Introduction & comapny profile for steel grip infrastructure pvt. ltd.


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Introduction & comapny profile for steel grip infrastructure pvt. ltd.

  1. 1. Engineers * Designers * Fabricators * Galvanizers
  3. 3. Company Profile
  4. 4.  Under the supervision and management of its CEO, Mr. J. P. Agarwal, Steel Grip Infrastructure (P) Ltd has been able to carve a niche for itself as a leading Manufacturer and Supplier of quality steel products. Established in the year 2007. Our accomplishment is based on customer satisfaction and superior quality product which we deliver to several companies as mentioned here in after in the column ‘ Details of work Executed’. We are still doing civil works & have started manufacturing and erection of towers. We , now have great pleasure in introducing ourselves as one of leading manufacturer and supplier of Galvanized Steel Structures & Accessories i.e. Telecom Tower, Transmission Tower, Sub-Station Structures, Cable Trays, Ducts, Foundation Bolts, Templates, Mounts and Fixtures, Beams, Earthing Material (Earthing Rods, Earth Electrode, Earthing Strips and Earthing Plates Etc), Fabricated Structers Clamps, Brackets, Gratings, Solar Module Mounting & Pole Structures , Insert Silo Plates, Highways Crash Barriers, Railways /Metro Electrification System, Bridges and other items to cater to the clients. Infrastructure : Our plant is situated just on nearby Delhi Border in Village- Samchana, Sampla, Distt. - Rohtak, in the state of Haryana with 50, 000 Sq. Ft. of covered area, with an installed capacity of fabrication and galvanizing upto 2,000 MT per month. The entire infrastructure is as per BIS specifications. A team of qualified technical person carry out the various process keeping in mind high quality standard, specifications as per drawings and other requirements of customers / clients. The company rests its pride on the state-of-the-art infrastructure, which is upgraded from time to time. Work Force A team of qualified technical personnel carry out the various processes keeping in mind high quality standards, specifications as per drawings and other requirements of customers. The strength of the company resides in its skilled workforce that is dexterous and proficient. Quality assurance We are a quality driven company, holding ISO Certification, certified by UKAS Quality management and the structures approved by IIT, Delhi. Quality is maintained by measuring various parameters of unfinished and finished raw materials and the same is recorded in an inspection sheet. The materials used by us confirm to IS 2062 Grade or the material specified by the client. Company Profile
  5. 5. Organization Chart - J. P. Agarwal Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Anil Agarwal Sunil Agarwal Director ( Marketing & – Director (Production & Projects ) Procurement) L. Ram Sohan Kumar Anil Kumar Sonu Nitin Sharma Ravi Kumar Head of Projects & Quality Controls Production Manager Quality Control Sr. Accountant Tendering Procurement (Fabrication) (Technical) (Galvanizing) Nitin Joshi Vijay Kumar Bhanwar Lal Rajesh Shukla Sr. Engineer Mithilesh Ashish Kumar Asst. Engineer Commercial Dispatch, Planning Projects Asst. Account Marketing Executive Projects & Planning (Banking) Diploma Holder/ WorkingAutoCAD Engineers Labors Total Persons Skilled, Unskilled : 85 Nos. Company Profile
