Mar3802 tampa pal project


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Mar3802 tampa pal project

  1. 1. 1Tampa Bay Police Athletic LeagueIs there really a need for quality care for our children after school and during the summers?Christina Mead
  2. 2. 2Executive Summary: The Tampa Bay Police Athletic League has been in business since 1956. It has recentlymoved to a new structure and also has a new internet site, which is one of the pain points thecompany has. They really feel that the website has gotten the worse end of the deal and theyneed a fresh set of eyes on it in order to give them some quality feedback. The other pain point isthat the company currently only has one flyer for all of the three programs that they offer andthey would really like to turn that into three separate flyers. Tampa PAL is an organization thatfocuses on fostering and encouraging in the youth of the community a spirit of loyalty and faithin American traditions. The target market is youth from ages 5 to 15 and any parents wishing toprovide affordable and quality care for their children. I plan to develop three different flyers thatcan really represent what the program has to offer. I also plan to critique the website and let thecustomer know what areas can be improved upon.Situational Analysis: The Customer o Target customer pain point  Tampa PAL is feeling that the flyers that they now use are not exactly getting the correct information out to the public. They currently use one flyer that does not cover all three of the particular programs that they offer (after school program, sports program, summer program). So the customer needs to have a flyer developed for each program that they can distribute and utilize in a fashion that will provide the public with a flyer for the
  3. 3. 3 specific program that they are interested in. The customer also feels that the website had taken a backseat to all of the other necessary things when they were moving to their new location and they would only rate it a 5 on a scale of 1 to 10. So they need to have some fresh eyes viewing and exploring around to be able to provide feedback that will help determine the key sections that could use some fixing. This would also provide the customer the chance to get some firsthand feedback in regards to the good and bad of their internet site. This is a very important process because if the website is not functioning properly and user friendly then it is going to deter people away from using it which will then reflect negatively on the business. Data on the problem: For the flyer test I have only developed one flyer. I really want to put in 110% for each of the other flyers that I develop because these could potentially be flyers that the Tampa PAL decides to use as their actual flyers for their company. The flyer that I did complete thus far is the one for the After School Program. I distributed the flyer to some friends and colleagues to gather some feedback and I received some very positive results. The majority of the people being asked for their opinions felt that I had covered the main points needed to inform them of the details of the after school program. It gave the info on what things the kids would be doing, the schools that provided pick-up from them, the contact
  4. 4. 4information necessary to reach the business and some generalinformation on pricing as well.