Mob4Hire MobExperience Mobile Usability Research 2011


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MobExperience is Mob4Hire's flagship mobile user experience product, using our global community of 52,000 mobile enthusiasts in over 153 countries. Questions? Email

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Mob4Hire MobExperience Mobile Usability Research 2011

  1. 1. MOBEXPERIENCE Mobile User Experience & Usability TestingWE MAKE MOBILE BETTERTen years ago, Fortune 5000 global As the leader in brand mobile The mobile experience is about user engagement and participation.brands were rushing to integrate the Web optimization, multi-award winningin their business and sales processes. MOB4HIRE uses its international Before downloading, using or purchasingWith the accelerated adoption of community of mobile experts in over 150 mobile apps, mobile consumers want to see at least Four Star user reviews in app stores.smartphones and tablets, companies countries to provide market research, To make great software, websites and mobilehave a similar opportunity to create mobile engagement measurement marketing campaigns, it’s vital to do usabilitywinning mobile strategies to engage (MEM), usability, user experience and research with real people on real carriers incustomers. real-world situations. functional testing services to Fortune 5000 global brands, telecoms, ad MOBEXPERIENCE offers high-qualityThe mobile industry represents an agencies, market research agencies, feedback delivered fast at a fraction of theenormous opportunity for brands who publishers, content providers, SIM cost of traditional market research methods.understand how to win. Competitors are companies, mobile app and mobile webmoving quickly. Just like the gold rush of developers.the web, mobile represents a significantshift in consumer behavior as it has The MOBEXPERIENCE research servicebecome the primary engagement helps companies avoid “The Curse of thechannel; new industry leaders will One Star!”: no downloads, purchases oremerge and incumbents will fade. word-of-mouth. By incorporating user feedback early and often in both pre- andBeing able to measure, focus and post-launch development cycles,improve usability leading to an optimized companies can create 4 and 5 Starmobile experience is vital. mobile experiences and enjoy mass adoption and viral growth. The Leader in Brand Mobile Optimization
  2. 2. MOBILE USABILITY 154 COUNTRIES RESEARCH GLOBAL USER TESTING MOB4HIRE gives companies reach to a global research and testing community with over 50,000 mobile experts from 154 countries; Q/A professionals, mobile enthusiasts and representative customers. High Quality Results 416 CARRIERS The MOB4HIRE platform integrates it’s community with mobile and web survey and testing engines, and adds world- class product management and mobile measurement and usability research techniques; correlating Impact Loyalty Measurements with Performance Attributes (TA: Technical Attribute, CA: Content Attribute, BA: Brand Attribute) to inform teams across the enterprise. Fast Getting your mobile solution to market quickly is imperative. The MOB4HIRE community ensures immediate scale, geographic distribution, localized perspective and concurrent user testing. Inexpensive 52,000 MOBILE EXPERTS MOB4HIRE can reduce costs from 65% to 90% compared to traditional market research panels, focus groups, and phone surveys.PRODUCT TEAMS MARKETING TEAMS BRAND MANAGERSFor product teams looking to measure and The Content of a mobile experience is highly Brand Managers primarily benefit from knowingimprove their mobile experience, integrated with the technical requirements. two areas related to their mobile strategy:MOBEXPERIENCE lets developers knowwhat’s important to users and where to focus Marketing Teams assess the Content 1) Does the mobile experience reflect thelimited and strained development resources. Attributes (CA’s) in MOBEXPERIENCE to help quality of the master brand?Additionally, MOBEXPERIENCE delivers ensure content and media is engaging, that 2) Does the mobile experience drive furtherin-market functional testing on representative marketing messages are on target, and that the engagement of the master brand?handsets and carriers that is vital to ensuring graphics and output are easy to understand.the mobile experience can survive in MOBEXPERIENCE evaluates Brandreal-world situations. Attributes (BA’s) of brand relativity, brand suitability and localization concerns such asDuring the research, different usability language and relevancy.Technical Attributes (TA’s) such as installation,launch, GUI ease of use, stability, location and Mob4Hire’s Mobile Engagement Metric’sconnectivity will be assessed. (MEM) allow you to measure your brand mobile efficacy frequently to assess and guide your enterprise Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s).
