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Mob4Hire releases Mobile Apps report from "Global Wireless Satisfaction Survey" Feb 2010


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In collaboration with Dr. Bob E. Hayes, PhD of Business Over Broadway, Mob4Hire’s 111-country ‘Global Wireless Satisfaction Survey’ reveals the importance of Mobile Apps on the wider ecosystem; especially network operators.

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  • To all visiting this site:

    I had posted a comment here on 16 March, very critical of some of the wording in the summary of the study. I was not critical of the study itself. I also was critical of the producers of the report here, on Twitter and at my blog. The study as it is now in the 8 page slideshare file has those few unfortunate phrases revised, and I have no complaints whatsover. I have therefore come here to remove my critical comment (that Stephen King the CEO of Mob4Hire has referenced). I have also revised my blog commentary to reflect the fact that the report now has no problems.

    Which brings me to the report and slide set. Mob4Hire and Business over Broadway have produced a remarkably useful, insightful study of heavy users of mobile apps. It is global and I do believe in its scope and topic matter, it is unique among research into mobile application users. I strongly recommend reading this report.

    Tomi Ahonen
    Author and consultant in mobile
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  • Tomi and I have been discussing this report, and I think we’re both pretty happy with where it landed.

    See Tomi’s blog:

    In his words: ’More relevantly, Mob4Hire has made changes to the wording in their report, replacing some phrases of ’mobile users’ with ’survey respondents’ which should make it very clear to any readers of the report, what the findings are about. As I wrote yesterday, Mob4Hire are a good company that we have blogged about here long before this matter happened. The report itself contains very valuable research data on 5,000 heavily mobile-enthusiastic, mostly male, mobile application users in 111 countries.’

    Thanks for reading ... and enjoy the report!

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  • Tomi ... we have responded to your comments on your blog, your tweets and above on our blog:

    I, of course, disagree with your over-the-top assertions that we’ve ’totally distorted all findings’ (read my blog post) but as I both communicated to you directly in email as well on my post, we have made some changes to the report based on your recommendations. (Readers: the new report is what is currently on slideshare).

    The report stands as a great look at the mobile app impact on network operators, based on our over 5,000 respondents from 111 countries in the target group of mostly male, highly educated, average age 25, and love their handsets and apps ... these people are part of the Mob4Hire crowd-sourced mobile app testing and market research community.

    The point being … mobile apps have become an important consideration for mobile app users when selecting a network operator. As we state, 'the panel members are early adopters living a mobile lifestyle, and their behavior represents trends that help predict future revenues and business outcomes across the mobile ecosystem.'

    Thanks for your passion and feedback, Tomi.

    Stephen King, CEO
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Mob4Hire releases Mobile Apps report from "Global Wireless Satisfaction Survey" Feb 2010