  6. 6.  Name : M/s. Steel Grip Infrastructure Private Limited Location : Gijji Road, Village- Samchana, Sampla, : Distt.- Rohtak, Harayan – 124404, India Space : 50, 000 Sq. Ft. Buitup Area Nature of Works : Fabrication & Galvanizing of Steel Structural and Other items. Capacity : 24,000 MT / Annum. Layout of Plant : A. Fabrication Shop B. Galvanizing Plant C. Quality Control Department D. Dispatch E. Administration Work Machinery & Equipment : List Enclosed Personnel : Technically qualified Engineers, Experienced Professional in management & other field, Organization chart attached. Experience : Our company C.E.O. Mr. J.P. Agarwal has 40 years experience in business. One of uour Directors, Mr. Sunil Agarwal has 7 Years in manufacturing in all type of Steel Structures & Our other Director Anil Agarwal is a commerce graduate & has 20 years experiences. Our technical head Mr. Mahinder Singh has 25 years of experience in manufacturing of all type of steel structures. Power Backup : Own Generators for Power backup to meet committed delivery in time. Company Profile
  7. 7. Product Profile –Engineers * Designers * Fabricators * Galvanizers Engineering Goods and Its Accessories i.e. Telecom Tower, Transmission Tower, Sub-Station Structures, Cable Trays - (Ladders, Perforated, Raceways), Ducts, Foundation Bolts, Templates, Mounts and Fixtures, Beams, Earthing Material (Earthing Rods, Earth Electrode, Earthing Strips and Earthing Plates Etc), Fabricated Structures Clamps, Brackets, Gratings, Solar Module Mounting & Pole Structures , Insert Silo Plates, Highways Crash Barriers, Over Head, Foot Over Bridges, Chain Link Fencing, Railways /Metro Electrification System, Bridges, Flanges, Slotted Angles, Flats, Channels, Cable Mounting Structures , and other items for infrastructure works of Railway’s, Metro’s, Airport’s, Aviations, Bridges, Residential / Commercial, Hotels, Hospitals & Highways etc. Structure Assembly Company Profile
  8. 8. Product Profile – Engineers * Designers * Fabricators * Galvanizers EPC , I&C Solutions (Solar Structures) We also undertake complete Fabrication, Galvanizing, Supply, Civil, and Erecting of Towers & Accessories to its clients based on their specifications. Structure Assembling Measuring for AssemblyGround Based Telecom Tower Transmission Tower Clamps Clip Angle
  9. 9. Metro Station Structure GI & MS Pipe Foundation BoltsPerforated Type Cable Trays Power House Structure Grating Structure Assembling Ladder Type Cable Trays Solar Module Structure
  10. 10. Solar Module Mounting Structure 25MW GMR Solar Power Plant ProjectQuality of ProductThe FitmentThe Alignment The Result -The fixing of ModulesFinally sunshine & ready toProduce THE ENER GY
  11. 11. Assurance of Supreme Quality -Steel Grip Infrastructure (P) Ltd. is an eminent name in the area ofmanufacturing and supplying a premium range of Steel Products. Our range ofSteel Products comprises of Telecommunication Tower, Transmission Line Tower,Cable Tray, Sub-station Structure, Solar Module Structure, Foundation Boltsetc. which is made to suit the diverse needs of the clients. We also ensure that theproducts we manufacture are designed keeping the market standards in view.We are An ISO 9001:2008 certified company in India that has been providingfinest quality Steel Products all over India. The company since its inception hasespoused the policy of complete satisfaction of the customers. We put 100% effortsto achieve. Company Profile