  3. 3. IMPACT “WHAT DO WE NEED TO FOCUS ON?” MOBILE ENGAGEMENT MOBEXPERIENCE research results includes both qualitative “soft” feedback (a.k.a. “verbatims”) from users as well as quantitative measures of Impact vs. Performance. METRICS (MEM’S) In the graph below from a customer project report-out, Impact is ranked on the left The Impact of a mobile experience on axis with Performance Attributes mapped along the bottom axis; survey results can a user can be assessed by measuring be interpreted to focus teams on improving the mobile experience. customer loyalty behavior; loyalty HIDDEN DRIVERS: LEVERAGE as measurements are leading indicators KEY DRIVERS: These attributes have strengths in order to keep current of the growth and adoption of a mobile a negative impact on users. INVEST in customers loyal. ADVERTISE as these areas. FIX and IMPROVE these strengths in marketing collateral and solution. product attributes. sales presentations. MOB4HIRE deploys two types of loyalty measuring systems: I. The proprietary MOBSTAR Rating closely tracks the response that consumers have with mobile experiences; in its simplest terms, how consumers rate mobile apps in app stores and other online marketplaces. II. The RAPID Loyalty Measurement and Management System* incorporates three customer loyalty dimensions: 1. Customers will use it again WEAK DRIVERS: DISREGARD as VISIBLE DRIVERS: CONSIDER as (“Retention”) lowest priority for investment. These strengths in marketing collateral and areas have relatively low impact on sales presentations in order to attract 2. Customers will recommend it improving customer loyalty. new customers. EVALUATE as areas to others (“Advocacy”) of potential over-investment. 3. Customers will be likely to explore other services (“Purchasing”) MOB4HIRE MOBILE ENGAGEMENT METRICS (MEM’S)PROFESSIONAL SERVICES OUTPUT FROM MOBEXPERIENCE YOUR SUCCESS IS OUR SUCCESSThe MOB4HIRE Professional Services team Depending on which options you choose in the Think of MOBEXPERIENCE as yourworks with customer teams to finalize scope, MOBEXPERIENCE process, MOB4HIRE offers: guarantee that your users’ mobile experiencetest scripts, surveys and output required before 1) Raw survey data in spreadsheet format will get better as your team focuses on what’sexecuting the projects on the MOB4HIRE 2) Both market research and product important and makes iterative platform. The team then recruits management analysis communicated in the This focus increases your customer loyaltypanelists, manages NDA’s and Unique Device form of a slide presentation leading to accelerated adoption and growth =ID, distributes apps/websites, manages users, 3) Data in the format defined by the enterprise your success!runs surveys and aggregates results. team (such as a Word .DOC) 4) Regression testing; working on the projectIt is typical to engage 15 to 30 representative together with customers over time ... great formobile users to provide a statistically valid the last two months before a new productpanel sample. People who engage on panels release.are remunerated for their work. This can vary 5) Virtual Video or Chat Focus Groups withdepending on what tasks are required; the selected members of the global panelcosts are included in project quotes. 6) Daily, milestone and final report-out meetings* RAPID Loyalty Measurement and Science is licensed from Dr. Bob Hayes, Ph.D., a leading customer loyalty expert, speaker and author* RAPID Loyalty Measurement is included in the MOBEXPERIENCE Standard Package and above.
  4. 4. WE WORK WITH YOUSERVICE ENGAGEMENT Once we’ve got the green light to go ahead, Your MOB4HIRE Project Manager canYour first contact with MOB4HIRE is an we run through the project process which “trickle” results to enterprise teams on aAccount Manager, who will gather the can include: daily basis if required. In addition, thedetails of your project through a web form; a 1) Finalize statement of work and test script process can include pre-determinedsubsequent scoping conference call may be (you approve) milestone meetings and a final report-outrequired. 2) Create survey instance and finalize survey with enterprise stakeholders. questions, including custom questionsEmail 3) Recruit sample panel We offer a full range of flexible options that 4) Manage Non-Disclosure agreements can be adapted to your needs and budget.From there, we will offer a Quote on the 5) Manage EIDI’s (or similar)project based on our understanding of your 6) Deploy and support app, website, SIM We look forward to a long and mutuallyneeds. You’ll accept by submitting 50% of card, SMS co-ordination etc... beneficial relationship!the project costs as an initial payment. 7) Manage panel participant deliverables 8) Aggregate and analyze results MOBEXPERIENCE BUDGET OPTIONS LIGHT STANDARD PREMIUM ANNUAL MANAGED Price starts at (U.S.D.) * $1,500 $4,900 $7,900 $25,000 As Quoted Number of survey questions 10 30+custom 30+custom 30+custom 30+custom Number of platforms / country / 2 8 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited carrier combinations Number of projects 1 1 2 (initial + 4 Ongoing follow-up) (one per quarter) Impact Loyalty Measurement MOBSTAR MOBSTAR + MOBSTAR + MOBSTAR + MOBSTAR + Only RAPID RAPID RAPID RAPID Feature and Attribute Review x x x x x Impact, Feature and Attribute Analysis x x x x Raw survey data in CSV format x x x x x Slide Deck Report w Driver Chart x x x x Regression Testing x x x Developer Library / API x Dedicated Project Manager x x x x x Integrate own customer community x Video or Chat Focus Group w Users Extra Extra 4 (Quarterly) x Unique Device ID Management Extra x x x x NDA Management Extra x x x x* Consulting hours in addition to those quoted on our Statement of Work in a proposal will be charged according to a mutually agreed upon standard rate chart Price includes panel group using app or website for ~1/2 hour and completing a survey MobExperience (c) 2009, 2010, 2011 Mob4Hire Inc. All rights reserved. Mob4Hire reserves the right to modify product and service offering at any time. Not to be altered or reproduced without prior written permission. This document does not represent a formal quote; prices may vary depending on customer need. We would love to provide a written quote; contact Mob4Hire Inc. Email: Suite 502, Web: Alastair Ross Technology Centre Mobile: 3553 31st Street NW  Blog: Calgary, Alberta, Canada   Twitter: T2L 2K7 Linkedin Group: