Hyperspace Engage: Learning to Make the Future at your Library


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Urban Librarian's Conference by Urban Librarians Unite. Brooklyn, NY. April 5th, 2013.

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Hyperspace Engage: Learning to Make the Future at your Library

  1. 1. Hyperspace Engage:Learning to Make theFuture at Your Library
  2. 2. Agenda! Theory Workshops Resources  Cake!
  3. 3. Theory of MakingEvidence based learning (Look what I made!)Requires research and readingInspires creative thinking and inventionPromotes teamworkBuilds confidence
  4. 4. PhilosophyHackerspaces are kind of dangerous and usually in a warehouse on the edge of town. Eeeep!Libraries are centrally located, trusted community institutions.We can offer kids and young adults innovative making/learning opportunitiesBe excited to go to work, and see what is made!
  5. 5. HYPE Makerspace Inside of HYPE Teen Center Main Library Serves ages 13-18 4,000 Sq. Ft.
  6. 6. Before HYPE MakerspaceHandmade DetroitSewingPapercraftJewelry
  7. 7. Maker Faire Detroit Started in 2010 Met cool people! Partnerships which led to Makerspace Host maker events At your library!
  8. 8. Maker Faire Detroit 2012
  9. 9. New York Maker FaireSeptember 21 & 22, 2013Be an ExhibitorMeet cool people!Form community partnerships
  10. 10. Community Partnerships
  11. 11. MakerspaceConsiderationsBuy big equipment right away or wait? (3D printers, laser cutters, etc)Learn from existing makerspacesExpert instructors lead to successStarting small is not a bad thing
  12. 12. Good ResourcesMakeZine.com ifixit.comMakerEd.com Instructables.comAdafruit.com Hackerspaces.orgThingiverse.com Makerspace.com
  13. 13. Bike Tech Learn bicycle repair & maintenance Experienced bike shop instructor Teens can bring own bikes in!
  14. 14. Crafternoon Papercraft Cross-Stitch Knitting
  15. 15. Graphic Design Theory of design Wood block printing Silk screen printing Digital vinyl cutter
  16. 16. Sewing/Wearables Designing Sewing Repairs Fabulousness!
  17. 17. Electronics/Robotics Soldering Amplifiers Arduino Robot army!
  18. 18. 3D Printing  Download free models  Build your own with free software  Various plastics, including corn based  Field is just getting started
  19. 19. HYPE MakerspaceWorkshops8 to 12 week session of workshops5 workshops per weekEach workshops is 2 hoursTeens able to work on projects outside of workshops
  20. 20. HYPE MakerspaceTeamDPL staff were Conductors (Managers)Outside instructors paid $25/hr ($50 per workshop)Teen assistant instructors paid $8/hr ($16 per workshop)
  21. 21. Criticisms!Is this safe?Is this a “Core Library Service?”Won’t this take money away from the collection/programs?Does this belong in the Library?!?!?!
  22. 22. Future3D Printer Plastic RecyclingTraveling Makerspace KitsPower Wheels Racing Circuit!More Fun!
  23. 23. Let’s Be Friends!Steve Teeri@telephasesteve.teeri@gmail.com313-258-0920http://www.detroitpubliclibrary.org/hype
  24. 24. Questions?