  1. 1.       2010  March 16  Mob4Hire   Global Wireless  Satisfaction Survey  Research Report A:  We Make  Mob4Hire and Business Over Broadway report  on the role of Apps in the mobile ecosystem.  Mobile Better.                     
  2. 2.   Executive Summary Business Over Broadway (BOB;, customer  satisfaction and loyalty experts, helped design the survey instrument and  research design. This particular study on wireless service providers, which  included both loyalty‐ and quality‐related questions, was powered by  Mob4Hire ( who provided the online data collection tool  and consumer panels. This summary is a first look at the data gathered.  Sample Description  Mob4Hire panelists (or Mobsters) were recruited through an opt‐in process. All respondents for this study  are testers for Mob4Hire and were rewarded with a nominal financial incentive for completing the survey.  The survey was fielded in February 2010, asking a sample of 5000 mobile app savvy users in the Mob4Hire  community from around the world ages 18 or older about their user experience with respect to mobile  applications, their mobile phone and wireless service provider. The survey respondents are primarily male  (82%) with a median age of 25 years. A highly educated sample, 57% of the respondents have a 4‐year  degree or higher. The worldwide sample of respondents represented 111 countries, 204 wireless service  providers and 179 distinct mobile handsets.    Summary of Findings  This unprecedented global survey reveals the role of mobile applications in the wider ecosystem of the users’  mobile experience. We found that the quality of mobile apps is a key driver of customer loyalty for the early  mobile app adopters in our sample for both wireless service providers and mobile devices. Mobile apps now  add a new level of complexity to whether service providers keep customers, and more importantly, how they  attract new customers. List of Figures  1. Top reasons for switching wireless service providers  2. Number of mobile applications downloaded in the past three months (by handset)  3. Number of mobile applications purchased in the past three months (by handset) 4. Number of mobile applications downloaded in past three months (by mobile satisfaction) 5. Number of mobile applications purchased in the past three months (by mobile satisfaction) 6. Rating the performance of 33 operators related to users’ mobile app experience 2 | P a g e   Copyright © 2010 Mob4Hire and Business Over Broadway
  3. 3. Highlights of the study Network Operator Churn: The Impact of Apps on Mobile Ecosystem The importance of mobile apps as an emerging component of operator customer loyalty is not surprising, but the magnitude shown by the research is:  1. 75% of respondents indicated that mobile applications are important in their decision to select a  network operator.   2. 32% of the survey respondents say mobile apps are extremely important (10 out of 10) when  choosing their new operator.  3. 27% of mobile users who replied to the survey indicated that they are likely to switch to another  network operator within the next 12 months.  4. Top reasons for switching wireless service providers were related to poor value (64%) poor  customer service (53%) and poor coverage/reliability (~49%). Interestingly, nearly 40% of likely  switchers cite lack of mobile applications as a reason for leaving an operator. Also, poor variety of  phones played a minor role for customers switching (28%). After primary product/service features,  mobile applications play a significant role in churn rates for wireless service providers.  Figure 1. Top reasons for switching wireless service providers.    .   3 | P a g e   Copyright © 2010 Mob4Hire and Business Over Broadway
  4. 4. Mobile Application User Experience  1. Nearly three‐quarters (72%) of respondents were satisfied with the performance of mobile  applications on their phone.   2. 89% of mobile users in the survey report that applications crash on their phones. Almost half (48%)  of the respondents report that applications crash regularly.   3. There were differences between genders in their mobile application experience. More men (72%)  were satisfied with the mobile application performance compared to women (64%). More women  (54%) regularly experienced mobile applications crashes (57%) compared to men (47%).   4. About half (53%) of the respondents used one mobile application store in the past three months. 47%  of the respondents used two or more mobile application stores in the past three months. A majority  of iPhone users and Motorola users typically use one mobile application store while users of HTC  phones and RIM users typically use two or more mobile application stores.  5. When considering downloading/purchasing mobile applications, respondents typically like to see  at least a 4‐star rating before they download/purchase the mobile application.  6. About 86% of mobile app users have downloaded at least 1 mobile application in the past three  months. About 42% of users have purchased at least 1 mobile application in the past three months.   For iPhone users, 98% have downloaded at least 1. On the other end of the analysis, 83% of Samsung users have downloaded at least 1.  