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Street furniture by Steelway Fensecure Ltd


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Street furniture by Steelway Fensecure Ltd

  1. 1. When thinking about Street Furniture, what does it mean toyou? To us it means functionality, clean lines, comfort, sus-tainability and good value. We think our Street Furnitureproducts combine all of these elements into one easy to usepackage. With a range of seating, cycle stands, barriers, binsand tree guards, we have something for everyone. From thesimple elegant lines of our Queengate range to our ornateGreat Western Railway cast iron and hardwood heritagebenches, we can provide a one stop shop for any Street Fur-niture need. Many of our products are available in brightprimary colours to stand out in the crowd or in muted col-ours to blend into natural environments. All of our StreetFurniture products are manufactured from recyclable com-ponents which are locally sourced to reduce our environ-mental impact. For more on our different ranges see