  12. 12. List of Machinery & Equipments : S.No Name of the Equipment Manufacturer Year of Purchase No. Off Machine Specification 1 Power Press Self 2009 1 200 Tones 2 Power Press Beta 2007 2 150 Tones 3 Power Press Beta 2007 1 100 Tones 4 Power Press Beta 2008 1 75 Tones 5 Power Press Beta 2008 1 50 Tones 6 Hyd. Straightening / Bending Press Hydomech 2007 1 100 Tones 7 Radial Drill Machine V.K. Engg 2007 1 Up to 70mm 8 Magnetic Drill Machine Ralli Wolf 2008 1 NW110 9 Pipe & Bolt Threading Machine P.S.Machine 2008 1 100/Per Shift 10 Arc Welding Machine Sharp 2007 3 300/600amps SWT1/7 11 MIG Welding Machine L&T 2008/2009 4 Zuper Arc400 12 Bending Machine Self 2007 1 - 13 Bending Furnace with Blower (Coal Self 2008 1 - Fired) 14 Pipe Cutting Machine Local 2008 1 - 15 Channel Cutting Dye Self 2008 1 - 16 Round Cutting Dye Self 2008 1 - 17 Flat Cutting Dye Self 2008 1 - 18 Plate Cutting Dye Self 2008 1 - 19 Notching Dye Self 2008 1 - 20 PUG Machine for Plate Cutting ESAB 2008 1 - 21 Grinding Machine Bosch 2008 2 AG7 22 Grinding Machine Bosch 2008 2 AG4 23 Grinding Machine Dewat 2008 3 AG4 24 D.G Set & Generator Kirloskar, 2008 1 63KVA Cummins 2007 1 125KVA Company Profile
  13. 13. Galvanizing Tank Facilities -Sl. No. Description of machine Capacity & Nos. Location Shop Hot Dip Galvanizing Bath Facilities 1. De Greasing Tank 8Mtr. Long & 1 Nos 2. Oil Fired Galvanizing Bath ( Size 7.2M Long X 1.1M Height X .85 M Width) 1 Nos Installed in 3. Pickling Tank 2 Nos 4. Water Rinsing Tank 2 Nos. Factory 5. Flux Tank 1 Nos. 6. Pre Heating Oven 1 Nos. 7. DI-Chromating Tank 1 Nos. 8. Over Head Electric Crane 2 Ton & 4 Nos. 9. Digital Generator 63 KVA & 1 Nos. 10. Quenching Tank 1 Nos. List of Computer and Software in Factory - - We have 7 Computers Installed in Factory. - Windows XP – SP-2, Windows – 7 - SAP System ( Installing Soon ). - Office – 2000, 2003 & 2007 Version - AutoCAD – 2006 & 2007 Version - Busy – Accounting Software - Adobe – 9.2 - Tally – 7.2 - Norton Antivirus – 2008 ( Full Version ) - Winrar – 3.7 - Flash Player – 10 ActiveS Company Profile
  14. 14. Company Profile
  15. 15. Company Profile
  16. 16. Sl. No. Client Name Project Name Year of Order Supplied Item Order Executed in 2008-09 1 ACME Telepower Limited Pant Nagar, Uttarkhand 2008-2009 Cable Trays & Accessories Nagarjuna Construction Company MS Foundation Bolt, Earthing Electrodes, Pipes with 2 Common Wealth Game, Delhi 2008-2009 Limited Accessories 3 Nutek India Limited Aircels Project 2008-2009 Tower, Cable Trays, Foundation Bolts, Mounts & Fix 4 Nutek India Limited Aircel Project 2008-2009 Tower, Cable Trays, Foundation Bolts, Mounts & Fix Order Executed in 2009-10 1 Sterling Projects & Engineering Limited Various Project 2009 Telecom Tower, Cable Trays, Founadation Bolts, Mounts & Fixt 2 Sterling Projects & Engineering Limited Various Project 2009 Telecom Tower, Cable Trays, Founadation Bolts, Mounts & Fixt 3 ABB Limited DIAL Project 2009 MS Structure Steel & Accessories 4 ACME Telepower Limited Delhi & Gurgaon 2009 Tower & Accessories 5 ACME Telepower Limited Aircels Project 2009 Tower & Accessories 6 ACME Telepower Limited Delhi & Gurgaon 2008 Tower, Foundation Bolt & Template 7 ACME Telepower Limited Delhi & Gurgaon 2008 Tower, Foundation Bolt & Template 8 Infonet Network System India (P) Ltd DIAL Project 2009 Perforated Type Cable Trays, Gang Boxes, Slotted Angles/chnls 9 Macawber Beekay Pvt. Limited Various Project 2008 Foundation Bolts, Insert Silo Plates & Accessories 10 BSBK Engineer Pvt. Limited Various Project 2009 Gratings ,Foundation Bolts with Accessories 11 ABB Limited DIAL Project 2009 MS Structure Steel, Sloted Angle, Welded Cable Trays Support 12 ABB Limited DIAL Project 2009 MS Structure & Accessories 13 ABB Limited DIAL Project 2009 GP Sheet (HT Panel Adopter Box) 14 ABB Limited DIAL Project 2009 GI Sloted Angle, GI Sloted Strip
  17. 17. Order Executed in 2010-11 1. Indus Tower Limited West Bengal & Kolkata Circle 2010 Telecom Tower / Foundation Bolt 2. Indus Tower Limited West Bengal & Kolkata Circle 2010 Telecom Tower / Foundation Bolt 3. Indus Tower Limited West Bengal & Kolkata Circle 2010 Telecom Tower / Foundation Bolt 4. Indus Tower Limited West Bengal & Kolkata Circle 2010 Telecom Tower / Foundation Bolt 5. Blue Star Limited Damel Project 2010 Brackets Support & Accessories 6. Blue Star Limited Damel Project 2010 Cable Mounting Brackets Support & Accessories 7. Sterling Projects & Engineering Limited UP circle Project 2010 Tower Antenna Mount 8. Sterling Projects & Engineering Limited UP circle Project 2010 Tower GSM Duel Mount 9. Indus Tower Limited West Bengal & Kolkata Circle 2010 Tower, Foundation Bolt & Template10. Moser Baer Photo Valtaic Limited CSR Project / BSNL Project 2010 Module Mounting Structure11. Lambda Shelter Project 2010 ISMB12. Macawber Beekay Pvt. Limited Variuous Thermal Project 2010 Structure Steel, Foundation Bolt, Clamps, Silo Plate, Etc. Various Solar Division Projects13. Punj Llyod (Golden temple, Raj Bhawan, 2011 Module Mounting Structure Durgaina, Civil Secretariat. Etc. Nagarguna Construction Company14 2011 Earth Electrode Limited15. Ganges International Pvt. Ltd. Tower Project 2011 Tower Parts and Towers IL&FS Engineering & Construction16. RMRG Project, Gurgaon 2011 Cribs and Tarsal Material for Metro Company Lmited. 25MW GMR Solar Power Supply of Module Mounting Structure and Erection of17. Indu Projects Limited 2011 Projects Structures18. Macawber Beekay Private Limited BGR Energy Various Project. 2011 Trash Rask, Basket Traveling, Basket, Etc.
  18. 18. We have been supplying Tower G.I. Steel Structures & Accessories directly and indirectly to the Airtel Limited,Aircel Limited, Dishnet Wireless Limited, WTTIL, Shyam Telecom Limited and Indus Tower Etc. AndUtter Pardesh Nigam Utpadak Limited (UPNUL), Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL), TATA ProjectsLimited, AP Power Generation Corporation Limited, Maithan Power Limited, National Thermal PowerCorporation (NTPC) Limited, Reliance Energy Limited ( Paricha Thermal Power Station, Jhanshi ), RelianceInfrastructure Limited, Ultratech Cement Limited, Reliance Infrastructure Limited (RIL) for Haryana PowerGeneration Corporation Limited, JSW Energy (RatnaGiri) Limited, Sterlite Energy Limited, Orrissa, HindalcoLtd., Delhi University Sports Stadium for Common Wealth Games, ABB Limited, L&T Limited, GMR for theirDelhi International Airport Limited (DIAL), Proj.-DAMEL (Delhi Metro-Airport Express Line, Hotel Leela, HotelRedission, Forties Hospital, L&T Ltd. For power sub-station-Cable Structures, BSNL, Solar Mounting Structuresfor various (PEDA) Projects i.e Raj Bhawan, Durgaina Mandir, Punjab State Assembly, Punjab Civil Secretariatand Golden Temple etc.Notes : We are also registered as approved vendor with L&T Ltd., ECC Division, GMR (DIAL Project), DAMEL (Delhi Metro- Airport Express Line, Delhi Project. BSNL (TSEC) for Solar Module & Pole Structure, LancoInfratech Ltd, NDPL, Indial Company Ltd. Etc.Project in hand is Marwa Thermal Power Plant (MTPP) for supply of material for Intake Water Systemthrough BGR Energy Limited, Chennai Recently, we had done a complete 25MW GMR Solar Project, Gujarat (15MW Material Supply and Erection) there total order value was approx. 8.5 Carore.
  19. 19. 1.QUALITY POLICYThe aim of our company is to manufacture high quality products and achieve total customers’ satisfaction Quality Management system of our companydrives the organization towards improvement in quality and productivity and meet the customers’ demand of “Price Reduction and product Satisfaction”2. Quality Management System Planning responsibilities authorities and communication:2.1 Organization have capability and proven experience to provide necessary services for design, manufacture, test and supply of cable trays strictly asper customer’s specifications for supporting requirements of electric power, signal, control, instrumentation and communication cables.2.2Designing of cable trays is done as per customer’s parameters.2.3. Cable trades are designed and fabricated in numerous styles (ladder, ventilated trough, channel and solid-bottom) and sizes.3. Resource Management /Infra structure:On receipt of every order the resources required are reviewed in respect of following, to fulfill the contractual requirement in respect of Quality andDelivery Schedule(a)Requirement of materials(b) Chemicals (c) Tooling, Jig and Fixtures (d) Manpower (e) Inspection Schedule.4. Work environment; Conformance to safety Requirements;(a)Fire Control Equipment(b) Effluent treatment and Air pollution control is installed (c) Welding Shield screen, gloves are provided.5.Product realization5.1.Planning of Product realization/ Customer related processes:Product drawing, data sheet, and quality plan are got approved from customer5.2 Purchasing:5.2.1 Purchase order contains technical specifications No., Grade/ Type/ Class. The requirement of co-related mills’ Test Certificates also indicated. 1.In case of non-availability of co-related Test Certificate, the check samples are sent to Government approved laboratory for mechanical and chemical properties. 2.Raw materials like sheet, structural steel, and zinc are tested for each lot. 1. Norms of the Quality assurance plan are strictly followed. Company Profile
  20. 20. 5.3 Processes: Pre delivery inspection, incoming material inspection, WPS/PQR/WQR, fabrication, Pre-treatment, Galvanising, Finishing, InternalInspection, Customer Inspection, Dispatch:5.3.1Work instructions are updated to have special instructions regarding the customer’s special requirements and approved drawings i.e. (Minimumcategory II) are issued to supervisors at Workshop 1.Process control parameters have been established for each process. 2.Records are maintained for every process and inspection. 3.Material identification is maintained. 4.Standard Quality Plan or customer’s approved Q.P. is followed for each item and their respective process.5.3.6 Various check lists / formats / registers are maintained to record these processes.CONTRACT REVIEW 5.4.1The contract specifications should be studied to ascertain the standard of quality required, and the end use of the products. 5.4.2 The standard specifications prescribed for the contract, and the general standard specifications applicable to the class of work should beexamined carefully. 5.4.3 All the relevant drawings should be studied in respect of weld details, dimensional tolerances, process specifications, and any special requirementsspecified.6. Measurement Analyses and Improvement: 6.1Control of measuring and monitoring devices:Calibration of following measuring instruments is done periodically.(a)Thermocouples, (b) Elecometer (c) Vernier(d) Dial gauge6.2Customer satisfaction:6.2.1 Company’s 24 years quality reputation for dependability is built on providing quality products, sound designs, excellent customer services and the ability to meettight delivery schedule. 6,2.2 Company is in the approved list of giants like NTPC, BHEL, PGCI, NPC, EIL,L & T, and Alston . 6.2.3 Company have earned appreciated for quality work through repeated orders. 6.2.4 Customer feed back is obtained in writing on completion of supply.6.3 Control of non-conformant product:6.3.1 Adequate internal inspection checks are available for detection of inferior quality/ defective materials and correction of is assigned reasons.6.3.2 Defective units in production line are identified and kept separately.6.3.3 Analysis is made for product deficiencies if the material is not meeting the minimum specifications and whenever correction is not possible the material is rejected.6.3.4 The corrective action is extended to products also.6.3.5 Following type of non-conformities are controlled. Raw material Dimension Welding Galvanizing Customer’ special requirements. Company Profile 1. Analysis of data/Improvement /Continual improvement /Corrective action /Preventive action:
