of products produced or each project made successful. Regardless of how long the product takes to make or create, you get paid for completing it. Example – Architecture – Architecture is a job paid by the quality of the project given to the employer. The miniature buildings or landmarks etc will be taken into consideration of quality and paid due to that.