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Dbms comparison


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Dbms comparison

  1. 1. DBMS COMPARISON REPORT Oracle 11i MS SQL 2000 Price: Price: Appx . 1280 $ Appx .1530$ ( For The Entire SBS Suit ) Platform dependency: Platform dependency: The Oracle Database is the only information Supports Intel and Alpha Platforms. But Only Windows management system that is proven to scale to meet all 2000 Operating systems is supported on Intel Platforms. business requirements on all hardware platforms, from single processor and mid-range multiprocessor systems to large-scale mainframe and clustered environments. This proven scalability unlocks the full potential of any hardware and operating system investment and ensures any organization will able to meet all business requirements in the future. Scalability and locking: Scalability and locking: Oracle9i’s unique multi-version read consistency SQL Server 2000 is capable of supporting the growth model minimizes internal contention of data. By requirements of any Web site, as well as the largest avoiding contention, the number of users who can enterprise systems. It includes Distributed Partitioned simultaneously access data increases. DBMS will Views and log shipping to distribute workloads and takes dynamically re-create a read-consistent image for a full advantage of SMP hardware with new parallel reader of any requested data that has been changed but operations. not yet committed. In other words, the reader will see the data as it was before the writer began changing it (until the writer commits). Critical Business Availability: Critical Business Availability: Oracle9i is the most cost-effective database to ensure In SQL Server 2000, more operations can be performed minimal downtime and zero data loss. It takes care of online so that the server can stay up and running. most scenarios that might lead to data unavailability, Additionally, new backup features ensure that backups can such as system failures, data failures, disasters, human be performed with little or no impact on server errors, system maintenance operations and database performance or availability. maintenance operations. In addition, Oracle Real Application Clusters provides high availability for mission critical applications. System Failure Protection System Failure Protection Oracle database recovery allows the DBA to provide SQL Server 2000 includes enhanced fail over cluster service-level guarantees for the system, ensuring the support to keep applications up and running even when database availability meets the business needs. Oracle disaster strikes. Real Application Clusters and Oracle Failsafe provide Fail over clusters are both easier to manage and more continuous availability to database in the event of a flexible in SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition. SQL system failure. Automatic application fail over masks Server 2000 setup automatically detects the presence of the failure from the users so their work continues Microsoft Cluster Services, so no separate cluster wizard is uninterrupted. needed. Joy V.Ramachandran Consultant – SAP BASIS IVL India Pvt Ltd Technopark Trivandrum ;
  2. 2. Online Maintenance Operations Online Maintenance Operations Oracle9i almost completely eliminates the need to In SQL Server 2000, more operations can be performed bring down a database while an administrator is online so that the server can stay up and running. performing maintenance operations on the database. Additionally, new backup features ensure that backups can The online data redefinition features improve data be performed with little or no impact on server availability, database performance, response time and performance or availability. disk space utilization Indexes can be added, rebuilt or de-fragmented. Tables can be relocated, de-fragmented, reorganized or have their storage parameters changed. Schema evolution allows table definitions to be modified while the data table is in service. Flashback query Flashback query Users can make mistakes such as entering the wrong Not Supported values or deleting the wrong set of rows. Oracle9I’s flashback query allows an administrator or a user to view the database at a point-in time in the past. Developers can use this feature to build self-service error correction applications, empowering end-users to undo and correct their errors without delay. Security and Protection of the Privacy of Sensitive Security and Protection of the Privacy of Sensitive Business Information Business Information Oracle9i offers all the features and functionality Oracle does not provide basic security features such as required to secure and protect all important business integrated security for single sign-on, network packet information. It addresses all major security hazards, encryption, PKI, or Kerberos as a standard feature of the providing a wide choice of authentication and database. These are available only as extra charge options authorization mechanisms and protecting data from and only for the enterprise edition of the Oracle9i database. prying, even by the DBA. It supports a number of SQL Server 2000 has all these options as standard features different application architectures including two-tier, built into the database. three-tier, Internet based and hosting. SQL Server 2000 introduces significant new security