  21. 21. On the basis of customer feed back and internal feedback, corrective and preventive action are taken.PROCEDURE FOR WELDINGSCOPE: This covers the Welding process, Electrode, Welding procedure, Welder qualification, Assemblies & fit up, inspection before & after the weldingDrawings and Specifications The contract specifications should be studied to ascertain the standard of quality required, and the end use of the products The standard specifications prescribed for the contract, and the general standard specifications applicable to the class of work should be examined carefully. All the relevant drawings should be studied in respect of weld details, dimensional tolerances, process specifications, and any special requirementsspecified.Welding Consumables.Selection of Welding Consumables: The welding electrodes, welding wire, flux, gases, or other consumables proposed to be used for the job shall conform to the requirements of the relevantIndian Standard specifications or to the job specifications.Inspection of Consumables6.2.1. The consumables to be used on the job shall be examined to ensure that they have not deteriorated, and are stored as recommended by the manufacturerwith a view to preclude potential damage.6.2.2. Manufacturer’s labels should be examined to ensure that the consumables conform to the latest specifications. 1.Use of Welding Consumables 6.3.1. Electrodes and other welding consumables shall be of types previously approved, and shall be in good condition. In particular it shall beensured that these are clean, and have been dried according to the manufacturers’ recommendations. 6.3.2. If during fabrication there is an incidence of defects which may be attributed to the consumables, the defective consumables should bereplaced by another batch of consumables or by another brand of identical type, subject to the approval of the inspector.7 Welding Procedures 7.1 The procedure selected shall conform to all the relevant drawings and specifications and it shall be capable of producing welds of the requiredquality consistently under actual working conditions. The procedure shall lay down only such preparations and tolerances that may be achieved duringproduction work. 7.2. The welding procedures followed shall conform to these laid down and duly approved in respect of all the relevant details. 7.3. Where it becomes desirable or necessary to amend, alter or deviate from the approved procedures, the revised procedures shall be fully laiddown and approved on the same basis as for initial approval. Where the changes are of such a nature that they are not likely to affect the quality adversely, thetests for qualification may be waived provided that it is demonstrated that welds of satisfactory quality can be produced after incorporating the changes. 7.4. Particular attention shall be paid to the observance of special requirements such as sequence of welding. Company Profile
  22. 22. 8. Welders8.1. All welders employed shall be trained, tested and certified according to the appropriate Indian Standards applicable for the job.8.2. The validity of the certificate of welder or operator shall lapse if for any reason he has not worked as a welder or operator for a period of sixmonths.8.3. A record shall be maintained of the welders who are qualified by certificates or tests for the respective categories of work on the job. This recordshall be made available to all concerned so that it can be ensured that all welding is done by duly qualified welders.8.4. There should be adequate facilities for drying the welding consumables.8.5. All operators and welders used on the job shall be persons who have been previously approved by virtue of certificates or qualification tests.9. INSPECTION DURING FABRICATION BY WELDING9.1. Ensuring that the procedures, consumables, operators, etc, on the job have been previously approved.9.2 Examining assemblies, weld preparations, etc, prior to welding to ensure that they are in conformity with the approved procedures and conduciveto good welding.9.3. Visual inspection during welding to ensure that the work in process produces a good finished weld, and that defects in initial stages are removedprior to further work.10. Inspection of Prepared Materials The materials previously inspected and approved should be re-examined just before welding is commenced with special emphasis on the weldzone. The weld and the adjacent area shall be free of dirt, rust, oil or other foreign material which may affect the quality of the welding.11. Assemblies &Fit up 11.1. The method and sequence of assembly and the jigs and fixtures shall correspond to those previously approved, and shall permit weldingaccording to the approved procedure. 