For a healthier wallet and lifestyle


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Looking for an exciting and rewarding business opportunity where the ceiling is dictated only by yourself? Healthy and great tasting products in a rapidly expanding marketplace, backed by a solid company and with great support?

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For a healthier wallet and lifestyle

  1. 1. You get out of life what you put into it; so why not add some Health, Wellness, Fun and Financial Freedom? Just launched! Release some fire with all-new A.C.T.™ G.T.O.™! This all-natural and unique fusion of vitamins, amino acids, and time-tested botanical extracts is specifically formulated to give both men and women the boost their bodies need for intense passion.This presentation has been created to explain what DrinkACT is, what DrinkACT can do for you, and the many advantages to becoming a DrinkACT Partner. More information can be found at: ,email: steenknigge@hotmail.comphone: 917-326-0731,FaceBook: DrinkACT Steen KniggeThe Information contained in this presentation is for educational purposes only. It is not intended as a substitute for medical advice. It is not intended to diagnose or treatany health conditions, disease and illnesses. I am not an accountant. I am not making any income guarantees. Your income is based on your own efforts.
  2. 2. DrinkACT Is: • A Healthy Energy Drink Company • A Weight Loss Company • A Health and Wellness Company • And a Mineral Make-Up CompanyWhat DrinkACT Can Do for You1. DrinkACT Can Help Increase Your Energy Levels2. DrinkACT Can Help You Lose Weight3. DrinkACT Can Help You Achieve Optimal Health4. DrinkACT Can Help Increase Your Income5. DrinkACT Can Help You Save Thousands of Dollars on Your Taxes Every Year1. DrinkACT Can Increase Your Energy LevelsThe number one complaint heard in doctors’ offices is a lack of energy. This has caused many people to turn to Starbucks,Red Bull, Monster or other energy drinks that contain harmful levels of caffeine and chemicals just to provide the extra “pick-me-up” needed to get through the day. This is why DrinkACT created the world’s first healthy energy drink. This 100% all-natural energy drink is referred to as the “Feel Good Drink” because of the immediate positive impact it has on the way you feel. Not only does A.C.T. taste delicious but it also increases your mental focus and alertness for up to 6 hours without experiencing the typical “jittery” or “crashing” effects afterwards. A.C.T. does not contain any artificial preservatives, flavors, colors, sweeteners or added caffeine. It contains only 40 calories, 9 grams of carbohydrates and burns 100 calories per serving, making A.C.T. perfect for diabetics and anyone wanting to lose weight. A.C.T. has an ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) score of 4,300 per serving making it by far the healthiest beverage ever created.2. DrinkACT Can Help You Lose WeightDrinkACT has developed the most comprehensive Weight Loss System ever created.Body Trim – on-the-go weight management. Body Trim is a great-tasting drink thatboost energy, promotes healthy cholesterol and blood sugar levels as well asCardiovascular and Immune System.Power Up – AM Thermogenic Action. Power Up is an all-natural capsule thatprovides an energy-boost and support efficient metabolism and thermogenesisShake Down – Meal Replacement, supports healthy weight loss and promotes mental clarity, optimal health and well-beingFormuleen – Stealth Food Fiber. Formuleen is a no-taste soluble fiber that promotes healthy weight loss, healthy bloodsugar levels as well as a healthy cardiovascular and digestive system.Power Down – PM Cleansing Formula. Power Down is a proprietary cleansing formula that promotes optimal health andwell-being, supports detoxification and colon health.3. DrinkACT Can Help You Achieve Optimal HealthDrinkACT has the best wellness products on the market that works synergistically together to strengthen yourimmune system and help achieve a state of optimum health. Saxi – SaXi is a perfect blend of proprietary antioxidant-rich super juices including New Zealand Blackcurrant, Mangosteen, Pomegranate, Açai, Elderberry Extract and Patented Aloe Vera combined into one high-potent Super Juice. High level of anthocyanins (a