Mob4Hire Ten Steps in the Mobile Development life cycle


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Mob4Hire Ten Steps in the Mobile Development life cycle

  1. 1. “From Concept to Commercialization” USER FEEDBACK IN THE 10 STEPS OF THE MOBILE DEVELOPMENT CYCLE World’s Largest Mobile Testing and Research Community Iterative / Agile Product Cycle (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) CONCEPT / ALPHA REFERENCE PRE-RELEASE PORTING PORT CERTIFY RELEASE POST- COMMER- PROTOTYPE BUILD TEST BETA TEST RELEASE CIALIZE Concept Alpha build and Reference Make sure your Port to many Make sure user If required, Final builds are Manage app Understand leading to a test build ... the first software is handsets, O/S LOVEs the port certify your posted on App store Discovery and prototype finished great before Platforms and builds and it builds for OS’s, Stores, relationships, Competition, application you port versions, runs ok on network published w marketing create viral STEP handsets, target operators or aggregators & channels, growth, iterate telecom API’s handsets, handset operators increase word product cycles networks and manufacturer of mouth countries What are we Have we Do we have a Does the What are the Is the app I hope we How quickly How can we We need more building that proved the quality app? software target going to crash pass the basic can we get get into the users to is unique and concept? Do Will it be 4 or WOW our operating on a handset? tests to be a the software “top store download. creates the features 5 stars when users? Did we system, Is it simple to certified app to users and rankings”? What’s our value? Who make sense? port or post miss anything versions, install? Does it with Apple, available to What are my killer is our target Did we get all (and how can important? Is browsers and make use of Symbian, purchase? promotion marketing WHAT DO user? What’s the major we make it it easy to use? handsets? the handset Microsoft, Where / how alternatives? feature driving YOU NEED our business design better)? What Will it go viral? What will each features and AT&T ... ; do I release? What bad recom- TO KNOW? model? Does decisions is mktg’s main How sticky will user expect? buttons? Does Will we get How do we reviews (and mendations? the app or right? Internal value it be? Does it What network the network accepted by build features) are How do the website stakeholders? proposition? reflect the carriers are we affect it? Is it the app store / excitement? driving your competitors reflect the Is it going to Does it crash quality of our targeting to stable? Do all marketplace / customers look? What’s quality of our work? Will in general brand equity? write for their eCommerce world in our away? in our next brand equity? users love it? use? API’s? models work? first try? version? MOBSURVEY MOBEXPERIENCE Mobile surveys. Global panels. Mobile User Experience Usability Testing MOBTEST Real mobile app testing. MOBSTAR MOBACCELERATOR Certified App Quality Get Discovered. Hit the top 10 Lists. Go Big. MOBA/BTEST Is This One or That One Better? MOBSIMTEST How Well Do Your SIMs Roam? MOBTASKS A Global Mobile Workforce HOW CAN WE HELP? MOBSMSTEST Do Your SMS Messages Get There? MOBTESTSUITE End2End Mobile Test Management [12009 All rights reserved Mob4Hire 2009 All rights reserved Mob4Hire Inc 2nd Edition (C) 2009, 2010 Mob4Hire Inc. All rights reserved. Distribute freely; do not alter graphic.