11.2. The fit-up, gaps, orientation and welding position should correspond to those on the approved welding procedure. 11.3. Due precautions to minimize distortion and ensure dimensional accuracy of the finished fabrication shall have been taken without imposingundue stresses on the welds. 11.4. Tack welds shall be of adequate size, length and pitch and carried out using the correct welding procedures and by qualified welders. 11.5. Temporary fittings, clamps, fixtures, stiffeners, etc, where used, shall not interfere with the welding.12. Inspection After Welding The following types of weld defects may be detected during visual examinations:12.1 Weld defects occurring at the surface such as blowholes, pipes, exposed porosity, exposed inclusions, unfilled crate, unfused welds, etc; 12.2 Surface cracks in the weld metal or in the parent metal adjacent to it; 12.3 Damages to the parent metal such as undercut, burning, overheating, etc; 12.4 Profile defects such as excessive convexity or concavity, overlap, unequal leg lengths, excessive reinforcement, incompletely filled grooves, excessive penetration bead, root grooves, shrinkage grooves, etc; 12.5 Incorrect finish, for example ripple marks, weaving faults, chipping and peening marks, spatter, under-flushing (excessive grinding), excessive indentation of spot welds, uneven welds etc. 12.6 Distortion due to welding, that is, local shrinkage, camber, bowing, twisting, rotation, buckling, waviness, etc; 12.7 Incorrect location of components; and 12.8. Visible dimensional errors. Company Profile
  23. 23. 13. Inspection of Weld Dimensions 13.1. Inspection for the correct dimensions shall be carried out in the case of fillet welds, spot welds, seam welds, etc, where the size isspecified. They shall be inspected using suitable gauges and taking into consideration the permissible tolerances. 13.2. Dimensional inspection of the completed weldment shall be carried out using tools and measuring instruments appropriate to the typeof fabrication and the dimensional accuracy required.WORK INSTRUCTION FORDYE- PENETRATION TECHNIQUESCOPE: A Non-Destructive Testing Process employing Visible Color –Contrast Dye-Penetrant technique for the detection of open surface flaws inmetallic objects.2. PREPARATION: 2.1 SURFACE PREPRATION: 2.1.1 Cleaning the surface free of dust and dirt with a piece of cloth. 2.1.2 Brushing the surface of the specimen to remove paint etc. by a soft wire brush. 2.1.3 Spraying the Cleaner to remove oil, grease etc.2.2 PREPARATION OF OPERATION OF SELFSPRAY CAN: 2.2.1 Shake well before use. 2.2.2 Use in a well ventilated area. 2.2.3 Use in ambient temperature above 15 degree C. 2.2.4 To spray, press top button, bold the nozzle 15 to 30 cms. from area to be sprayed , while moving can across the spray area. If spray does notcompletely stop when button is released, press button and release quickly a few times to stop spray. 2.2.5 To avoid possible clogging and loss of gas on standing, turn can upside down and spray a short jet of cleaner gas after each use.3. APPLICATION OF PENETRANT 3.1 Applying the dye Penetrant adequately to cover the area to be tested. Allow 3 to 5 minutes or more for eye to penetrate into the cracks. 3.2 Wiping off of excess penetrant on the surface with rag. 3.3 Again spraying the surface with the Cleaner to remove the remnants of the red dye. Note the spraying at an angle so that no latent indications arecleaned off its dye.4. DEVELOPMENT: Spraying of developer evenly on the surface.5. VISUAL EXAMINATION: This layer absorbs the penetrant from the cracks and red spots or lines appear on the surface to give a visible indication of the flaws Company Profile
