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  • Good place to mention surveying app customers is great
  • 5th Finger in app survey results
  • Target AppLists + Registries: Manage your lists and registries or find a friend’s. Quickly add items to prepare for your next Target trip. Add your own custom items like milk, eggs or cheese to create a truly flexible shopping list.Daily Deals: These hot deals last one day only and shipping is always free.Barcode Scanner: Scan Target items to find details, reviews and store availability. Use multi-scan mode to easily add items to your list or registry.
  • I love this and the position is that the Subway is now the Store and the mobile becomes your shopping cart, and checkout tool. Instead of staff to manage a store, you have staff to manage a distribution center servicing many more stores. 
  • 62% of American smartphone owners have purchased on mobile – Adobe80% of mobile Web users in Asia-Pacific made purchases via their mobile devicesInMobi & MMA47 million Japanese have adopted tap-and-go phones. (NFC)In China alone, there will be 169 million users of tap-and-go payments in 2013-MobiThinking
  • NFC – tons of excitement and hype, but for MOST retailers its still a ways out.Mobile Associate – Inspiration, projecat building (up-selling/basket expansion) fits under this umbrella
  • Listen to your customers – they tell you what they want and needFind a good partner – what helped us is finding both tech and marketingTechnical challenge – the mobile redirect, get the technical team started on it right away
  • “I am Tim Katz Sr. Operations Manager at Pac Sun…. “ ….go into background etc.PacSun “We are …. 800 Stores – US and Puerto Rico” “ Specialty Fashion – California Lifestyle-”mall based retailer with styles”- “Featuring brands etc.
  • “We had several goals in mind with our solution in terms of functionality but we need to make sure a few key criteria were met- First, it had to support our brand image – we are a youth focused retailer and we need to be using the latest and greatest devices to assist customers- Second … we wanted real functionality and leverage our current systems – in this case our m-commerce platform from Usablenet We wanted something easy to manage and update without breaking the bank – so Having this be cost-effective and easy to try went hand in hand We did not want a long development cycle … we wanted to get this up and runnign quicklyFinally - As this was our maiden effort on tablets we wanted to make sure we could make changes and have updates to the app quiclly, track results and improve as we rolled this out more widelyMost importantly, with any project we need to make sure our associates see the benefit, like to use it and it generates ROI for us to go back to our execs and say ‘’ here is why it succeeded”
  • – We a native app – not a browser app. This is an important distinction – since all the app content in synched down each night it does not tax our network and offers the rich user interface you expect from apple. We designed and branded the app and developed a work flow for our store associates to work with our customers – anywhere in the store. We provide product information, look books – which are very successful and ability to guide and assist the customer. Multiple ways to drive to a product as well as integration to social media and ability to use QR codes. QR codes provide a really great interaction with mobile phones in the app as you can let customers scan the iPad w/ their phones.BEST OF ALL – if we don’t have the product in the store, we can link to our m-commerce app page ford that product and complete the sale right there – no heavy integration required – just leverage our Usablenet deployment! So we are really achieving multi-channel selling – allowing for purchase and direct ship from the store floor – and mobile provides the right tool for doing this. . Before we had this ipad solution – if we didn’t have a size or color of a product, we would have to take the customer up to the POS and tie up a machine and log in to complete the sale. We trackthis and know that we actually were driving a fair bit of transactions through e-commerce generated in the store… Our iPad solution generates tangible ROI –and we don’t clog up the register and we can complete the sale from anywhere in the store
  • We rolled this out to 300 stores initially and expect to have 400 stores by holiday and all stores by next year… And we had set firm goals and metric for project success.The users liked it and in fact want more ipads – they liked having the info and tool available to work with customers. One of the creative things we came up as we started this process was that we realized was the ability to push out and manage all sorts of content to device -- .pdfs, videos and the like – and we thought perhaps it could help us in our store ops… and so we developed a second app for use after hours for pushing out training content and materials – so now store associates can access that – as well as access some of our web-based portal apps for productivity. Most importantly was to generate a true ROI – and to track that closely – as in any project that is paramount. We generate ROI by providing the multi-channel selling in case of product not being in the store – and thru our E-Comm can track it back to the store. We saw the number of transactions jump considerably on store-based e-commerce transactions. On top of that the savings from printing and distributing content for our store ops went away with the Global Bay tool kit a very big saving indeed.