specific type of powerful antioxidant), flavonoids and polyphenols along with Vitamin C (4x higher than oranges), Vitamin B, Vitamin E, Copper, Potassium, and Omega 3 and 6, all other fruits and vegetables pale in comparison to the New Zealand Blackcurrant. It also contains a healthy dose of soluble fiber, making SaXi the best health and wellness product ever created! Invigorita - Invigorita is a liquid multi-vitamin/multi-mineral supplement that contains all 75 ESSENTIAL minerals and all 13 ESSENTIAL vitamins that your body MUST have every day. Invigorita also contains some added all-natural ingredients to give you an extra energy boost. Invigorita comes in a 32oz bottle containing a one month’s supply (1oz per day) of all thevitamins and minerals you need to stay healthy and energized all day long
  3. 3. 4. DrinkACT Can be Your Road to Financial FreedomIn addition to a phenomenal product line, DrinkACT also offers a life-changing income opportunity. With some effort, youcan earn a six- even 7-digit income with the DrinkACT Compensation Plan. Find 2 partners and keep going…. You Gold Pack Sam Sue Silver Pack Silver Pack Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver And this keeps on going and goingBy Referring 2 People To Implement This Business Plan and Teaching Them How To Refer 2 People YourWeekly Paycheck Can Grow Very Quickly!* On average, new people invest in a Silver Pack. You can chose a Bronze, Silver or Gold Pack; with escalatingbenefits/payment incentives. Personally I invested in a Gold Pack5. DrinkACT Can Help You Save Thousands of Dollars on Your Taxes Every YearIf the great products and fantastic income opportunity were not enough, there are also tremendous tax benefits that goalong with owning a DrinkACT Home Based Business. Please note that I am not qualified to give tax advice thus you shouldspeak to a tax-professional for the exact details, but below is a brief list of deductions that can be applicable.A Brief List of the Deductions You Can “Write Off” Once You Start Your DrinkACT Business:1. Your Enrollment Pack2. Your Monthly DrinkACT Autoship3. Your Shipping Costs4. Your Business Cards5. Portion of your Rent or Mortgage6. Portion of your Property Taxes7. Portion of your Electric Bill8. Portion of your Gas Bill9. Business Meals and Travel Expenses10. Portion of your Monthly Cell Phone Bill11. Portion of your Monthly Home Phone Bill12. Your Internet ServiceJust these 12 items alone can add up to over $10,000 in deductions per year to you! These tax deductions alone give you10,000 reasons to join DrinkACT
  4. 4. The 8 Ways That You Get Paid to achieve Financial Freedom.1. First Tier Fast Start Bonus‐For every person you enroll with a Bronze Jett Pack you will receive $40 instantly!For every person you enroll with a Silver Jett Pack you will receive $80 instantly!For every person you enroll with a Gold Jett Pack you will receive $140 instantly!2. Second Tier Fast Start Bonus‐When someone you personally enrolled sells a Bronze Jett Pack you will receive $20 instantly!When someone you personally enrolled sells a Silver Jett Pack you will receive $40 instantly!When someone you personally enrolled sells a Gold Jett Pack you will receive $60 instantly!3. Cycle BonusThis example shows the Cycle Bonus profit you make if everyone just enroll their 2 partners Initial Gold YourVolume Profit/Month Month New Members Order (BV*) 1 2 360 BV 720 $60 2 4 360 BV 1,440 $120 3 8 360 BV 2,880 $240 4 16 360 BV 5,760 $480 5 32 360 BV 11,520 $960 6 64 360 BV 23,040 $1,920 7 128 360 BV 46,080 $3,840 8 256 360 BV 92,160 $7,680 9 512 360 BV 184,320 $15,360 10 1,024 360 BV 368,640 $30,720 11 2,048 360 BV 737,280 $61,440 12 4,096 360 BV 1,474,560 $122,880 Totals 8,190 2,948,400 $245,700*Business Volume (BV) is a unit of measurement used by DrinkACT. to measure Total Sales Volume.After 1 year of active enrollment in DrinkACT, you can end up with 8,190 people, accumulate almost 3 Million in BusinessVolume, and earn a Profit of $245,700! That’s not bad for your first year in business and that is only 1 of the 8 ways that youare paid at DrinkACT.4. Residual IncomeEveryone is required to be on a monthly 40 BV or higher autoship to remain qualified. However, this is a very smallcommitment, likely to barely cover your personal consumption of the healthy and