enhancements and features. SQL Server 2000 has been certified under the U.S. government's C2-level security certification—one of the highest levels of certification available in the industry. Flexible Data Partitioning Flexible Data Partitioning Oracle partitioning allows table and indexes to be In order to attain flexible data storage and additional query partitioned into smaller, more manageable units, performance, developers can use the Partition Wizard to providing DBAs with the ability to pursue a easily scale out one logical cube into separate physical “divide and conquer” approach to data partitions on multiple servers with complete transparency. management. For example, a typical usage of range partitioning for manageability is to support a “rolling window” load process in a data warehouse. When, for example, a DBA loads new data into a table on a weekly basis, that table could be range-partitioned so that each partition contains one week of data. The load process is simply the addition of a new partition. Joy V.Ramachandran Consultant – SAP BASIS IVL India Pvt Ltd Technopark Trivandrum ;
  3. 3. Complete Summary Management Complete Summary Management Summary management enhances query performance by Analysis Services (formerly OLAP Services) in SQL storing pre-aggregated data and- Server 2000 is to provide a complete, end-to-end platform dynamically re-writing queries to use this data, thereby for analysis including relational storage, data extraction, avoiding the overhead of scanning very large tables, OLAP optimization and querying, data mining, and often several gigabytes in size, at runtime. Oracle9I’s semantic modeling, among others. Moreover, Analysis robust summary management implementation allows Services is designed for database administrators and the creation of dimensions, or summary hierarchies, so application developers rather than an elite audience of that only the most frequently used summary tables need statistical experts. be physically stored while less frequently used summary information can be derived based on stored summary tables. This reduces the amount of storage required for summary tables. Manageability And DBA Expertise Manageability And DBA Expertise Oracle9i simplifies database management and increases Oracle is late to the game in recognizing that customers database administrator productivity with smart self- want databases that are intelligent enough to manage tuning. critical resources and perform routine tuning automatically. For several releases, SQL Server had the ability to automatically tune itself based on run-time conditions. As a result, SQL Server requires little, if any, tuning by a database administrator; memory, file sizes, and the I/O subsystem are a few of the items SQL Server manages on behalf of the administrator. Oracle has only just begun to explore this area with the addition of wizards in its management tools. SQL Server first implemented wizards over six years ago and is years ahead of other vendors with its dynamic automated resource management and tuning capabilities. Additionally, many management tools and utilities that come as standard features in SQL Server are extra charge options in Oracle9i. Workload Management Workload Management Oracle9i features a significantly enhanced Database SQL Server performs several operations to keep itself Resource Manager with new capabilities such as tuned. SQL Server 2000 features dynamic algorithms that authentic prioritization and proactive governance of rely on adaptive feedback. SQL Profiler includes new any SQL statement. With its automatic prioritization events for Data File Auto Grow, Data File Auto Shrink, feature, an Oracle9i database can detect long running Log File Auto Grow and Log File Auto Shrink. These operations and limit their resource consumption events allow DBAs to monitor the circumstances under ensuring that the online users do not experience slow which automated management tasks are occurring. performance. Oracle9i Database Resource Manager Developers can also create applications that use SQL also provides execution of highly resource intensive Profiler stored procedures to automate the adjustment of queries during certain times of the day. These the operational characteristics of SQL Server. capabilities allow for prioritization of work and provide almost unlimited system scalability without compromising performance. Joy V.Ramachandran Consultant – SAP BASIS IVL India Pvt Ltd Technopark Trivandrum ;
  4. 4. English Query English Query Not Supported Microsoft English Query allows end users to pose questions in English instead of forming a query with an SQL statement. English Query acts as an intermediary, turning the user’s question into a proper SQL query that pulls the desired results from the database. English Query is fully integrated into SQL Server 2000. Microsoft is unique in the industry in offering such functionality. Database backups Database backups Supports on-line and offline database and redo log SQL Server 2000 includes the capability to perform backups. Oracle supports a number of certified vendors differential backups. Using this approach, backups run equipments for backup. relatively quickly and are smaller in size than other types of backups. Moreover, differential backups may be performed while users access the database. Joy V.Ramachandran Consultant – SAP BASIS IVL India Pvt Ltd Technopark Trivandrum ;