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Parks / Jones


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Photography Presentation on
Gordon Parks
by Brittany Jones

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Parks / Jones

  1. 1. Gordon Parks An American Photo- Journalist
  2. 2. Basic Information Born in 1912, Gordon Parks was born in Kansas. Although he was growing up in a time of fierce racial discrimination, Parks did not become bitter. Instead, he remembered the words of his mother and began to intolerant any sort of injustice. This aspect of his life is later seen in his work. During the great depression, Parks struggled to find a musical jobs so he bought a camera and began to study books on photography. He then began to document poverty and racial issues in Chicago. In 1949, he became the first black photographer to submit to Life Magazine. This was monumental because at the time, it was one of the more popular magazines. Not only was he a photographer, he also produced movies, was a musician and wrote.
  3. 3. Black Muslim Shoot
  4. 4. Poverty Shoot
  5. 5. Flavo
  6. 6. Harlem/ Civil Rights
  7. 7. Celebrity shots
  8. 8. Biblography The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education, No. 40 (Summer, 2003), pp. 102-104Published by: The JBHE Foundation Parks, Gordon. Half Past Autumn. New York: A Bulfinch P Book, 1997. http://www.masters-of- ml