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How to canoe image instruction


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How to canoe image instruction

  1. 1. How to Paddle a Canoe An Emma Lake Crash Course
  2. 2. Preparation Choose a brightly coloured pfd. It should be snug, yet allow room for movement.• Check the label to be sure your pfd has been approved by transport Canada or the Coast Guard.
  3. 3. Preparation• Choose your weapon • Paddles come in many different shapes and sizes
  4. 4. Preparation Be sure your paddle is the right length. Chin height or use a friend and be sure that your arms form a 90degreeangle.
  5. 5. Paddle PartsGrip Throat Tip Shaft Blade
  6. 6. Grip Hold the ‘grip’ of the paddle firmly with your top hand.
  7. 7. Grip With your other hand, hold the ‘throat’ down near the blade of the paddle. A lower grip will give you more leverage.
  8. 8. The stroke Reach forward with both hands, putting your paddle deep into the water. The entire blade of the paddle should be submerged.
  9. 9. The Stroke Pull back parallel to the canoe. When the paddle is in line with your body, this is the deepest point of the stroke.
  10. 10. The Stroke Keep pulling the paddle until the blade is behind you and your lower arm is fully extended.
  11. 11. The Stroke After reaching the end of your stroke,  Lift your paddle out of the water  Twist both hands until the blade is parallel to the water  Reach forward and Repeat.