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Jubilee 2012


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Jubilee 2012

  1. 1. Engineering excellence fit for Queen and Country 2012 marks the start of an important twelve months, historically for Steelway. In early January 2013 we celebrate 85 years of trading here at our Queensgate Works site in Wolverhampton. Its been an eventful few years and while the worlds eyes will be on London in June for the Queens Diamond Jubilee, we at Steelway will be quietly reflecting on the (minor) role we had in helping to crown the Queen back in 1953.This may seem like a tall claim but what many people possibly do notrealise is that in 1937 Steelway manufactured the pedestrian crowdcontrol barriers for the coronation of the Queens father King George VI.These barriers due to their special design and highly engineeredconstruction were fit for use 16 years later to keep the crowds ofwell-wishers safe.We have built on this engineering expertise and other notable projectswhich we have worked on include two James Bond films, the ThamesBarrier, Forth Bridge and the July 2000 famous charity tennis event forthe NSPCC Full Stop campaign at Buckingham Palace.In the late 1970s we complied the now highly sought after A5 TechnicalGuide which was so well received that more than 20 years after the lastedition rolled off the Printing presses (the famous “red book edition”) weare regularly asked if we still produce the guide. We have in the lasttwelve months taken on eight apprentices who are currently in theprocess of learning all of the knowledge and engineering expertise thatwe have gained over the last 84 years which ensures that should ourservices be required in the future for our third coronation we will be wellplaced to assist in our own small way.