great-tasting products, let alone yoursampling effort. Note that you can cancel your autoship at any time. The income potential is as follows:1,000 People under you x 40 BV each = 40,000 BV/month = $3,330/monthThat’s $40,000/year Residual to you for the rest of your life!3,000 People under you x 40 BV each = 120,000 BV/month = $10,000/monthThat’s $120,000/year Residual to you for the rest of your life!25,000 People under you x 40 BV each = 1 Million BV/month = $83,333/monthThat’s $1,000,000/year Residual to you for the rest of your life!5. Matching BonusWhen you are a Silver member you receive a 10% matching bonus on your first level!When you are a Gold member you receive a 10% matching bonus on your first 2 levels!When you are a Platinum or above member you receive a 10% matching bonus on your first 3 levels!
  5. 5. 6. Retail Profits- DrinkACT allows you to retail the A.C.T. cans in any type of store, gym, salon, or any other public venue.Simply have the location purchase the A.C.T. cans at our low wholesale cost and sell the A.C.T. cans at the retail price tomake a substantial profit. You will be paid on all the Business Volume (BV) that this produces.7. Global Bonus PoolDrinkACT sets aside 5% of all company world-wide sales into a Global Bonus Pool that is paidout quarterly to all the Gold members and above. This Global Bonus Pool is HUGE! Be sure toenroll into DrinkACT as a Gold Member so that you are instantly qualified to receive your shareof the Global Bonus Pool!8. Luxury Car BonusOnce you reach the rank of Diamond Director, DrinkACT will give you a $400 per month bonus to purchase a new vehicle.When you reach the Executive Diamond Director Position, DrinkACT will give you a $1,000 per month bonus to purchasethe vehicle of your dreams!Achieve Everything You Want In Life!If you follow the plan outlined, you can have over 8,000 people below you after 1 year. With 8,000 people under you on a40 BV active autoship you will be earning over $25,000 per month in Walk Away Residual Income! Most people can live aVERY comfortable lifestyle off $300,000 per year. Keep in mind; this is in addition to the $245,700 of initial income outlinedearlier. With this type of income you will be able to quit your job and really start to live the lifestyle of your dreams.The Advantages of Becoming A DrinkACT Partner1. DrinkACT Positions You In 4 HUGE and EXPANDING Industries:The $12 Billion Energy Drink IndustryThe $35 Billion Weight Loss IndustryThe $500 Billion Health and Wellness IndustryThe $20 Billion Beauty and Cosmetic Industry*2. DrinkACT Has Consumable ProductsIn order to create long term residual income you MUST be with a company that provides consumable products. TheDrinkACT products work so well that there is an 82% reorder rate every month. This is what is going to potentially enableyou to create a HUGE walk away residual income at DrinkACT3. The DrinkACT Products Provide INSTANT GRATIFICATIONWithin 10 minutes of drinking one of our A.C.T. energy drinks, people feel incredible! The product literally sells itself! Welive in a NOW society, people want instant gratification and that is exactly what DrinkACT provides.4. DrinkACT Has the Most Duplicatable System In the IndustryWhen you enroll a new member, they will have a wealth of immediate resources and training to make it work + the way thecompensation plan is constructed, frankly the best in the business.5. Double Your Income at DrinkACT By Just Working Part‐TimeThe average American works 40 hours a week and makes $50,000 per year. With DrinkACT you can work only 20 hours perweek and make $100,000 per year! Your income is based on your own efforts and there is no limit and no risk.6. DrinkACT Has NO Membership Fee and One of The Lowest Monthly Autoships In The IndustryMany businesses charge you a membership fee and force you to spend lots of dollars each month to stay qualified. AtDrinkACT there is NO membership fee and your monthly autoship requirement will never increase above 40 BV.7. DrinkACT is Open In Over 50 Different CountriesDrinkACT has an Incredible Infrastructure including facilities such as the 140,000 square foot facility in Dallas, Texas, theworld-wide headquarters in Chula Vista, California, and the high-rise offices in Japan. DrinkACT is positioned to help youbuild a HUGE world-wide business.