  • 2011 Presentation

    1. 1. Owning the Decision Point: TheFuture of the In-store Mobile Experience Steen Andersson 5th Finger VP & Co-Founder
    2. 2. Is This In-Store Mobile?
    3. 3. Is This In-Store Mobile?The AVA in-store iRobot with iPad head
    4. 4. Is This In-Store Mobile?
    5. 5. Is This In-Store Mobile?
    6. 6. Is This In-Store Mobile?
    7. 7. Is This In-Store Mobile?
    8. 8. In-Store Mobile In-store mobile is: Leveraging the power of mobile’s deep consumer relationship to connect with shoppers inside a bricks and mortar location. At 5th Finger, we call this: Bricks and Mobile
    9. 9. The role of In-Store in… Apparel…
    10. 10. In-Store Mobile Is Important
    11. 11. Consumers Are Already Using It70% of smartphone ownershave used their mobile whileshopping in-store-Google Insights, May 2011• Price Comparisons• Customer Reviews & Ratings• Stock Checks• Check-in• Coupons• Access Promotions
    12. 12. Price Comparisons Are HappeningAmazon, eBay, RedLaserand others are providingretail customers a mobilesolution to research,compare and purchase whilein-store. 49% of smartphone owners have used their mobile to compare prices. -Google Insights, May 2011
    13. 13. Shoppers Prefer Mobile When SeekingFurther Product InformationHow 5th Finger retail client customers prefer to find product details while in-store. (app users)
    14. 14. Mobile Shoppers Love Promotions Percentage of survey respondents that indicated mobile app feature as a high priority
    15. 15. They Are Checking-Out Via MobileIn-store ordering and check-out system via Demonstration of the Starbucks Card Mobile AppiPad at Specialty’s in San Francisco. on a smart phones at the Capital Gallery Starbucks in Washington, DC. / Garrett Hubbard/USAT (Paying with Starbucks card)
    16. 16. It’s About ConvenienceTarget Makes Shopping Simpler Tip Customers over the threshold to certainty of purchase. Scan products in-store and view product specifications, features and read reviews.
    17. 17. It’s About EngagementShopkick Uses Achievement to Motivate A retailer agnostic approach that gamifies the shopping experience with offers and deals provided by brands. The clever sub-audible in- store location tool provides the best heads up display potential in the market today as someone walks around the store. 100 million check-ins in the first six months
    18. 18. Korea Is Innovating
    19. 19. Asia- Pacific is AheadPercentage of mobile subscribers accessing mobile web at least monthly 47% 16% 43% 8% 22% 12%* Source: Forrester (June 2011)
    20. 20. Mobile Will Be…Your Wallet Your Mobile AssociateConvenience and speed drive purchase Basket expansion
    21. 21. Questions?
    22. 22. Mobile StrategyPete Zophy, DVP of Ecommerce JoS. A. Bank
    23. 23. Our Path to Mobile Found A PartnerCustomersAsked For It Built a Mobile App! Strategic Plan Goal = to build engagement, drive foot-traffic & provide an additional sales channel.
    24. 24. What we have doneJoS. A. Bank Mobile Site JoS. A. Bank App Average time spent in App: 54 seconds 60% of users use the App 1-2 times per month
    25. 25. What’s NextMobile Coupons In-store Scanning • Product Reviews • Product Details • Act as an Associate
    26. 26. Tips/Lessons Learned• Mobile is the bridge that • How can we maximize connects the Online & this opportunity Retail Channels
    27. 27. Mobile Retail App DeploymentTim Katz, Sr. Operations Manager
    28. 28. We are explorers of style, creators of culture,and instigators of fun.
    29. 29. Objectives • Support brand image • Leverage current technology • Efficiently leverage store network • Easy to manage and update • Cost effective • Quick to marketThe iPad had to show true ROI and be a tool our associates would love to use.
    30. 30. Features• Native App with configurable content management system• E-Commerce Powered by existing Mobile Web site• Nightly updates for optimal performance on store network• Lookbooks, Photos, VideosThe backoffice allows us to communicate with ourassociates on a more frequent and personal level
    31. 31. Lookbooks allow us to showcase the latest trends and upsell outfits.
    32. 32. If a style or color is not available an associatecan look it up and purchase online
    33. 33. QR codes continue the conversation in awhole new way
    34. 34. Results and Future Plans • Positive Field Adoption and Response • Proved Partner Capabilities • ROI exceeding expectations • Listen, learn and improve400 Store rollout by holiday and all stores by next year
    35. 35. Questions?