What is bricks & mobile


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Presentation at the Bricks & Mobile event that we co-founded.

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What is bricks & mobile

  1. 1. Engaging&Instore&Experience&that&Generates& Shopping&Excitement& & Steen&Andersson,&CMO,&5th&Finger& JJ&Hirschle,&Head&of&Retail,&Google& George&Findling,&Enterprise&Architect,&Crate&&&Barrel&&
  2. 2. Is This In-Store Mobile?The AVA in-store iRobot with iPad head
  3. 3. Is This In-Store Mobile?
  4. 4. Is This In-Store Mobile?
  5. 5. Is This In-Store Mobile?
  6. 6. Is This In-Store Mobile?
  7. 7. Is This In-Store Mobile?
  8. 8. In-Store Mobile In-store mobile is: Leveraging the power of mobile’s deep consumer relationship to connect with shoppers inside a bricks and mortar location. At 5th Finger, we call this: Bricks and Mobile
  9. 9. The role of In-Store in… Apparel…
  10. 10. In-Store Mobile Is Important
  11. 11. Consumers Are Already Using It70% of smartphone ownershave used their mobile whileshopping in-store-Google Insights, May 2011•  Price Comparisons•  Customer Reviews & Ratings•  Stock Checks•  Check-in•  Coupons•  Access Promotions
  12. 12. Price Comparisons Are HappeningAmazon, eBay, RedLaserand others are providingretail customers a mobilesolution to research,compare and purchase whilein-store. 49% of smartphone owners have used their mobile to compare prices. -Google Insights, May 2011
  13. 13. Shoppers Prefer Mobile When SeekingFurther Product InformationHow 5th Finger retail client customers prefer to find product details while in-store. (app users)
  14. 14. Mobile Shoppers Love Promotions 80% Promotions Special offers Percentage of survey respondents Product info that indicated mobile app feature Outfit/project ideas as a high priority Reviews 30% How to/informational videos
  15. 15. What makes a great in-store Experience?Richness - In-store ordering and check-out Simplicity - Demonstration of the Starbucks Cardsystem via iPad at Specialty’s in San Mobile App on a smart phones at the CapitalFrancisco. Gallery Starbucks in Washington, DC. / Garrett Hubbard/USAT (Paying with Starbucks card)
  16. 16. It’s About ConvenienceTarget Makes Shopping Simpler Tip Customers over the threshold to certainty of purchase. Scan products in-store and view product specifications, features and read reviews.
  17. 17. It’s About EngagementShopkick Uses Achievement to Motivate A retailer agnostic approach that gamifies the shopping experience with offers and deals provided by brands. The clever sub-audible in- store location tool provides the best heads up display potential in the market today as someone walks around the store.
  18. 18. Mobile Will Be…Your Wallet Your Mobile AssociateConvenience and speed drive purchase Basket expansion
  19. 19. Thank YouSteen.andersson@5thfinger.com