7. On average, survey respondents downloaded 5 to 7 free apps in the last 3 months. At the same  time, paid apps downloads were low, with only 1 purchase per person.  8. Not surprisingly, iPhone users are the most active mobile app users. What is surprising, however, is  how large the gap is with other handset manufacturers.  iPhone users download the most free mobile  apps than any other handset manufacturer; 70% of users download 8 or more free apps.  Comparatively speaking, only 20% of Motorola’s users download 8 or more apps; a trend we see  reversing as Motorola’s line of Android handsets continues to make market inroads.  9. iPhone users also download the most paid apps, with over 60% purchasing more than 2, which  translates into real dollars for mobile developers (and Apple). With Motorola, it’s only 20% of users  who purchase at least 2 apps.     4 | P a g e   Copyright © 2010 Mob4Hire and Business Over Broadway
  5. 5. Figure 2. Number of free mobile applications downloaded in the past three months.    Figure 3. Number of mobile applications purchased in the past three months.        5 | P a g e   Copyright © 2010 Mob4Hire and Business Over Broadway
  6. 6.       10. Respondents who were more satisfied with the performance of mobile applications on their phone  downloaded/purchased more mobile applications than people who were dissatisfied with the  performance of mobile applications (see Figures 3 and 4).  Figure 4. Number of mobile applications downloaded in past three months.  100%  90%  Percent of Customers  80%  70%  60%  0 apps  50%  40%  1 app  30%  2‐4 apps  20%  10%  5‐7 apps  0%  8 or more apps  Very  Neutral  Very  Dissas^ied  Sa`sfied  Sa^sfac^on with Performance of Mobile Applica^ons    Figure 5. Number of mobile applications purchased in the past three months.  100%  90%  Percent of Customers  80%  70%  60%  0 apps  50%  40%  1 app  30%  2‐4 apps  20%  10%  5‐7 apps  0%  8 or more apps  Very  Neutral  Very  Dissa`sfied  Sa`sfied  Sa^sfac^on with Performance of Mobile Applica^ons    6 | P a g e   Copyright © 2010 Mob4Hire and Business Over Broadway
  7. 7.   Network Operator Performance As described previously, the research illustrates mobile apps play a vital role in sustained revenue growth by network operators. Those who provide a great mobile app experience for their users are poised to grow faster than their peers. Who are the world leaders when it comes to delivering a great mobile app experience? The two dimensions of Mobile App Customer Satisfaction and Mobile App Stability varies greatly across global wireless service providers; the report ranks 33 of the top network operators worldwide, shown in Figure 6. According to the survey respondents, the network operator providing the best mobile app experience is Zain, serving over 64 million customers in 21 countries in Africa and the Middle East. Seven other operators share the top quadrant with Zain (in no particular order): BSNL, MTN, Vodafone, AT&T, Orange, Claro and Movistar. We’re pleased to award each of these eight operators with a Mob4Hire “5-Star Excellence in Mobile Award.”     Figure 6. Rating the performance of 33 operators related to users’ mobile app experience.    7 | P a g e   Copyright © 2010 Mob4Hire and Business Over Broadway
  8. 8. Who we are  About Business Over Broadway  Business Over Broadway (BOB; provides consultative  services to help companies gain superior customer insight through customer satisfaction  and loyalty research. Customer insights help business professionals make better‐informed  decisions to improve customer satisfaction and ensure long‐term customer loyalty and     financial success. Business Over Broadway was founded by Bob E. Hayes, Ph.D., a recognized expert in customer satisfaction  and loyalty measurement, and author of the best‐selling books, Beyond the Ultimate Question, and  Measuring Customer Satisfaction. Dr. Hayes has conducted consumer research for Oracle, Sophos, Siebel  Systems, Agilent Technologies, and Cisco Systems. For more information about Business Over Broadway,  please surf to, or contact us at   About Mob4Hire  With 40,000 mobile users on over 354 operators in 144  countries worldwide, Mob4Hire  ( is the largest real world;  crowd sourced testing and market research community  for mobile apps. By incorporating user feedback and in‐ market testing to developers, we help make mobile software better. Award‐winning Mob4Hire significantly  reduces mobile application testing costs and reduces time to market by connecting developers with eager,  lower priced, crowd sourced testers and focus groups. Mob4Hire also provides their unique micro‐payment  crowd‐sourced MAAP technology (Mob4Hire as a Platform) to developer networks and app stores such as O2  Litmus to allow for private labeled communities to be added to Carrier and Handset Manufacturer enterprise  systems to reduce costs and help developers make better software for their mobile users. Founded in 2007,  Mob4Hire is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada with offices in Victoria, British Columbia and London,  U.K. Contact for more details.  8 | P a g e   Copyright © 2010 Mob4Hire and Business Over Broadway