  6. 6. Get Started In DrinkACT TodayGetting started in DrinkACT is very simple. Just decide if you want to enroll with a Bronze, Silver, or Gold Jett Pack.Benefits of Enrolling With A Bronze Jett Pack • Free Membership • Free Personalized Website • Earn Double Commissions For Life • Qualify To Earn First Tier Fast Start BonusesSimply choose 1 Bronze Pack at of Enrolling With A Silver Jett Pack • Same as bronze AND • Qualify To Earn Second Tier Fast Start Bonuses • Qualify To Receive 10% Matching Bonus on First LevelSimply choose any 2 Bronze Packs at of Enrolling With A Gold Jett Pack • Same as Silver AND • Qualify To Receive 10% Matching Bonus on First TWO Levels • Instantly Qualified For The Global Bonus PoolSimply choose the Gold Jet Pack or any 3 Bronze Packs at and Silver Enrollment PacksPack Name Contains Cost BVGold Jett Pack 120 A.C.T. Energy Packets, 48 A.C.T. Cans, 60 Body Trim Packets, 40 Power Up Sample $747 360 BV Cards, 6 Bottles of SaXi, 1 Bottle of Invigorita (32oz), 1 Power Up AM Thermogenic Action (120 capsules), 1 Power Down PM Cleansing Formula (60 capsules), 1 Box of Drop‐IT (90 drops), 1 Canister of Shake Down Vanilla, 1 Canister of Formuleen, 1 Nu C Waterless Vitamin C, 1 Botanical Spa Collection Includes Over $75 Worth Of Free Products! Receive 2ND Tier Matching And Global Bonus Pool ShareSilver Jett Pack 90 A.C.T. Energy Packets, 24 A.C.T. Cans, 60 Body Trim Packets, 30 Power Up Sample $498 240 BV Cards, 3 Bottles of SaXi, 1 Bottle of Invigorita (32oz), 1 Power Up AM Thermogenic Action (120 capsules), 1 Power Down PM Cleansing Formula (60 capsules), 1 Canister of Shake Down Vanilla, 1 Canister of Formuleen Includes Over $45 Worth Of Free Products! Receive 2ND Tier Fast Start Bonus and 1 Tier Matching BonusBronze Enrollment PacksChoose 1 To Go Bronze ‐ Choose 2 To Go Silver ‐ Choose 3 To Go GoldPack Name Contains Cost BVBronze Jett Pack 60 A.C.T. Energy Packets, 24 A.C.T. Cans, 30 Body Trim Packets, 20 Power Up Sample $249 120 BV Cards, 2 Bottles of SaXi, 1 Bottle of Invigorita (32oz)Vanilla or Chocolate 1 Power Up (120 capsules), 1 Bottle of FormuLeen Stealth Food Fiber, 1 Vanilla or $249 120 BV“Game On” Bronze Pack chocolate Shake Down Meal Replacement Shake, 60 Body Trim Packets, 1 Power Down (60 capsules), 1 Bottle of Invigorita (32 oz), 90 Drop‐IT Weight Management Drops, 1 Shaker Bottle and 1 DVDSaXi Bronze Pack 9 Bottles of SaXi (only $27.67 per Bottle!) $249 120 BVOther bronze packs Ask for details $249 120 BVavailable with make‐up