  24. 24. 6. PRECAUTIONS 6.1 An aerosol can is packed under high pressure. The following precaution must be taken both during use and storage. 6.2 Keep away from flame or fire. Do not throw empty can in fire. Spray should not come in contact with human body. Spray should be away from hot objects to avoid fire hazards. Do not let can temperature go above 55 degree C as increased internal pressure may cause failure any pressure can. Do not puncture the can. Do not take internally.DETAILS OF PROCESSES: 1.QUALITY CONTROL 1.A standard quality plan is followed to ensure the high level of quality of manufactured product. 2.Quality control is observed at every stage, right from the incoming stage to the final stage of production and adhere to the committed delivery schedules. 3.Records are maintained at all the stages of processing and inspection carried out and are available for review. 4.Procedures have been established for stage wise operations and inspections. 5.Adequate sampling plan is used to assure the product quality as per the quality plan. 6.The necessary machines and tools and tackles to produce critical and major components are available. 7.Testing is done as per the latest BIS standards and customers specifications; customers approved drawings, data sheet, and quality plan. 8.In house testing laboratory is equipped to test the galvanizing quality of product as per customers’ specifications. 9.Quality awareness training is provided to supervisor, staff and workers from time to time. 2. RECEIVING INSPECTION The materials (other than raw materials such as steel sheets, flats etc.) are inspected as per purchase order and party’s challan on receipt at the factory. The quantity received is checked against the party’s challan. The quality of the product is inspected before accepting the consignment. Only acceptable product is taken into stock. The Goods inward Notes are verified by the Production In charge and authorized by Factory Manager. Rejected products are suitably labeled as rejected and stored in a separate location to prevent unauthorized used. The vendor is informed and asked to take the material back. In case of raw materials Production Incharge / Production Supervisor inspects the same before unloading of consignment. The vendor is asked to provide a test certificate, which is verified. The material consignment is returned to the vendor if found unacceptable. The Factory Manager may accept a consignment on concession. The concession offered by the vendor is recorded on the Goods Inward Note. Company Profile
  25. 25. 3. IN PROCESS INSPECTION 3.1 Inspection of components and product in process are carried out at each stage as indicated in the quality plan. Each entryin the operators daily workbook is authorized by production in charge or Production supervisor to indicate Inspection and acceptableof the lot. 3.2 Any deviations from acceptable limits are recorded in the daily workbook maintained by each machine operator. 3.3. Corrective action to be taken on the non-conforming product is recorded in the daily work book.FINAL INSPECTION 1.The Production Incharge carries out final inspection when the product consignment is ready for dispatch. 2.The raw material test report and Galvanizing test certificate are verified and their reference is noted in the Final Inspection report. 3.The product is inspected as per customer’s specification and quality Plan/DRG. 4.The product is offered for customers or third party inspection as per the terms of the contract with the customer. 5.Products, which have passed all the tests and found acceptable are dispatched to the customer. DOCUMENTATION Raw material test certificates. Goods inward note. Daily work book Galvanizing test certificate Final inspection report.6. INSPECTION STATUSES AND CONTROL OF NON-CONFORMING PRODUCT6.1 The product found non-conforming during inspection at any stage is marked with wet chalk as “Rejected”6.2 The rejected material is stored at a designated location clearly marked “Rejected Material Area”6.3 The material in the “rejected area” is removed only under authorization of Production In charge.6.4 The rejected material may either be reworked as directed by Production In charge or scrapped.6.5 The material scrapped is kept at a designated place and shifted to scrap area after weightment. The Production Supervisormaintains record of scrapped materials. Company Profile
  26. 26.  PAN Number : AAKCS 7219J TIN Number : 06512826303 ECC Number : AAKCS7219JXM002 TAN Number : DELS32663B Service Tax Number : AAKCS7219JST002 Range : Rohtak Collect rate : Rohtak Division : 2 SSI Registration Number : 060141104936 (Valid Up to 14 December 2011) Our Banker’s : Punjab Nation Bank, West Punjabi Bagh Branch, Central Market, New Delhi Name of Account Holder : Steel Grip Infrastructure (P) Ltd. Bank Account Number : 1501008700002286 EFT Code Number : PUNB0150100 RTGS Code Number : PUNB0150100 NEFT Code Number : PUNB0150100 Company Profile
  27. 27. Company Profile